Jean Carlo


Jean Carlo Leon, known as Jashlem is a Colombian star, who is popular with his videos on TikTok. Jean was born on September 3,1996. We know a little about his family and private life. However he has a sister who’s name is Malexa. 


Before showing up on the TikTok platform Jean already was famous on his YouTube channel, also on Instagram.


Jashlem posted his first TikTok video on August 31,2017, where he sings. Then, in 2019 Jean released his first single with the name “Jashlem”later that year he released his second single. The first single was titled “I’m flying”, the second one “Y No Caer”.


In general, Jean posts to TikTok funny videos or videos where he dances. He also loves to shoot videos with the latest trends. On TikTok his followers reach 25M and his likes are over 1.2B. 


On his YouTube channel Carlo has more than 5M subscribers. Here he shares lots of interesting content like cooking videos, vlogs, pranks, fashion videos and more.


Jean has an Instagram account for five years. As for now, he has over 6M followers. On that platform he likes to share his professional photos, selfies, shoots with his girlfriend  and about his lifestyle. 

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