TraderSZ is one of the largest communities of active traders and investors. By the help of TraderSZ  people can get unique market insights, charts, forecasts, and trading ideas. 


This community focuses on understanding the language of traders with price action. Whether a person can be a novice or experienced trader, their system will help reveal how market movements are mapped and what they have in common that makes one move more effective than others for advancing the career as well as helping determine where prices might be heading next. TraderSZ also shares the analysis on FX, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. As price opens up during the trading week, the private Twitter feed, of course for premium subscribers, will be used to update and manage their trade ideas in real time. 


TrazderSZ first joined Twitter back in 2014. The username is TraderSZ, as for now the account has over 256K followers, and follows only 1612 people. The account has a very funny and interesting writing in the bio section, it says “ If I throw a dog a bone, I do not want to know if it tastes good or not. 


They are also intraweek videos, they will be especially for journaling trades taken with detailed explanation behind them, and to map out the future setups. Whether a person wants to use the site for analysis purposes or seeking a hands on approach to understanding the markets using price action in real time. For better understanding on how TraderSZ approaches the market, their YouTube channel will help and guide.


On YouTube the TraderSZ is a real oldie, because they joined back on September 24, 2006. As for now, the number of subscribers exceeds 25.9K. During all these years the community has uploaded about 192 videos to their channel. The first video of the YouTube channel was uploaded on March 4, 2015. It is a 5 minute short video of GBPUSD live Trade. On the YouTUbe channel of TraderSZ people can find videos according to live streams, live trades, the examples of live trades, market reviews, and trade reviews. The average view of one video is about 2K, the length of them starts from 5 minutes to 1 hour. 


There is also a Telegram account. People can find it with this link TraderSZTA. On this platform TraderSZ has an auditorium over 45K. In the channel there are over 300 photos, 28 videos, 2 files and 130 links. The Telegram channel is dedicated to charts. Sometimes in the channel can also be seen some funny posts related to cryptocurrency’s sphere, and  by the help of this channel the TraderSZ community announces about their upcoming live streams on YouTube. 


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