Ximena Duque-Adkins

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A beautiful family, financial stability and a job that allowed her to put her full potential into practice – this is what the Colombian actress and now Mom influencer has wanted all along. And now it all came true for Ximena. As of 2019, her net worth was $5 million.


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Ximena Duque’s parents are German Duque and Clara Giraldo. She also has a brother Andy Duque. During her teen years she immigrated to Miami from Colombia. She has a son with her ex Christian Carabias – Christian Carabias Duque, who is currently almost 20 years old. In 2017, she married Jay Adkins and the couple welcomed a daughter – Luna Adkins Duque. They recently welcomed another baby girl Skye and the fam couldn’t be happier. The Mom influencer shares how she was actually very relaxed while pregnant with Skye, though she can’t say the same about her experience with Luna. As she mentions, it was a little different with Luna because 14 years had passed after giving birth to her son, so she kinda forgot. But she’s ecstatic and all ready to meet baby Skye.

The Colombian actress and model became well-known after starring in a Telemundo USA production called Protagonistas de Novela. As her acting career progressed, she even played in Days of Our Lives for a couple of episodes back in 2016. 

So how old is the Ximena Duque? Well she’s 36 years young. And she’s going strong. Her family life continues to blossom. She shares her journey via her social media with her followers. Her Instagram page seems like an album on her phone. Most of the photos are not staged… there are still some with the matching outfits and the perfect lighting and angle… but most of her content is very… for the lack of a better word – normal. There’s nothing that seems super extraordinary and the video content she shares is very authentic and relatable to her audience. 

Unfortunately or fortunately most of her posts are in Spanish, so there are many people out there who might not follow simply because they won’t be able to understand most of the things she posts. However, there is a good side to this as well – people who do not understand English will have a popular, beloved media persona, Mom influencer and businesswoman that they can follow and understand the content of. In a way, this does make Ximena more relatable to the type of audience that other Mom influencers cannot relate to as much.

Ximena is a constant inspiration to countless women around the world to go after and create the paths for both their personal and professional happiness. She’s a role model for many Latin American women and proof that where you come from does not limit your dreams or potential anyhow.

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