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Youtube has been a boon for many content creators out there. One of those shining stars is Danny Gonzalez boasting a Youtube subscriber base of 4.79 million. Danny is a Youtuber who is fond of making videos enriched with comedic commentary related to various types of material found on the web. Though he has not been mean to anybody and has produced quality content so far, he saw himself in a bit of trouble in 2019. One of his videos that featured footage from the channel Billion Surprise Toys landed him in copyright issue. Although he was just poking fun in the video, the firm placed a copyright claim on it, which led to the banning of that video in the US and Canada.


While other content creators would have set their foot back on this, but Danny is different. Just like his unique and funny video ideas, he found a hack to this issue. Instead of making any hate comments, he dealt with the issue professionally. He took the issue to Twitter and said that he has been exploring his legal options against the firm. He further added that he is in the right of fair use and that Billion Surprise Toys is abusing the system. This acted like water on fire kind of thing. The controversy ended in less than 10 minutes of this Tweet as the firm released all the claims. So, Danny got his video back on Youtube.


Danny Gonzalez has many social accounts such as on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. As of 2020, the ex-Viner and Youtuber has 869k followers on Instagram, 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 661k followers on Twitter. He is currently active on all of these social media channels and posts his usual funny and comedic videos. Other than comedic videos, Danny Gonzalez has also begun his career in the music industry. He began by making funny and parody songs and launched his first album of six funny songs named “Bump This” in 2019.


Just like many of the content creators, Danny Gonzalez started by making small six-second sketches on Vine. Although the network got shut down in 2016, Danny had 3 million followers on it. The closing down of Vine didn’t stop the enthusiastic star. He shifted to Youtube and started making funny content that included reaction and comedic videos. However, he got his first break on Youtube in 2018 when he began posting Troom Troom reaction videos. These reaction videos popularized his channel and garnered thousands of subscribers for him. As of now, the Youtuber has 4.79 million followers.


As far as the personal life of Danny Gonzalez is concerned, the star did his schooling at the Wheaton North High School. He was a part of the speech team of the school and later went on to earn a degree in computer science from the acclaimed Georgia Institute of Technology. He is married to Laura and lives in Chicago, Illinois.


If you would like to keep yourself updated with his latest content, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel or can also follow him on Instagram or TikTok. He also sells his merchandise on his official website; you can check that out too


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