The Most Complete Guide on How to Find Facebook Influencers in 2021

Do you want to find the right Facebook influencers and pages but don’t know how to do it?

The answer is simple: Search the right way!

While many people argue that influencer marketing works mostly for Instagram, be sure that Facebook is killing it too, if you know how to search for relevant pages.

In fact, Facebook remains the biggest social media platform with an increasing number of daily active users. So if your product is Facebook marketing friendly, the first thing you need to do for a successful campaign is to thoroughly research and find relevant data, as well as consider tools to find Facebook influencers and pages relevant to your brand. 
In this article, I’ll show you how to organize your research correctly, get the most out of your keyword research, and, of course, introduce some killer hacks and free tools (and not only) for finding the right Facebook influencers.

Keyword research

Ready for your journey on Facebook? Stop! Before you delve into your research take time to make a list of all the relevant keywords. For that, you can start brainstorming your ideas or use keyword finding tools, which will later help you find influencers in your niche. Here are a number of such tools that will definitely make your work much easier and put you on the right track:  

  • Related words: This simple tool is really good if you are looking for words related to the word or phrase you want.
  • Keywordtool: With this tool, you can generate relevant keywords for any topic based on different criteria, like search volume, competition, trend, etc. 
  • Connectio: If you want to find Facebook interests based on your keywords, this tool will do the whole work for you. 
  • Keywords Everywhere: Get this extension and find keywords literally for anything and anywhere. Find our related keywords whenever you are searching for something on Google or watching a video on Youtube.
  • Ubersuggest: This is a great SEO tool, which offers keyword suggestions along with other features.

Also, when looking for keywords don’t forget to check out what keywords your competitors are using. If combined with your own research, they can be really useful and help you get the most out of your campaign.

When your list of keywords and interests is ready, it’s time to start the research!

Finding Facebook influencers within the platform

1. Super Hack to find Facebook influencers and pages

We have discovered a super-efficient way to easily find Facebook influencers directly from the platform, and it is as simple as this:

1)First go to;

2) Pick the category of your interest (e.g. Fitness Trainers);

find facebook influnecers

3) Pick out what you need from the list of all Facebook influencers and pages labeled with the chosen category in descending order․

4) You’ve got the influencer/page you were looking for! 

2. Brand Collabs Manager (BCM)

In 2018, Facebook introduced Brand Collabs Manager, its new influencer marketing tool for creators and brands, which makes it easier for brands to find and collaborate with creators (pages, influencers). This once again confirms the existence and importance of influencer marketing on Facebook. 

So, how can you get started if you’re a brand?

First, you need to apply as an advertiser via your Facebook page on Brand Collabs Manager. For this, you should get admin access to the page and request for approval to use the tool.

Note that the approval may take from a second to a month. But once you’re approved, you are free in the ocean of information provided by the tool. 

On the home page of Brand Collabs Manager, you will see a personalized list of creators for your brand, creators similar to the ones you’ve already worked with, as well as new creators. 

On the left column, you will see the search section, where you can search both by keywords and through targeting specific audience by location, age, gender, and interests. To make your search even more specific, you are also allowed to adjust the number of the page’s followers. 

how to find facebook influencers

Once you get the search results, the most interesting part begins. Go explore as much as you want the audience insights of the creators, i.e. their country, age, gender, etc., the engagement rates of the page, as well as the branded posts and brands they’ve worked with before.

Want to contact the creator? BCM gives the opportunity to contact them directly via the tool’s email, and if the brand is interested, you’ll get a response to your submitted email. But that’s not all!

You can also easily make your list of preferred pages by typing the three dots above the creator’s page and clicking ‘Add to list’. This way you can make as many lists as you want. To find more results, you can tap ‘See similar creators’ on your most relevant creator’s page.

Once you’re done with collecting the lists, you can go to the ‘Creator lists’ section and extract the lists you made for the ease of working with them. 

You can also create a Project brief describing your product, type of collaboration and partners you are interested in, as well as the campaign dates and budget, audience type, etc. This will allow the creators who are interested in promoting your brand to easily notice you and get in touch.

how to find facebook influencers

What’s more, through BCM you can not only see how your branded posts are performing (engagement rates) but also boost them to a targeted audience, if the creator gives you the access.

3. Using Ads Manager to find pages with specific interests

Another way of how to find influencers and pages relevant to your choice is through Ads Manager. 

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to your Ads Manager account and click on ‘Audience Insights’;
  2. Choose ‘Everyone on Facebook’;
  3. On the left column, you can see categories for creating an audience. Set up everything for your project, adding the interests, location, and audience type. Then go to ‘Page Likes’, scroll down a little, and voila! Now you’ve got a lot of pages exactly matching the criteria you’ve chosen.
find facebook influencers

4. Simply use the search bar on Facebook

Apparently, Facebook’s native search is the initial search option you can consider. Although many believe it brings limited results, this search can actually be very effective if used correctly. You just need to search with as many keywords as possible. Searching for phrases—such as wallet, smart wallet, wallet for men, etc.—can also bring different and new results. 

If the brand has competitors, you can search for their names and check out the posts section to see which pages posted about them. If those posts worked well, you can consider using the pages for your project as well. 

And here are two more bonus tips that will help you make your Facebook search effective: 

Tip 1. When you find a relevant page, you can like it and Facebook will suggest similar pages.

Tip 2. If you want to find pages in targeted locations, you can use VPN to change your location so Facebook doesn’t show your local pages on that niche first.

Thus, whenever using Facebook, never underestimate its search tools and make them serve you the best way possible.   

Free and  freemium tools to find Facebook influencers

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a content research tool, but it also has features to find influencers on Facebook and Twitter. The tool offers a limited 7-day free trial plan without any requirement to attach a credit card. It makes influencer research for Facebook quite easy by showing pages that are very relevant to the niche you are searching for. Another cool thing about Buzzsumo is that it also shows engagement analysis, which helps you choose the best pages. 

Here again, you need to use various keywords to find influencers and pages relevant to your choice.

finding facebook influencers


HYPR has a large database of influencers, that can be sorted by several metrics including media coverage. But the best thing about it is that unlike other tools it covers Facebook really deeply.

The tool features an advanced search engine which allows you to search by keyword, audience criteria, as well as followers’ number, and preferred platform to find Facebook influencers that are the most relevant ones for your brand

The results will surprise you, as the information provided for every influencer is really huge! Audience insights, engagement rates on all the social media platforms with their analytics, and what not…Isn’t this what you were looking for? On top of it, here as well you can group your own preferred lists to make your work easier. 
In fact, the tool offers a free trial with a search limit of up to 100 times.

3. is yet another similar tool allowing for a targeted search. Just write down the keyword and the accounts of various bloggers, influencers and their social media will all be at your disposal in just a click! for targeted search to find fb influencers

There are lots of other freemium and free tools, but those introduced above are the best ones so far.

With all different free tools and premiums also out there, at the end of the day Googling is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we want to look for something.  Google is indeed the best source to get any information including the one you need for influencer marketing. 

For example, if you want to find travel influencers on Facebook, just write “best travel influencers on Facebook ‘ and you’ll get a lot of listings. You can also change the wording for more results. 

Another way to find Facebook influencers and pages is to search for blogs and then find their Facebook pages.

If you are considering running an influencer marketing campaign with Facebook influencers for one or two brands, the aforementioned tried and tested hacks and effective tools with free trial options will definitely help you kill it on Facebook.

Good luck with your search! 

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