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Ethan Klien is a podcaster and a Youtuber who hasn’t been far from problems and controversies. He has mild Tourette syndrome, which affects his eyebrows and facial movements. He has been vocal about his Tourettes in his videos. Being Dyslexic, he can’t quite read and learn like normal people. One of his tweets was blown out of proportion by many people claiming that he’s transphobic. He hit the news with the lawsuit filed against him by another Youtuber, Matt Hoss, for creating plagiarized content. This created a ruckus for his YouTube career because his involvement with this legal battle made him stay out of touch with content creation for a while.


His special needs are what make him such a unique personality. Ethan created a GoFundMe page to help him with the finances of the legal issue and finally won the battle. This, in turn, earned him more subscribers on all his channels and accounts. He has been vocal and upfront with his problems on his channel, making him come across as more transparent and relatable. Ethan is involved in Philanthropy which helps the needy get the daily necessities. He is a fighter and has demonstrated to people suffering from the same disorders as him that there’s hope for becoming extraordinary and successful.


His content went from primarily about comedy to prank and reaction videos. Klein’s video titled “Kissing Pranks-h3h3 reaction video has hit more than 15 million views. Their second channel, “Ethan and Hila,” revolves around controversial topics that they first stream on Ethans Twitch account. Their podcast channel, H3 Podcast Highlights, posts short clips which give a sneak peek into their hour-long Podcasts. Both he and his wife invite various celebrities to their collaborative channel. He also gives his views on some of the weirdest of all videos out there.


Ethan Klein created his Youtube channel in 2011 and helped his now-wife in making a video for her college project, which he uploaded on his channel in 2013. Seeing that this video got highly popularized, he started making more such videos. His most famous video Vape Nation has around 28 million views. What began as a career in marketing for him turned into entertaining millions of people. Some other reaction videos of his are Matty B’s and Juicy. Reddit named his channel the Youtube Channel of the Year in the year 2016. In early 2021, his podcast was ranked as having the 14th biggest audience of any podcast. 


Ethan was born in June 1985 in Ventura, California, to Ashkenazi Jewish parents, Garry and Donna. He got his earlier education from Buena High School and later received his B. A in English Literature degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He met his wife, Hila Hacmon, on his tour to Israel in 2007. After five years of seeing each other, Ethan and Hila took vows for their marriage in 2012. They have a son together named Theodore, who was born in June 2019. Their collective Youtube channel has more than 6 million subscribers, and his Instagram account has 2 million people following him. 


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