Murad Osmann is an award-winning travel influencer with over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, he has been to 35 countries and his videos have received more than 1 billion views!

Murads’ most popular posts include foodie adventures in South East Asia as well as personal moments from around the world like visiting sacred forests where native tribes live in isolation off of any modern technology or speaking English fluently – these trips show viewers what it really means when we say: Live Life Culturally.


Osmann is a civil engineer who has always been interested in art. He received his degree from Imperial College, but it wasn’t until he arrived in Moscow that Osman began working on the “Follow Me” series which continues to this day!


Murad Osmann is a cutting-edge travel influencer. He works with world-class brands and publications to share his expertise on how you can find the perfect destination for your next adventure, be it inside or outside of an airplane seatbelt!


His ongoing “Follow Me” series has not only captivated audiences with its breathtaking scenery, it also served as an intriguing social media phenomenon for those on Instagram when they noticed Murads’ hidden identity behind Nataly Zakharova because she was leading him around every corner while he took photos at various landmarks all over the world!


The pair’s social media followers have been following them around the world, capturing their every move. They are ready and waiting with one arm extended in hopes of being captured by Osmann who continues to take photos despite his wife’s protests. The photographs show various locations from different perspectives—from atop a building looking down on Barcelona, or at sunset while hiking through mountainsides as snow falls all around you; it really shows how much time these two spend together!


Osmann has been filming his Instagram adventures on an iPhone for the past few months, but he recently invested in a DSLR camera because it produces better quality and wider field-of-view.


Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova have traveled the world together, documenting their adventures in a new book. The Follow Me To: A Journey Around The World Through Two Ordinary Travelers is an informative look at what life as an ordinary couple is like around every corner of this beautiful planet we call home!


Osmann and Zakharova got married on Saturday, 6 June 2015. The pair had two weddings: one in Moscow with a Russian Orthodox priest who performed their vows the second one at Murad’s birthplace in Dagestan where they said Imams Hajji who is also known as Grandson of Muhammad Rasul Allah (peace be upon him) officiated over them to ensure that no Islamic power would come between these lovers because Osmania has long been considered an enemy by many Muslims due to his affiliation with alcoholism which has caused Hankarluk injuries both physically and spiritually.


Murad Osmann’s collaborations with various brands are the perfect example of how he combines tradition and innovation. His work has ranged from fashion to home decor, but his most widely known project is undoubtedly the Nike Air Jordan XX8 collaboration for Spring/Summer 2019 that was revealed at Coachella last month.


Murad Osmann has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, People Magazine.


Murad was born in Russia but now lives most of his days on tour throughout Europe while working for Skyhorse Publishing who published “Follow me to,” his first travel memoir. His writing credits also include articles such  as “The Art Of Losing Everything Safely” which earned him mention among the top ten nonfiction authors by the National Library Association (NLA).

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