James Bailey



With over 3 million followers, Bear Bailey is a well-known personality on TikTok. His videos primarily consist of him unleashing his vocal talent in unique places like gas stations or other public areas where you’re likely to find someone who has an iPhone with them at all times!


Based on his Youtube description, Bailey is not only a talented singer but also a father and a husband. He has gained over 3 million followers with TikTok videos that from time to time show him singing to his daughter in arms or holding her while he performs!


Bailey is an up-and-coming talent with the pipes to match. He just recently covered Keith Urban’s song “’Til Summer Comes Around” on TikTok and it ended up going viral, garnering over 9 million views! The video captures him walking into a gas station while someone films him from behind – they then request that he sing for them after seeing how amazing his voice sounds in this one particular area alone (I’m guessing there are some great acoustics). He takes off into another world as customers dance around awkwardly shocked at what has been wrought by such magic; even though everyone knows about singers who can belt out notes like nobody else–Bailey does not disappoint when delivering those signature highs or lows we all crave.


The social media star posts his videos on TikTok(the very first one being on 2020), YouTube and Instagram. His popularity grew over time as views and likes increased from thousands to millions! The most recent video he posted has earned 269k likes so far with more than two million views overall–a great way to get people interested in what’s going on around them or how-to tutorials that teach others about popular apps such as Instagram Stories.


Bear Bailey lives in Houma, Louisiana with his wife and two children. He enjoys going on adventures outside of TikTok such as camping or fishing trips for family time together that are both fun but also educational because they help you learn about the natural world around us all!


One thing that you might not know about him is the fact he’s a singer at his local church. He often sings hymns and worship songs there, which shows how dedicated this TikTok star actually is to God!

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