Meg Resnikoff

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Meg worked in finance and strategy for Gap and NBC-Universal after graduating from Stanford University. She later returned to Stanford to earn her MBA. Damn gurl. And at the age of 40, Meg Resnikoff is only getting started.
One of her biggest flexes is the fact that she has maintained a good profile and not been through any kind of controversial acts and rumors.
The Mom influencer is married to her husband Alan, who she met back in Stanford for the first time. Meg loves spending time with her family and capturing beautiful moments of the people that mean everything to her. She documents life events, everyday activities, and different adventures that the family decides to take on. She’s hilarious, relatable and just a beautiful soul to follow and learn more about.
For their first sponsored branded video What’s Up Moms team got six million views and was praised for it in Ad Age. Meg was also nominated for a Shorty Award for Best in Parenting/Family.
Resnikoff might seem like the more reserved and serious one at first watching their YouTube channel. But it’s simply that Walker and she have different ways of expressing their fun side and personality. It might also be due to the fact that Meg values and prioritizes privacy far more than Elle, which is absolutely fine – it’s about the level of online preference each of them are comfortable with while still managing to keep the creative Mom content coming. Elle might come across as more approachable but the co-founders of WhatsUpMoms are both sweet and loving Moms, friends, and successful influencers who enjoy doing their part in contributing to something much bigger than themselves.
Although most videos on their YouTube channel feature Elle Walker, Resnikoff is also an active participant in the videos that the audience loves so much. For example, we’ve got a video of her filming her entire day the day after New Years’. As she shares in the video one of her New Year Resolutions is to wake up earlier than the kids and have some of that morning time for herself – peace and quiet. Then she goes to check on the kids and everyone comes downstairs where Brooks makes omelets. How adorable? Another one of Meg’s New Year Resolutions is to work out, do some yoga with her hubby and then have brunch. Later at home, we see the kids telling Meg about some of their own personal goals for the year, which just puts a smile on your face. Then Meg and Brooks go on a date with some other friends and wrap things up with ice cream of course. The day ends with Alan and Meg in bed watching TV about to doze off.
You can follow Meg on Instagram at @madewithmeg and/or check all the useful ideas and advice for the Moms out there on their Youtube channel that guarantees to either teach you something helpful or put a smile on your face or both.


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