Some people may be asking themselves, “What is cryptocurrency?” Cryptocurrency has been in demand these days. Though it existed back when bitcoin was created in 2009 and developed even further over time with each advancement of technology-crypto currency’s momentum just grew exponentially more than what anyone could have ever imagined possible! Nowadays, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Some people managed to use this fact and gain a fortune for themselves. One of them is Bagsy.


Bagsy is from Montreal, Canada. He comes from a bit of nowhere, and he’s lucky to have had parents who always made sure that their kids were never spoiled by any means but given the right conditions for growth with open arms. He grew up in a rough neighborhood with a lot of troubles. However, Bagsy’s parents were always there for him when he needed them. They taught Baggy a sense of right and wrong, but they also let their son learn from his mistakes. 


Bagsy is all about making the world better one day at a time. He wants people to know that they can go after what their heart desires, and he will keep on pushing for self-improvement in different aspects of life as well; this includes both investing knowledgeably into markets or not so much with other personal matters!

He feels there’s been way too little positivity around these parts recently because everyone went through extremely tough times together recently.


As Bagsy began his journey into crypto, he didn’t tell much to friends or family. It might have been because of horror stories people could hear at the time about digital currencies, and just simply him being private whenever business-related matters came up in general. But even the most private person needs an outlet and people with whom they can relate. It was at that time that Bagsy came across Twitter. Bagsy’s idea was to create a community that is passionate about cryptocurrency, and he found it on Twitter. There are over 170 thousand people following him there now! That became Bagsy’s outlet to connect to like-minded people and share his ideas and knowledge. Even though it seemed scary at first, Bagsy ended up using this as an opportunity to move forward more than he could have done on his own!


At first, Bagsy had a stack of bitcoins about which he didn’t care much. But when they became more mainstream, and the media started covering it more and more, Bagsy then realized there were markets behind everything. His dive into crypto was full-on from there on out!


Nowadays, with the growth of his social media, Bagsy has found a new passion for streaming. After all, it’s not every day that one can chat with someone in real-time! It allows him a more personal touch with his friends and followers.  Not only this, but he gets feedback about how his viewers feel as if they’re talking directly at them, which motivates him even further while making an impact small by large every day.

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