Vidnami Review 2022| Pricing, Features, Competitors, Pros & Cons

The number of digital video viewers in the United States is expected to reach US$ 248.9 million this year, making videos one of the best mediums for distributing information worldwide.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? The significance behind digital videos is the ability to showcase information excitingly. Videos enrich content by adding music, animations, effects, captions, subtitles, etc., which opens the door for engagement and allows viewers to feel the content. 

“All it takes is one good video.” As simple as it sounds, Mike Henry precisely describes how efficient digital videos are. However, creating a professional video for a specific purpose might not be as easy as writing a script or designing a poster. 

The digital video content industry reached a value of US$ 151.4 billion in 2021. Moreover, it’s estimated that 82% of internet traffic will come from video streaming and download this year. The emergence of AI video editing and production solutions contributed to this rise and changed the face of video marketing campaigns.

This article will review one of the most prominent AI video editing platforms, Vidnami. Starting from its features to the practical steps for using it. As you read through this Vidnami review, you’ll learn about its pricing, pros and cons, competitors, and other details concerning the platform.


To break the ice, we’ll start this Vidnami review with a quick overview of the platform. What is Vidnami? Who needs to use it? And how can users create and edit videos with Vidnami? We’ll also talk about Vidnami alternatives and their competitive features.

What is Vidnami?

Vidnami is an online cloud-based AI platform. Mainly, it helps users create and edit videos effortlessly and offers a comprehensive set of tools for advanced video editing. AI technology plays a primary role in Vidnami, especially in converting written texts into interactive videos. It automates selecting the proper media for video clips by utilizing a vast library of media files. Vidnami is a reasonably affordable solution for digital video content creators.

As advertised, Vidnami helps users grow their business by offering an easy tool to create attractive, high-quality, engaging videos for social media and online platforms. The company is located in Australia and was founded in 2015. Back then, its name was “Content Samurai.” However, in August 2021, GoDaddy acquired the technology assets of Vidnami.

vidnami demo

How to Use Vidnami?

Using Vidnami is a straightforward process; create an account, verify it, and you’re ready to go. A free trial is available to test the platform and its capabilities, and it allows accessing Vidnami for 14 days with limited functionality.

Since it can’t be accessed via a mobile phone application or a desktop version, Vidnami can only be used via a web browser. When logging in for the first time, the dashboard will be empty, and as simple as the name suggests, the “Create New Video” button will be the first step in the journey of digital video creation.

The Vidnami Family

Using Vidnami will make you a new member of Vidnami’s family. You can find community groups for Vidnami users on Facebook. However, when you sign up for the first time, you will get an email with a Facebook link, leading you to a Vidnami user’s group. The community is full of active users who share their experiences, work, and tricks about Vidnami.

How to Make Videos Using Vidnami?

Vidnami has a simple, user-friendly interface that provides a step-by-step guide to creating videos. It also offers a vast collection of templates that suit different social media and online platforms. First, you need a Vidnami login, and then you can choose templates, add scripts, customize your text, choose a voice-over, add background music, edit video clips, and your video is ready. 


Choosing the video template

Templates are pretty flexible in Vidnami, and you can select a ready-to-use template from the platform’s library or customize your own templates and use them. There are six main categories for Vidnami templates:

  • Content video
  • Presenter video
  • Instant ad
  • Sales video
  • Course/training video
  • Property video
Choosing the video template

Users can also choose the template depending on the video format, whether it’s landscape (16:9), square, or vertical.

Adding the script

The next step is adding a script for the video, and this is where AI technology does its magic. Instead of selecting video clips manually for every sentence in your writing, Vidnami automatically does that on your behalf. It will choose the right video clip for every sentence and sync it accurately.

More customizations are available by clicking on “Advanced Options.” The drop-down menu allows four options to select how many sentences are allowed per scene:

  • Automatically fit text to layout
  • One scene per sentence
  • One scene per paragraph
  • One scene per phrase

Note that Vidnami has access to over 790,000 video clips and depends on locating keywords in your sentences to find the matching videos. If you don’t like what Vidnami has chosen, you can easily edit video clips manually.

adding the script

As we move forward with this Vidnami review, it’s becoming clear how it facilitates the whole video creation process.

Customizing templates and editing texts

As mentioned above, Vidnami’s flexibility is unique, and all ready-to-use templates are pretty much customizable. Users can rename, change fonts, highlight texts, and edit many available styling options. Text editing is also available, and you can edit your text in each scene. The editing bar contains bold, italic, and underlined main editing options.

Smoothly reposition your texts by clicking on the array icon and selecting the destination position. Furthermore, you can hide the text by clicking on the “Hide text” button or keep the text and hide the scene by clicking on the “Hide media” button.

Customizing templates and editing texts vidnami

Manually editing the video clips

You can slightly edit digital video clips, and the only available options are to zoom in, zoom out, or change to a different video clip. Moreover, you can choose the desired transition between the scenes from many available options.

Vidnami allows manually changing individual video clips. Users can simply click on the “Find Media” tab and search for other clips by keywords. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video clip because images are also available, and Vidnami has access to 125,000,000 royalty-free images.


Vidnami also provides a voice-over track feature. It allows adding a voice that reads the user’s script within the video, which is pretty cool, especially for content creators who have accents and don’t want to create videos with their own voice-over. 

Vidnami’s voice-over comes in 14 different voices and 3 American, British, and Australian English accents.

  • US accent: Heidi, Anna, Olivia, Luke, Harvey, Oscar
  • British accent: Isla, Kate, Harry, Angus
  • Australian accent: Eva, Harper, Jack, Flynn

Sometimes voices might sound like a robot, but users can change the voice speed and the volume, making it sound more realistic. If you don’t like any of the available voice-overs, you can record your own voice using a special tool offered by the platform, and Vidnami will sync the voice automatically with the video. Uploading a voice track is an available traditional option too.

Background music 

Users can add background music and a watermark. Note that a custom watermark is only available in paid plans. You can choose background music, add it to the video, and control the music volume and speed. Vidnami offers tons of background music tracks that suit all kinds of videos, and users can search for music depending on mood or genre or upload their music.

GoDaddy Acquired the Technology Assets of Vidnami

GoDaddy, the British tech giant and worldwide famous hosting service provider, acquired Vidnami’s technology in August 2021. It’s the reason why Vidnami is not currently available for public use. According to GoDaddy, Vidnami’s AI and technologies are being integrated with GoDaddy studio, enhancing content discovery and enabling auto-creation of content for GoDaddy.

Vidnami Pricing

Video creators who’ve struggled with editing and producing their digital videos can understand the added value behind Vidnami. They know how time-consuming and tiring the process could be. However, the idea behind Vidnami is to simplify the video editing process to create engaging video clips for social media and online platforms use. Our Vidnami review will now focus on the pricing and available plans.

How Much Does Vidnami Cost?

Vidnami offers two main plans, a monthly subscription and an annual one. However, there is no difference between the plans regarding features; the only difference is the cost.

  • The monthly plan costs $47 per user per month
  • The annual plan costs $397 per user per year (30% discount)

Vidnami pricing is reasonable, and apparently, going for a yearly plan is a cost-efficient choice to benefit from the Vidnami discount; therefore, the optimal decision is to subscribe for a single month, ensure that Vidnami suits your needs, then go for the annual plan.

Below are the main features the platform offers via its paid plans:

  • Create an unlimited number of videos
  • Access to more than 790,000 video clips from Storyblocks 
  • Access to more than 125,000,000 royalty-free images
  • Up to 30,000 premium music tracks
  • 170+ fascinating video templates from various categories
  • 30+ popular fonts
  • Auto AI-based video clip selection
  • 14 Automatic text to speech voices
  • Automatic sync of audio and visuals
  • Full motion video background
  • Landscape and square videos
  • Ability to upload your own media
  • Customizable templates and branding
  • Automatically bolds keywords, adds ken burns effect, adds transitions, and animates the text

Does Vidnami have a free trial?

Yes, Vidnami has a free trial available for 14 days with limited functionality. Upgrading to paid plans during the Vidnami free trial period grants a 25% discount. Note that all videos created during the trial period will be marked as “trial.” Moreover, the auto voice-over feature will be dysfunctional.

Coupons & Discounts

The platform offers a 30% discount for annual plan subscribers. It also offers a 25% discount for users who upgrade to the paid plan while using the 14 trial free period. However, there are some available coupons online, and those coupons offer a 40% discount if found. Usually, YouTubers offer active coupons on their channels to motivate users to subscribe.

Vidnami Features

Despite being a simple platform, many exciting features are available in Vidnami. Below, we’ll list the essential features Vidnami offers, which will help you decide if it’s the right software.

Ease of Use

Vidnami has a simple UI that allows users to create and edit videos smoothly. Interestingly, you don’t need to be an expert to use it. The well-organized interface splits the whole process into sections, and it drives the user from one step to another.

vidnami features

AI-Based Video Clip Selection

Vidnami implements AI technology to automate the video creation process. It automatically selects video clips corresponding to the user’s scripts. Moreover, it enables manually editing any video clip and replacing it with another.

When you upload a script to Vidnami, AI will locate the main keywords and look for them in its database. It’ll then match these keywords with video clips and select optimally. This AI technology saves time and produces high-quality, professional, engaging videos for different purposes. For example, training videos, commercials, stories, etc.

Auto Voice Over

Vidnami offers an excellent auto voice-over service that allows users to add a reading voice to their video. The voice is generated with the help of AI technology and is available in 3 English accents; USA, UK, and Australia, and 14 different sounds. There are three main accents available in Vidnami. Editing the voice speed and volume is also an option.

Auto Sync

After choosing the template and adding the script, users may want to edit text, voice, or clips. Vidnami will automatically sync all the changes and add them to the video with no mistakes, saving time to repeat the work.

Fast Rendering

Video editors and producers can relate to this issue specifically as rendering is often time-consuming and requires using high-end devices to get it done. When you edit anything on your videos, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the work done. Vidnami is pretty fast in rendering videos and updating changes.

Unlimited Storage

Although other video editing tools are available, Vidnami is exceptional for its unlimited storage. Users can create a limitless number of videos without worrying about storage space. It’s one of the biggest advantages the platform has over competitors.

Make Videos For all Kinds of Social Platforms

Besides creating videos for websites and YouTube channels, Vidnami’s videos work perfectly with different social media platforms. Users can create videos for Instagram, TikTok, and others. Choose a proper template and customize it based on your preferences.

Background Music

Background music enriches videos and makes them more exciting. Vidnami provides the ability to add soundtracks to videos, and you can choose the music you want to add from more than 30,000 music tracks offered by the platform.

Vidnami Comparison

Competition motivates progress, and Vidnami is not the only AI video editing software. Many other tools offer similar services besides Vidnami, such as Lumen5, InVideo, and Renderforest. Although these bestVidnami alternatives follow the same video editing process, there are some critical differences. This section will compare Vidnami to these multiple AI editing tools to spotlight the differences.

Vidnami vs Renderforest

Renderforest is an online cloud-based content creation tool. It enables users to create videos, animations, logos, presentations, and other types of digital content. While Vidnami focuses on video content, Renderforest offers broader options for its users. Below we’ll list the essential features that differentiate Renderforest from Vidnami.

Advantages of Renderforest over Vidnami
  • Create professional logos: Renderforest offers a great tool to create personalized logos with AI technology’s help automatically. It also provides manual logo creation based on user preferences. Once a logo is created, users get a compressed file including guidelines, images, and EPS files for a flexible future edit experience.
  • Animations: Renderforest enables implementing 3D and 2D animations easily 
  • Website builder: Renderforest makes it easy to lunch a website on the platform’s subdomain for free with a 300 MB storage limit. Upgrading to a premium plan includes a custom domain with 5 GB storage for a reasonable price.
  • Create presentations: Although Vidnami offers to create presentation videos, it’s not customized for this purpose as Renderforest.
  • Mobile version: Renderforest is available on Android and IOS, while Vidnami is not
  • Training: Redforest offer competitive training via documentation, webinars, and in-person sessions.

Renderforest costs less than Vidnami and offers multiple plans. Prices start at the Lite version for $7.99 per user per month and end at the Agency version for $49.99 per user per month. Renderforest also includes a free plan with limited features and a watermark on videos.  

Advantages of Vidnami over Renderforest

Apparently, Renderforest offers more services than Vidnami, but not everyone needs those features. Below are Vidnami’s strength points over Renderforest

  • AI technology in Renderforest may not be as good and efficient as the AI in Vidnami. Renderforest users reported having issues with AI results and having to edit the content manually upon delivery.
  • Renderforest’s interface feels overwhelmed and not as good as Vidnami’s interface
  • There are no real clips in Renderforest; only 3D & 2D animations are available
  • Auto voice-over is not supported. Users need to upload a separate voice-over file if they want to use this feature

Despite offering a comprehensive set of tools, Vidnami is a better solution for digital video content creators. The quality of service in Vidnami compensates for the relatively higher price.

Vidnami vs. InVideo

Another competitive alternative for Vidnami is Invideo. It is an online media creation tool that easily creates and edits video content, making it a big alternative to Vidnami. Both platforms have a comprehensive library of high-quality images and videos and auto voice-over and editing features.

Invideo offers a lot of customization and flexibility compared to Vidnami. The tool offers three ways to start creating videos: pre-made templates, text to video, and a blank canvas. The templates are updated continually, and users can expect new templates every once in a while. Below we’ll list the essential features for Invideo.

Advantages of Invideo over Vidnami
  • AI script processing: InVideo splits the uploaded scripts into sentences automatically. Therefore, when users upload a script, the software will ask to divide it into meaningful sentences.
  • iStock Media partnership: InVideo collaborates with iStock to include its rich media library in InVideo and enable it for users.

InVideo costs less than Vidnami and offers two plans. A business plan for $15 per user per month and an unlimited plan for $30 per user per month. It also includes a free forever plan with reasonable features and a video watermark.

Advantages of Vidnami over InVideo

Despite all the advantages that Invideo has, there are some cons to consider. Most notably is the limitation it has in some features:

  • Paid users in the business plan can only use ten iStock media files per month
  • Removing the background is allowed only for 40 images per user per month, which could be annoying for constant users because it limits their creation
  • Limited storage

InVideo is a true competitor for Vidnami with an affordable price and quality services. However, its limitation might be the critical factor in considering Vidnami for some professionals based on their requirements.

Vidnami vs. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an online video maker tool based in Canada and was founded in 2016. The software is rich with editing features and shares similar creativity tools with Vidnami. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and offers three ways to create a digital video

  • You can use your blog to create corresponding videos directly
  • Use a script the same way in Vidnami
  • Upload your own media files
Advantages of Lumen5 over Vidnami
  • URL articles: Lumen5 offers creators a strong connection with their blogs by supporting URL articles, and it saves time and increases productivity.
  • Customer support: Lumen5 has an outstanding customer support service working 24/7 to cover user’s needs globally
  • Training: While Vidnami offers training through documentation, Lumen5 offers a better-detailed training via webinars and online sessions
  • More categories: Going beyond social media videos, Lumen5 offers video editing, making, and marketing in addition to multiple content creation options

Lumen5 has a competitive pricing system. It starts with a creator account for $14 per user per month and goes up to $75.05 and $189.05 for the premium and business accounts. The variety of packages allows creators to choose what works best for them. 

lumen5 pricing

One significant advantage is the free forever plan by Lumen5. Despite being limited in functionality, the plan is suitable for beginners and testing the software features.

Advantages of Vidnami over Lumen5

Although Lumen5 is a reasonable and affordable digital video editor, Vidnami offers a broader range of video creation tools.

  • Auto voice-over in Lumen5 can’t accept audio tracks, while Vidnami enables the feature
  • Access to a vast library of digital media in multiple formats in addition to the partnership with third party media vendors

Lumen5 and Vidnami might be close to each other, offering almost the same services. Choosing between the two depends on the user’s budget and need for some of the specific tools they offer

Many other tools can be a good alternative for Vidnami besides Lumen5, Invideo, and Renderforest. For example,, FlexClip, Viddyoze, VidToon, and others. Users need to select the best software based on their requirements, budget, and preferences.

Vidnami Pros & Cons

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side, and so does Vidnami; it has pros and cons. While some users like it, others don’t.Below, we’ll list the most important advantages and disadvantages of the platform. 

Pros Cons
14 days free trial with a  30% discount if upgraded during the trial period No free forever plan and the free subscription has limited functionality
Reasonably priced for the paid plan, especially the yearly one Lacks the availability of various plans with different pricing
More than 30,000 pieces of Background music are available The keyword-based AI technology doesn’t always select the best video/image for the text. It has to be set manually for optimal results
Unlimited access to over 350,000 HD video clips via a partnership with storyblock 
Landscape, vertical, and square video format
Auto voice over is supported by 14 voices and three different accents, American, British, and Australian The voice sometimes sounds robotic, which results in less natural videos
It offers tons of templates and images 3D & 2D animation and logos are not available
Simple and easy to use. Create professional videos in a few minutes and with minimal effort Limited customization and doesn’t allow creating templates from scratch 
Efficient and straightforward text to speech feature Upload via URL articles is not supported. You will have to copy-paste your article to the script section
It offers many editing options for different purposes It can’t be used for cinematic video production and targets digital video marketing campaigns more specifically 
No need to download any software. Just a simple login via a web browser is enough to use the platform It doesn’t offer a mobile application and can only be accessed via web-browser 
Responsive and fast customer support available to support Vidnami users  
Facebook group for Vidnami users  

Vidnami Review & Rate

Our Vidnami review has come to an end. Vidnami seems to be an excellent choice for beginners and professionals regarding video creation and editing features. Being a dedicated video creating and editing platform, Vidnami strived to develop best-in-class features in a single field rather than focusing on multiple services.

It combines a reliable AI technology with customizable templates, a vast collection of media files in different formats, diverse voice-overs, and an auto text-to-audio functionality to create editable digital videos for various purposes.

Although it doesn’t offer a variety of pricing plans, Vidnami is reasonably priced compared to other alternatives and provides access to leading media providers for better content. It definitely saves users time and effort.