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The Norwegian Twitch streamer MrSavage rose to fame in the last three years, all by playing Fortnite: Battle Royle. Being one of the youngest competitive players in the game of Fortnite doesn’t come easy. Even though MrSavage performs phenomenally in solo tournaments and the World Cup, success and fame came to him with a fistful of adversity. 


In 2020, Fornite was hosting its Fortnite Champion Series, and MrSavage and his trio Benjyfishy and LeTsHe were battling for qualifying into week three Grand Finals. MrSavage’s trio was up against Fornite World Cup victor Aqua and his team. However, MrSavage’s team had the upper hand in this game, and just when they cornered Aqua for a shakedown attempt, and Aqua left the game. 


This was the incident that fueled the fire for what was to come. Therefore, the final game turned out to be even more controversial, as Aqua’s trio was accused by MrSavage and his teammates for stream sniping and breaking championship rules. This match quickly turned into a ‘nail-biter’ spectacle and ended with Aqua and his team reining victorious. 


MrSavage was not one to sit back and accept his fact; he sent out multiple tweets expressing his outrage at the unfair tactics he claims Aqua used to win the match. The Gamer expressed that if Epic Games does not ban Aqua and his trio, MrSavage would consider retiring from the game. From thereon, he took it upon himself to fight for justice and reported the incident to Epic Games. 


According to Competitive Fortnite analystSomebodysgun – after reviewing the games, he shared that there isn’t ample proof of stream sniping, although it is difficult to prove such a thing. Someboysgun does agree with the fact that Aqua did leave the match at a crucial point to avoid a shakedown. According to him, only people at Epic Games can confirm if Aqua left the game intentionally or not. 


Moreover, MrSavage’s teammate Benjyfishy believes that even if Aqua is found guilty, being a World Cup Champion, he may get away with his crime. MrSavage pretty much single-handedly created all this pressure on Epic Games to look into the matter and all he can do is wait for the verdict. 


If we talk about MrSavage and his claim to fame, he began streaming on Twitch back in 2018, while he was only 14 years old. He has a following of 2.3 Million on his Twitch account and 1.86 Million on his YouTube account. From there, he started competing in solo tournaments. MrSavage has qualified into the Fornite World Cup Champions four times now and won the DreamHack Anaheim 2020


MrSavage is currently signed with the esteemed esports organization 100Thieves Gaming as a content creator and pro gamer. The Twitch streamer is still and young and has experienced immense fame and success. Subsequently, he has garnered a following of 2.7 Million on his Instagram account. 


Among all this pandemonium, MrSavage’s parents have been a constant support system for him and kept him grounded. Besides, his family is also still learning the ropes of navigating through the world of Esports and streamer stardom. They are helping their Youtuber son maintain a balance between schooling, esports career, and even house chores. 


It is really wonderful to see such a young person doing so well in life and his parents supporting him even though MrSavage’s career may be unconventional for them. 


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