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Overcoming all types of difficulties and taking on challenges to achieve your goals is certainly not an easy path to take. But some people like Alyssa Rose are able to keep a cool mind until the end.


The journey of Alyssa Rose has been a long and winding one. It was not easy being the first woman in America who earned an IFBB Pro Card, but with hard work comes success! Nowadays, you can find her sharing her story on Instagram, where she gained almost 200 thousand followers by putting what it’s like for women into perspective – no matter how old or young they may be-and encouraging others along their own paths towards health and fitness.


Alyssa wants to help women become the most powerful, confident version of themselves. Her programs are designed for people who have never felt like they were enough or loved themselves before in their life and want something different now—something that will make them happier than anything else could ever do! You can just take a look at the testimonials of her satisfied clients. 


Fitness has always been a big part of Alyssa’s life. Her whole life had been an active one with her playing soccer. However, when Alyssa was a high-school senior, she had to give up soccer because she needed money and therefore had to work, which didn’t leave her enough time for practice. Nevertheless, being active and athletic fulfilled Alyssa’s soul, so she didn’t stay away from fitness for too long! Alyssa Rose was constantly looking for a way to improve her body shape. When Alyssa was 17 years old, she discovered weight training. She learned about how muscle burns fat more efficiently than any other bodily system, and these new insights led to some major changes in her life.


Alyssa’s workout journey started with her boyfriend, who was the resident gym junkie. They would go to his garage and work out on all types of machines! By the time Alyssa was in college, a giant weight room was waiting for her with all kinds of weight training equipment. This obsession led not only to an increase in strength but also power- which then spilled into something more as exercising became a  significant part of her life. Being energized by feeling healthy inside and out eventually, Alyssa Learned about Bikini Bodybuilding, where she was able to show off the results of her hard and long training.


The competitions became very important to Alyssa. At some point, she even had to work multiple jobs in order to cover the costs that came with it.  But this didn’t stop the young fitness enthusiast. Even after being diagnosed with a skin disease Alyssa didn’t let her spirit break. Instead, she decided to participate in a competition and step on the stage despite some spots still covering her body.


Nowadays, Alyssa has gotten rid of her disease with the help of medication and shares her story and experience with thousands of people on Instagram. She values telling people the complete story without sugar-coating any of the struggles.  Alyssa has become an online health coach that inspires others with exercising videos, recipes, and tips on how they too can achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle!


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