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For several months already Bella Poarch  has become one of the most influential influencers on the Internet, due to one extra-viral video she posted on TikTok. It was on August 17, 2020, when she lip-synced to the song “Soph Aspin Send” by British rapper Millie B and got astounding 50.3M likes. 


She was born in the Philippines, raised by her grandmother until the age of three, and was then adopted. Her life was harsh and full of abuse. Until joining the army she was abused by her father both mentally and physically. At the age of 13, they moved to Texas due to her father’s need for bypass surgery. In 2015 Bella joined The US Navy and was settled in Japan and Hawaii.


After 5 years of service in 2020, she retires and remains in Hawaii and in January of the same year starts her TikTok career. Bella mainly posts herself under different trendy sounds and songs 4 times per week. Recently she released her debut single called “Build a Bitch”, which of course skyrocketed on the Internet, especially on TikTok. Currently, it has 222M views on YouTube and 4.2M videos on Tik Tok. 


It’s important to say that Poarch is not concentrating only on social media. She makes collaborations with different clothing brands like RIPNDIP, releasing a limited clothing line RIPNDIP x Paca Collaboration. In addition, in May of this year, Warner Records signed a record deal with Bella. On a big note, she is a member of the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community, and constantly raises the problem of racism and harassment against Asian people in America.


As mentioned above she was adopted at the age of 3. In their family, there were 4 children, including her. Bella’s two sisters live in the Philippines, the location of her brother is unknown, parents live in Texas. Also her cousin Bretman Rock is also a social media influencer.


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