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India Westbrooks, aka India Love, is a social media personality that gained fame through the reality television show called “The Westbrooks.” The show was based on India and her sisters. By gaining tons of exposure from the show, India made a career for herself in showbiz


However, her attempts at expanding her talents were instead met with more criticism than expected. Back in 2018, India released her debut single called “Loco.” India’s efforts to step into the rap industry were clad with unappreciation for her music. 


Despite the song having cameo appearances by Lil Yatchy and WILL.I.AM, people were not impressed at all. Most of the criticism was directed at Love’s “child-like” rap and lyrics. After the song was released, tons of critics took to Twitter to express their dislike for the song. 


People commented on her low-quality verses and suggested that India should stick to modeling. In addition, some even pointed out that the whole music video was just product placement for Xupermask’s earphones; you can see her flaunting throughout the music video. Xupermask is rapper WILL.I.AM’s brand. 


However, it doesn’t seem like all this hate directed at India Love’s song really bothered her in the long run, as she released two more songs the following year. She understands that she can’t change others’ opinions, but she can continue working on herself and doing better. 


India’s claim to fame came when she and her sisters were featured on the reality television series “The Westbrooks.” Now, Love is a renowned social media personality and model. Initially, India wasn’t keen on being a part of the show and only participated to please her sisters. Ironically enough, now she is the most popular of all the sisters. 


Love’s Instagram account has a following of 4.9 Million. Her account comprises fitness content, selfies, product advertisements, and so on. 


As time went on, India Love tried her luck with music as well. Her musical mentor is none other than the Black Eyed Peas member WILL.I.AM! The two met on the “Boys & Girls” video shoot set and have been friends since. WILL.I.AM initially asked India to be a brand ambassador for Apple headphones, to which she agreed. From thereon, he challenged her to push her comfort limits and trained her to sing. 


Once she fully embraced the whole music scene, there was no looking back for Love. India then accompanied the Black Eyed Peas on their tour and embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


According to speculations, as far as India Love’s personal life goes, she has been linked to several men. Names like Rick Ross, Justin Combs, Lil Yatchy, and others have been used to list the men she has dated till now. Contrary to popular brief, India has shared that people are wrong to make these assumptions. She adds that just because she has taken a picture with a guy doesn’t mean they are dating. 


India Love is a beautiful and charismatic woman who is also promoting self-love and positive vibes among her fans. 


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