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When it comes to visual aesthetics, opinions and taste can differ in all possible directions and is a lot deeper and more important to people than you might think at first. When designing a piece of clothing, the interior of a house, or any other item, it is essential to not only make it look appealing but also create your own style and vision along the way.


With the overwhelming options and styles we find online through social media, sometimes just making something look good is far from enough. Oftentimes design is not just about the shapes, colors, and patterns but rather about the idea and the lifestyle they convey. Creating something where people can recognize you as a designer is a vital characteristic of building your brand and making it successful. Jenni Kayne is an excellent example of that.


The Los Angeles-born designer has triumphantly created her own lifestyle brand, “Jenni Kayne,” named after herself. Jenni has been involved in the design world since 2003. Since then, the lifestyle designer has managed to build a loyal following. It didn’t take long for Kayne to discover her signature style and continue with them from then on. On her fashion blog “Rip & Tan,” the designer shares inspiration with her readers.


Jenni’s designs include things like clothing, shoes, accessories, and home decor. Just take one quick look at her designs on her Instagram account, where she almost has 500 thousand followers, and you will see how simple and timeless every single one of them is. The neutral colors, which Jenni Kayne loves to use, create an effortless and elegant look which you can be sure won’t go out of fashion for a very long time. The designs Jenni creates imminently give you a warm and homey feeling giving you comfort without sacrificing any style aspect. 


While Janni’s designs are simplistic, there is plenty of attention to detail, which again shows the love and care she invests into her work. And indeed, that isn’t a surprise considering that becoming a designer was something Janni Kayne wanted to do since she was young. Even then, she had a clear aesthetic which she brought into her career later on. The young entrepreneur values giving customers the whole experience by telling a story with her designs. Sharing the journey of her brand creates a closer relationship between her and her customers. Starting with the music and smell, you will undoubtedly feel welcomed as a customer in each of Janni Kayne’s retail stores. 


Now the successful businesswoman has also published her book “Pacific Natural, Simple Seasonal Entertaining,” where she shares the core image of her brand and herself by revealing her most favorite moments and memories from her journey. 


The success of this young woman might be rooted deeply in her genes, considering that her father is Richard Kayne, who has managed to create a fortune as an investor. His company is now estimated to be worth multiple billions of dollars. 


Janni Kayne is happily married to Richard Ehrlich, a real estate agent, and together they have two children named Tanner and Ripley.


It’s apparent that this young woman is doing a great job maintaining the balance between both her professional and personal life.

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