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Brent Rivera is a multi-talented star who has brought laurels to his state many times. He experienced repeated cyberbullying at the beginning of his career. People began characterizing him as weird who didn’t fit in the society, let alone blend in with the kids of his age. Seen as an outsider, Brent felt unwanted and incompatible with those who passed on brash remarks about him. This feeling of loneliness ate at his insides and increased his anxiety about what the future had in store for him. He recalls that the bullying was worse when he was young and vulnerable. He felt powerless at the hands of those who wished ill for him. Not knowing what he was despised for, Brent started questioning his worth.


With time, this hatred grew on him, and he became more robust than before. The experience with cyberbullying gave him a cause to team up with Hollister for an anti-bullying campaign. He now sees bullies as petty people who project their insecurity onto those who are more successful than them. Apart from being a full-time Youtuber, Actor, and TikToker, Brent is a philanthropist who looks at the real victory as being humane and helpful. He has come out of his shell ever since and indulges himself in creating jaw-dropping content.


 Brent used Youtube to network with his viewers, where he posts hilarious videos, challenges, and pranks. He also covers topics around building confidence and striking back at bullies who he says are full of self-loathing. His videos are equally appealing to all age groups. He frequently collaborates with his mother, sister, and brothers. Brent posts his comedic and compelling videos every week on his Youtube channel. His channel also features other YouTubers being interviewed and telling their stories. He keeps his audience in suspense for each video by putting up titles that don’t give too much information about the content. 


Brent started his career at the age of ten years. He rose in popularity from his vine videos.

In 2013, Brent’s most famous vines were credited to his excellent videography and acting skills. The platform on which those videos played is now defunct. However, his fame didn’t seem to get affected by Vine being shut down. He met actor Shawn Mendez and posted a throwback picture on his Instagram. He has worked in shows like “How to survive a breakup” and “Light as feather.” Brent starred in a TV Show “ Alexander IRL” in which he was a protagonist. He has also tried his hands at directing.


He was born in January 1998, California. His father, John Rivera, is a firefighter, and his mother, Laura Marie, is a teacher. He has two brothers, Brice and Black. He also has a sister, Lexi, with 5.5 million people following her on Instagram. Brent dated Eva Gutowski, who he later ended the relationship with in 2019, and started seeing Morgan Justus later. Brent has more than 16.4 million followers on Youtube and 21.8 million followers on Instagram. 


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