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When Charli D’Amelio was younger, she loved to dance. And after 10 years as a competitive dancer and social media personality for her career- spanning the past two decades since 2000 when TikTok first launched in America – it is no surprise why this American girl has become one of their most followed creators on Instagram!


In fact there are over 2 million people who follow what they post because of how talented these dancers can be with just an iPhone 5s or less (which doesn’t even come close). They use simple yet creative moves which makes us all want more every time we watch them perform live via Apples latest innovation: Live Mode


She is known for her enthusiastic personality, which she brings to all of the platforms in which it’s necessary – including film projects like StarDog & TurboCat (2020) or Hulu docuseries The D’amelio Show ( 2021). Other endeavors include a book written by herself called ‘New Age Beauty Bible’, podcast appearances under name 27 Summers Podcast,’ music through label Blackberry Records?’and now; skin care with new fragrance “Dazzle Me”, launching this summer!


D’Amelio’s first TikTok video was a lip-syncing one in which she teamed up with her friend. 

Dance moves were pretty standard for the more recent videos, but some older ones did feature bizarre stunts like walking on stilts or doing cartwheels while wearing glasses – kind of funny!


In October 2019, Charli gained further exposure for her videos performing a dance called “The Renegade” to K Camp Lottery. She was subsequently credited with popularizing the song and video on social media while also falsely being attributed as having created it by TikTok users who referred to her as CEO of this new style in Hip Hop culture that they call ‘renegadedancing’.


She joined the collaborative TikTok content house The Hype House in November 2019 alongside her sister, Dixie. She’s a captivating entertainer who has quickly gained momentum for her smooth and catchy tunes that drive listeners into euphoria – it only makes sense that this new talent would want to create something even more exciting on camera!


In May 2020, D’Amelio and her sister announced a podcast deal with Ramble Podcast Network. The celebrity lineup for the television special Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020 was revealed in March 2019 but includes two more exciting guests that will be joining them later this year!


D’Amelio is a social media phenomenon. She starred in the music video for Bebe Rexha’s Baby I’m Jealous, released October 2020, and later was nominated at three Streamy awards including Creator of The Year where she became the only person to achieve 100 million followers on TikTok by November 2021


In 2019 D’amelio created her first YouTube channel documenting everyday life with family members living overseas while attending college; within two months it had gained over 6500 subscribers making D’amelio one of the fastest-growing creators online today  Did you know that this has been possible because there are more ways than ever before like live-streaming app Meerkat or Facebook Live.


D’Amelio has made it clear that she is dealing with an eating disorder. She’s also been vocal about how people shame her for not being “perfect” enough or having the right body type, which can make recovery more difficult than it needs to be because society doesn’t always see beauty in those who struggle to fit societal standards of what they think you should look like if you’re healthy!


Charli’s net worth is $8 million, which includes the money she makes from TikTok and various sponsorship deals. Celebrity Net Worth reports that Charli makes at least 100K per sponsored post on her channel as well as 1M for advertising in 2022 with Sabra Hummus during Super Bowl LIII–all thanks to being a social media influencer! Her reality show, The D’Amelio Show, also gave viewers an inside look into their lives together – premiered in September 2021.

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