Josh Richards

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On 27 April, 2020, it was just regular for the 19-year-old Josh Richards until he joined Griffin Johnson on Instagram live, and it went in an unexpected direction. At first, things were perfect, with hundreds of viewers tuning in to their conversation, but then they took a disturbing turn when Josh dropped his phone while still recording him. He stripped off his jeans, flashed himself to the audience by sitting straight onto a phone. The live video spread like wildfire over various platforms, including YouTube and Twitter, which allowed countless people around the globe to watch this event occur.


The live stream was met with a range of feedback in the comments section. Some fans were extremely happy to see Josh strip, while some felt very awkward and called out Josh for his improper movement towards minors who might have been watching as well. Many were especially upset because many underage people watched the broadcast on chance.


The audience not only censured him for exposing himself, though they also made fun of him. Some have even shared zoomed-in shots on Instagram as well as trolled Josh for doing this publicly. However, after that scandal, Josh published an apology on 28 April. He posted a long statement on Twitter and asserted that the entire situation was unintentionally “oozed.”


Additionally, Richard stated that “I have a duty because of the fans I’ve been blessed with; last night I took benefit of that. Next time I will strive harder to think before proceeding. It was never my aim to have flowed what got shown; however, it is now clear how harmful this can be, so in the future, I will ensure nothing like this happens again.”


Josh Richards is a social media influencer with over 15 million followers across various platforms. He’s also an actor who pops up in films like Brother’s Keeper and Summer Dropouts. If you’re into TikTok, questionable drama on social media, or goofy skits that involve environmental change, then this man might be your next favorite celebrity.


Richard has 7 million followers on Instagram, 25 million fans on TikTok, and 3.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Josh makes lip-syncing videos with friends in which they dance to trending music for the enjoyment of their fans.


Josh always possessed the desire to become a musician and an actor. He began posting on social media in 2010, but it didn’t take prolonged for him to establish a large audience. In 2017, he contracted with his first manager, who helped secure contracts with TalentX Entertainment. It’s a management corporation illustrating some of today’s top celebrities on various networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Josh was born on 31st January 2002 in Toronto. He has a brother and sister named Olivia and William, who are both younger than he is. Josh lived in Cold Springs for the first part of his life before moving to Cobourg, where he attended St. Mary Catholic Secondary School for secondary education. Richards’ TikTok handle (@joshrichards) has more than 14 million followers, plus 662 million likes since its creation in March 2017. After that, he started another account named @uhhhjosh, which boasts over 2.5 million supporters


He is consistently making a name for himself on multiple social media platforms. Besides TikTok, he’s also pretty much busy on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Also, he became a well-known influencer, but this isn’t all that this popular star is up to. Josh wants to be a businessperson. Considering he has a massive audience and success on TikTok, it’s no wonder that the social media starlet is looking forward to commencing his individual company.

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