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An enormous amount of people say: “I’m just gonna post my life on social media” – especially if we’re talking about Instagram Moms. But we all know and see that most of the time for obvious reasons, either there is a content shift eventually or there’s just too many niches that the influencer wants to get their hands on. 


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Let’s take Instagram Moms, for example, most of them start out by documenting their life and eventually it turns from a-Mom-sharing-her-experiences-with-her-kids content to check out my kids being silly, check out my kids cute outfits, check out these beauty tips, check out these healthy recipes, check out these stylish but simple outfits I put together, and so on. And you’re just sitting there going like… Make up your mind, woman. We are constantly bombarded with both necessary and unnecessary info… and we end up watching videos and reading posts about something we don’t remember signing up for. So if you wanna keep things simple and follow a comparably content-focused Instagram Mom who simply documents her family’s life and makes observations in the form of post descriptions/captions… then you should check out Madison Bontempo.

She keeps it simple, relatable and entertaining for her 1.8M Instagram followers. The fact that Mad is beautiful, fun-loving and adventurous is shining through social media. Once again… it’s social media, so you never actually know how much of it is genuine. But Madison Bontempo’s online presence seems pretty genuine. Maybe it’s her acting experience that makes it seem so – who knows? Even her twins had small acting roles in hit TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Days of Our Lives. Impressive, right? The girls literally have their own Instagram pages… I mean what are we talking about here?

Other than the twins, Oakley and Taytum, the Instagram Mom has another daughter, Halston, and a baby boy, Oliver, with her husband Kyler. The couple did not necessarily want to become family vloggers and influencers but it happened and they couldn’t be happier that it did.

From a door-to-door salesman to a YouTuber, Kyler Fisher knew that his life was never gonna be the same as before. Wanting to spend more time with his family, Kyler Fisher started a YouTube channel where he and his wife Madison Bontempo started regularly posting vlogs and sharing the life experiences of The FishFam. 

The couple uploaded their first video back in 2016. It was 9 minutes of cuteness overload of their newborn twins. Now they have 4.36M subscribers. Years later, The FishFam has remained loyal to their content strategies and kept it simple yet entertaining. They post minimally edited vlogs of them being them and being a normal fun-loving family a couple of times a week. Due to some of the intros of the YouTube videos sometimes it actually feels like you’re watching a TV show about their daily life. 

The FishFam’s matriarch shares how she cannot go from one room to another without having her kids follow her around like ducklings. How cute is that? Annoying – probably. But still cute.

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