Issa Vegas

Followers: 7.7M
Comments/Likes: 0.79
Engagement: 1.83
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59 mango-score


Forget the size 0 models and Instagram influencers with anorexia, Issa Vegas is a real-life inspiration, a Crossfit girl and a viral TikTok star from Latin America who has become famous for her unique figure on this world stage!


Issa has gained popularity through her Instagram account. With over 8 million followers, Issa is deemed as one of the popular social media stars in today’s world with an individual following that stretches around the globe! She started off modeling before turning towards photography for IG content-posting picturesque figures combined alongside paid partnerships from big brands like Lululemon or Nike; all while still maintaining this active career side gig being seen virtually everywhere people go online including TV shows.


The social media sensation is from Argentina. She was born on December 1st, 1996 in Misiones which has made it one of the most scenic and rugged provinces in all of Latin America! Now she lives in Mexico but always makes sure to share her home province with us through Instagram posts where you can see what life looks like they’re just as much if not more than anywhere else around the world…


She’s a fitness and show business influencer who got popular for her modeling photos on Instagram. She usually shares outfits from stores like Asos, Zara or Topshop in addition to modeling photos with the caption “my style”. This girl has definitely made waves within this industry!

The young CrossFit girl posts all sorts of pictures on Instagram captivating the attention of millions. Her photos are often glamorous and show off a luxurious lifestyle, which has already helped her build up quite some popularity online in recent times!


Issa is quite popular for her bikini pictures over social media, she frequently shares a sexy pics on Instagram. She also uploads vlogs and more on her YouTube channel.


Male followers make up the majority of her Instagram following, with 92% being men ages 25 to 34. Only 8% are female and they only engage in Issa Vegas’ posts an average of 1 time per day at best! From what we can tell so far from looking at data on likes/comments ratio, engagement (13K-14K, 1.86% engagement rate) & geographic location it seems like mostly Mexicans follow this account which makes sense since she hails from Mexico City herself.


Currently, she ranks both in the Top 20 Mexican Instagram stars and Top 10 Mexican Model. Issa Vegas is also a Bang Energy Elite model in Mexico and earns up to a salary of $50,000 USD a year by promoting the energy drink brand.


Based on these Instagram stats and the fact that the model is gaining 50K-200K Followers/day, her Instagram influencer value for being a Mega influencer is around $5000 USD – $10,000 USD/post.


She loves to do anything that is outdoorsy, like hiking and adventuring. Not to mention working out, Gaming, swing dancing, surfing, and shooting photo’s for her social media channels especially Instagram.


The Beauty of Issa Vegas Is Her Net Worth. No one can deny that she’s one of the most popular and beautiful women out there. She made her initial debut into this world with an excellent net worth of 450k dollars which she worked hard for over many years to achieve at such a young age!


Latin American tabloids have been following the dating life of Issa Vegas, where she was linked with many Mexican models and celebrities. She dated her boyfriend, José Terán, for over three years before they got engaged in June 2019. The fiance is a photographer who runs his private Instagram account (@joseteran034).

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