Colby Brock


Following his dream to be a popular celebrity and gain stardom around the country, Colby Brock and his friend Sam Golbach started posting funny and compelling videos on their Vine account named Sam and Colby. They started this account in January 2014, and within three months, they jumped from 10,000 followers to 1,00,000 followers, marking it as a great achievement. It was their video “Following the Fat Guy” that brought success to them. However, there was a lot of war of words in the beginning as this video has offensive content that could make fat people feel insulting. Later, Colby’s friend Sam Golbach justified their actions by saying that they only wanted to become known, and this was one of the best ways to get that. After Facing this criticism, they started making sensible and expressive videos that can be accepted by all. 


On average, Colby gets 257K views in a 30 days period. Currently, he has 2.4M subscribers on his own YouTube channel, “Colby Brock,” and they have reached 4.4 million subscribers on their YouTube channelSam and Colby.” On Instagram, he has 1.8 Million followers. Currently, he comes among one of the most popular YouTubers who has a net worth of approx. $400 thousand. Both also created their own clothing line, popular as XPLR. Their purpose of starting the clothing line was to bring awareness about mental health, and it also helped in making some funding. 


Before the Vine platform came to shut down in 2017, it had more than a million followers. After Vine, both Colby and Sam moved to YouTube, where they posted the same sort of hilarious and comic videos as they posted on Vine, but now they were more focused on investigation videos. Currently, they have a huge fan base of around 4.4 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel.


It was a YouTube platform from where they got the wings to fly the race of success. Colby has also created his own YouTube channel named Colby Brock, where he uploads prank videos, investigation videos, and vlogs in collaboration with other YouTubers such as Brennen Taylor and Big Nik, and this channel has also reached over 1.1 million subscribers. In 2020, Sam and Colby also released their book titled “Paradise Island,” based on their real vacation trip to Kauai. Sam and Colby and their childhood friends went there to have a great relaxation, but they didn’t know that they would run into weird and ghostly things. This book tells about a terrifying experience of their lives. When it comes to their notoriety, it is said that once Sam and Colby were seized for trespassing; however, there are no details found about their arrest.


Colby Brock was born on January 2, 1997, in Stanley, Kansas, the United States, and since his childhood, he has been following his passion for being a Big name. He belongs to a well-established family, his father Robert A is a well-off entrepreneur and his mother, Pat Brock being a housewife, supports their lives at each stage. He also has one elder brother, Gage Brock. He did his schooling at Blue Valley High School in Kansas. Thereafter, Brock enrolled at a private university in Los Angeles and graduated from there. Sam and Colby knew each other from their school days as they studied at the same school in Kansas. They revealed that they had an infatuation with the same girl. However, as of now, Colby Brock is single, and there is no information available about his relationship


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