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Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, is a YouTuber, podcaster, crypto enthusiast, creator of who has accumulated over two million subscribers across all platforms. His specialty lies in providing crypto knowledge to his followers and newcomers alike, with many people replying that he’s the first person they’ve seen talk about cryptocurrency on such an accessible level.


The creator encourages his followers to master a subject before finding a way for it makes money instead, and he stresses that one should never jump into anything without knowing what’s happening.


He learned the hard way, but you shouldn’t. Here’s what happened earlier.


In 2011, Ben Armstrong started a ticket-selling business but had trouble with the websites he used. He put up advertisements for his event on other sites only to find that they were removed or altered by someone else’s handiwork – presumably without realizing what it was doing!


Apparently, he could continue advertising as long as he used Bitcoin. This was his first introduction to cryptocurrency. He began using Bitcoin as a currency, although he was experiencing many challenges with the process.


Ben invested in cryptocurrency to advertise his business and it’s paid off. If he had bought Bitcoin as digital gold, instead of using them for currency purposes like most people do today with their bitcoins, then the $10k worth that Ben had would be above seven figures by now!


In 2013, bitcoin traded significantly higher and he decided to sell it for a profit. This allowed him the chance of paying bills while enjoying family vacations away from work!


In 2017, Bitcoin surged to nearly $20K and he realized that missed out on an opportunity to make incredible returns. That’s when decided to put all of his time into learning about crypto and share his knowledge with everyone.


The bottom line of this crypto story is that you’re always better off as an educated investor, says the crypto guru.


However, this was not the only downhill in his career. 


After uploading yet another crypto content, Ben Armstrong was informed that the BitBoy Crypto channel had been permanently removed and he would no longer be able to access or create any other channels on YouTube.


He immediately tweeted about it and got the support of his over 460K Twitter followers who were liking, retweeting and tagging @TeamYouTube in opposed confusion and calling for help. All the efforts were not in vain since @TeamYouTube finally responded with good news reinstating the channel and approving the video in question.


Follow Ben for the latest and greatest thoughts and opinions on all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. Expect a minimum of one video per day on the channel.


BitBoy Crypto has a net worth of $30 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in cryptocurrency.

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