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Mothers who are expecting their first child have to undergo a lot. Not only do the hormonal changes take their toll, but anxiety too wreaks havoc on the mind. The responsibility that comes along with motherhood can only be understood by a woman. Men can only sympathize, without realizing what their expectant partners actually go through.

This mother-of-two is Saraa Emiliee, who is famous and known as saraaemiliee. She has been blessed with two kids, Liam and Emma. It was her experience with her children that she happened to share on the social media platform with all in the form of amazing snaps and rib-tickling quotes. This became an instant sensation!

It was Saraa’s love for social media that gave her the idea to convey her feelings through her unique quotes that are both hilarious and thought-provoking. It was Instagram, in particular, that helped her broadcast them. And, it’s saraaemiliee’s sharp wit that carried the day for her and continues to do so.

Saraaemilieeis famous as an Instagram Mom influencer from Norway who shares all the sides of Mom’s life with her adorable kids in her feed and stories. Back in 2019 you would see her family try to communicate important messages to their followers. Taking one good look at her account is and it is safe to say that Sara is very open-minded and honest.

Saraaemilieeis a beautiful soul and she uses her large platform to make an impact day after day. Sara aims to encourage and inspire girls and women around the world to love themselves just the way they are because they are enough and they are beautiful. The Mom influencer shares her own journey of self-doubt and dissatisfaction, which was so exhausting that one bright day she decided to stop comparing herself to others and just enjoy being Sara Emilie. Saraaemiliee is also very outspoken, she believes that many things in our society are long overdue in normalization like freeing the nipple. She also believes that women should always lift each other up and she tries to be a role model of what she preaches because she wants to be an exemplary female figure not only for her kids but for all her followers.

Nowadays, Saraaemiliee mainly shares her lifestyle and shows her daily life. As of March 2022, her Instagram account has more than 350 thousand followers.

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