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Who knew that there is a way for an Australian fitness trainer with greek heritage to become famous thanks to her ebook and app? Well, Kayla did!  Kayla Itsines is now world-famous thanks to her e-book series called “Bikini Body Guides” and application called “Sweat with Kayla”, which outshined all other fitness apps in 2016.


She has been working as a fitness trainer since 2008 and has helped thousands of women with her signature exercises that were developed with an immense amount of research. She is not your average personal trainer because, in addition to being knowledgeable about what it takes physically, she also has an understanding of how one’s mental state can affect physical well-being. As such, when you go into training sessions with this woman, expect them to help both body AND mind, so everything falls back together beautifully again like never before. 


Kayla Itsines just wanted to help women get in shape but quickly realised her clients needed more than gym machines and weights. As an experiment, she gave them an aerobic class outside of the traditional gym setting. The results were excellent, and her clients loved it. Kayla Itsines always knew that dieting wasn’t enough if you want a lean body: Diet plus exercise is vital when it comes to getting into your best shape ever. But what’s the right balance? 


When she noticed that her clients were more interested in working out at home but had space constraints for machines and equipment, Kayla designed exercises with minimal equipment, which required less space. She personally trained her sister’s friends who wanted to play netball in high school by providing them with nutrition advice as well.


Kayla founded her Bikini Body Training company with her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce. The young Australian fitness guru is also a YouTube star and social media personality. She has 29 million followers on Facebook, 13.1 million on Instagram as of July 2021. Time magazine named her one of the 30 most influential people in 2016. 


Kayla Itsines was born on May 21, 1991, in Adelaide, Australia, to teacher parents Anna and Jim Itsines. She is of Greek descendent. Her younger sister Leah is also a personal trainer and food stylist. As a child, Kayla loved playing basketball and other sports, but she was underweight and sickly.


Kayla lost her aunt to alcohol poisoning in 2011. Thus she gave up drinking after that. She believes that individuals whose goal is to obtain a healthy lifestyle should not consume alcohol.

She met her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce, in one of the gyms where she was working. He was also studying law. They are now engaged.

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