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Top Japanese YouTubers Everyone Needs to Watch

Japanese YouTubers are some of the most creative and entertaining people on the internet. If you’re interested in Japanese culture or want to learn more about Japan, you need to check out these top Japanese YouTubers.
They cover a range of topics from travel and lifestyle to food and fashion. Thus, these YouTubers are a great place to start, whether you’re longing for inspiration for your next trip to Japan or want to learn more about the country and its people.


Niche: Japanese culture and lifestyle

Brands they’ve worked with: Uniqlo, Japanese tourist board

Facts about Sharmeleon:

The person behind Sharmeleon is Japanese YouTuber Sharla Katalin Hinskens.
Sharla was born and brought up in Victoria, British Columbia.

Personal Life:

Sharla is known for her lively and bubbly personality and her knowledge of all things Japanese. She uses typical vlog-style videos to describe her daily life in Japan. Not only does she exhibit Japan’s unique aspects, but she also features more about living in Japan as a country than as a cultural anomaly, as some influencers do.
Sharla also has a YouTube channel named ‘Sharla In Japan,’ nearly entirely dedicated to streaming entertainment. It’s a terrific opportunity to get to know her and perhaps ask her a few questions about life in Japan.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Sharla is $118K.


Kelly Morita

Niche: Spirituality

Brands they’ve worked with: Kose

Facts about Kelly Morita:

Kelly is a Japanese YouTuber who was raised in the United States of America. When Kelly started her career, she was more often known as Strawberry Mochi.

Personal Life:

Kelly began a YouTube channel about travel, lifestyle, and attitude in Japan in 2015, and it quickly became popular. The YouTuber confessed that it was a challenge to be vulnerable online, but it made her stronger and more enthusiastic. Thus, her confidence skyrocketed due to stepping outside her comfort zone.
Soon enough, she incorporated Japanese philosophy into her attitude and marketing strategies, incorporating Ikigai, Wabi Sabi, Naikan, etc. Finally, she became a full-time influencer and only relied on YouTube and other channels for money.

Earnings: Even though Kelly has one of the most famous Japanese YouTube channels, her net worth is not yet available.


Rachel and Jun

Niche: Japanese Culture and food

Brands they’ve worked with: Nissin

Facts about Rachel and Jun:

Rachel and Jun are a happily married couple who run the YouTube channel “Japanese Food & Culture.”
The pair is currently residing in Fukuoka.

Personal Life:

Rachel and Jun make videos about their lives in Japan and entertaining and informative videos about the country. On YouTube, they have almost 2.66 million subscribers.
They organize their videos into playlists with distinct themes. We recommend going through their whole ‘Best Of’ playlist if you’re new to their channel or just new to watching these types of videos. This playlist includes their most popular videos, including some with over 10 million views.

Earnings: The net worth of Rachel and Jun, the choicest Japanese YouTubers, is approximately $45K.


Tokidoki Traveller

Niche: Japanese travel

Brands they’ve worked with: Japanese Tourist Board, JAL

Facts about Tokidoki Traveler:

The Japanese YouTuber behind the channel Tokidoki traveler is Emma Felice. Emma was born and brought up in Australia.

Personal Life:

After moving to Japan in 2014, Emma began producing vlogs of her daily life. Her video showcasing her 8-square-meter Tokyo apartment became viral, becoming her first video to reach one million views. She planned to continue making movies about Tokyo and Japan and visiting locations in Japan to educate her fans.
Furthermore, she also does cooking films and reviews Japanese restaurants, though she has also done Korean BBQ movies. Emma has also vlogged her time in Australia, in addition to Japan. She is now working in a Japanese digital and social media marketing agency.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Emma lies between $1 to $2 million.


Kimagure Cook

Niche: Japanese food

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Kimagure Cook:

Kimagure was born on 31st May 1991. He was born and brought up in Aisi Prefecture, Japan.

Personal Life:

Kimagure is an incredibly powerful celebrity influencer. He frequently posts numerous intimate images and videos to communicate with her extensive social media fan base on the platform. Apart from this, Kaneko prepares seafood in the Kimagure Cook films, emphasizing odd or rare species, including sharks, moray eels, gigantic squids, and seahorses.
Coming to his private life, in November 2021, Kaneko stated that he and his wife had welcomed their first child and that he would be taking a vacation from YouTube to focus on his family. In January 2022, he returned to YouTube and said he would be moving to a new filming location.

Earnings: Kimagure has a whopping net worth ranging between $1.5 to $3 million.



Niche: ASMR

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about ASMR Suna:

The brain behind running the channel ASMR Suna is Kyoung Jeon. She was born and brought up in South Korea.

Personal Life:

Jeon is one of the most impeccable Japanese YouTubers well-known in the ASME industry. She launched her ASMR profession in 2017 after more than two years of viewing and listening to ASMR videos.
Jeon decided to take a break from her college studies, and one of her friends offered her a free office in a mall where video editing was taking place. She tried live broadcasting while she was there and moved on because it worked better than expected. Jeon has now amassed more than one million subscribers on her YouTube channel, thanks to her hard work and dedication.

Earnings: The net worth of Kyoung Jeon, the admin of ASMR Suna, is not yet known.


Melodee Morita

Niche: Japanese beauty and fashion

Brands they’ve worked with: Shiseido, Pantene, Revlon

Facts about Melodee Morita:

Morita was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Currently, she is living in New York and Boston.

Personal Life:

Melodee Morita is a bilingual television reporter and director, interpreter, NBA, and NFL interviewer, ballet dancer, and social media producer. She creates YouTube videos in both English and Japanese on her own and acts in and co-producing TV segments. Her two YouTube channels include videos in 10+ languages for her global audience.
Furthermore, her skincare routine and informative yet approachable videos were also featured on Buzzfeed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that Melodee’s videos have accumulated over 25 million views and 400,000+ subscribers. Melodee’s career as an all-around performer continues to grow worldwide.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Melodee Morita is $1.5 million.



Niche: Japanese lifestyle

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Peachmilky:

The person running the channel Peachmilky is Sophie. She was born and brought up in Northern Ireland.

Personal Life:

Sophie presently resides in Tokyo and works as a model, cosplayer, YouTuber, and streamer. Her material isn’t just focused on Japan’s culture and way of life. It also includes her gaming, cosplay, product reviews, and cosmetic interests. We highly recommend checking out her YouTube account if you like Japanese kawaii culture and cute and sweet things. She’ll take you to places like the Maid Cafe, Harajuku, and kimono rentals. Her unique presentation skills have made her one of the most famous Japanese YouTubers.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Sophie ranges from $1 to $5 million.


Reina Scully

Niche: Gaming, comedy

Brands they’ve worked with: Canon

Facts about Reina Scully:

Reina was born on 21st August 1988. Scully was born and brought up in Japan.

Personal Life:

Reina Scully is a YouTube vlogger and Japanese translator who posts anime reviews, Japanese lessons, wacky translations, gaming videos, and other vlogs. She is well known for hosting the YouTube channel SourceFed.
Scully began her foray into the internet world in 2010 when she created a Twitter account, which led to her creating a YouTube account the following year. She made her account to further her passion for her homeland of Japan and display some of her other interests, such as gaming and anime. To date, she has gotten over 300,000 subscribers thus far.


Sophie has amassed a whopping net worth that is estimated to be $1 million.



Niche: Japanese food

Brands they’ve worked with: Japanese Food Export Association

Facts about Tabieats:

The person handling the channel Tabieats is Shinichi.

Personal Life:

Shinichi hosts Tabieats, and Justin, his adorable puppy, occasionally makes an appearance. He shares his passion for cuisine and travels in an authentic, relaxed, and instructive way a few times a week. His reviews are honest, witty, and enjoyable, perhaps because he doesn’t take the engagement numbers too seriously.
Shinichi started cooking for his family when he was 15 years old, but he never went on to become a professional chef. His prior positions include flight attendant, fitness trainer, recipe writer and developer, and online avatar fashion designer.

Earnings: The net worth of Shinichi is not yet available to the public.


There you have it! These are just some of the top Japanese YouTubers that everyone needs to watch. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip to Japan or just want to learn more about the country and its people, these channels are a great place to start. Be sure to check them out.
Did we miss any of the top Japanese YouTubers? Let us know in the comments below! And if you liked this post, be sure to check out our other blog posts on all things Japan. Thanks for reading! Until next time、 またね! (See you later!)