Noel Miller


Noel Miller was born on August 19,1989 in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about Miller’s personal life and family, however he couldn’t “hide” her beautiful fiancé from us. Here is her Instagram page itsaleeena. The couple loves selfies, and has cute and beautiful pictures of their trips. As of Noel’s fiance’s Instagram page this cute couple got engaged on October 13,2020.


Noel Miller got famous for his Vine called “Hey it’s a boy, skinny penis”, prior to the app shutting down this video gained over 2.5M loops.


After a year Miller joined YouTube. As for now, Noel has over 2.45M subscribers and has posted about 135 videos. His top videos on YouTube are “Reading steamy tweets” and “We play the love island”.


Beside his work on social media Noel is a director of the short movies “Suki”, “Lumberjacked” etc.


Noel also released his songs. One of them is “Loophole” which has over 1M views. Miller is also the host of “Tiny Meat Gang” which he hosts with friend  and fellow former Vine star Cody Ko.This podcast has more than 100 episodes.


Miller has a website called momenthous, where you can purchase some of his merchandise.

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