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Chloe is a Mama of 6 – all born in just a 3 year 3 month period! I know right? But hold up. That’s not the end of it though. She recently had twins. That’s right – 3 kids, triplets, and now twins. Amazing. Our multi-child Mom influencer’s content is very colorful, full of pics of her kids, matching clothes, and numerous moments of them having fun. Chloe also runs a Youtube channel, Life with Beans, where you can come along as a viewer and be a part of their everyday life.
We can surely mention that Life with Beans changed her life so much.
Chloe was only 19 when she had her first kid, Evan. He is a smart and funny kid, who loves expressing himself. Eleven months later she had Otto, and a year later she had Felix. Unlike Otto who’s shy and gentle, Felix is a cheeky little dude always up to something. The triplets came the year after. We got: Rufus (wild but sweet), Hank (a cuddly teddy bear who loves exploring), and Pearl (clever and cute).


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And just when you’re about to say ‘that’s a lot of kids’ – there’s more. Five years later the couple welcomed a duo into the big family – the twins are Cosmo and Sylvie. The family enjoys a fun life and the Mom of 8 says that even though it is hard at times with so many kids, every moment is an absolute blessing with those healthy, happy and loving kids.

The Instagram Mom’s husband Rohan (or Ro as he’s usually referred to) is a total superdad. There is a video of him putting all six kids to bed and it’s a must-watch. He showers them all. Yes. Aha. First, the little ones. Ro “wraps” one up in a onesie before going after the other. Once he’s done with the triplets, we see him come back into the room with all three of the older boys each one wrapped in a different color towel waiting for their turn to get their pjs on. Once he’s done with all six of them he arranges them in a cute way, the older ones hugging the little ones like dolls. Good job Papa Ro. He seems like a very loving and caring Dad as well as a supportive partner for his wife.

The kids small age gap is yet another contributing factor in how close they all are. Even though they’re all very different, they love doing things and always find reasons to include each other in whatever activity is happening in the moment. Chloe makes sure to capture all of the exciting and monumental parts of the “beans” life like remodeling their room to make more space, playing Easter edition of scavenger hunt, and trying to go to school after being homeschooled.

This influencer Mama knows what’s up. Her Instagram feed is just a beam of bright colors that present the smiling adorable faces of the kids that add colors into our own lives when we simply look at them. If you wanna get a look at a life of a family of 10, check out her YouTube channel.

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