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Favikon Review 2022 | Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons, Alternatives

There are an infinite number of options for influencers, but finding the right ones can be tough.

They need to have a large following and good content quality in order to increase your visibility on their pages.

To evaluate and choose the influencers that match your criteria and situation, you should visit their pages one by one, look at their posts, assess their reach and engagement level, etc. 

Although this kind of strategy might work in some cases, it obviously takes a lot of time and effort. Using free or low cost influencer discovery tools is another option but most of them don’t ensure quality. 

In this article, we will discuss Favikon, a tool that helps you get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. This Favikon review will explain in detail what is Favikon, its pricing, the Favikon pros and cons as well as its alternatives. 

What is Favikon?

Before we move further in our Favikon review, let’s first try to understand one question. How much do you care about the quality of your influencers? A lot, right? Their quality will determine your campaign’s success. It’s exactly here where the tool called Favikon can come to your help. 

But what is Favikon? It’s first of all an influencer discovery and auditing tool. With Favikon you will be able to search for the perfect influencer for your brand from the database of 8 million influencers from 168 countries, 54,000 cities and 95 languages. Also, you can use over 20 filters to find the influencers matching your specific needs. Simply input your own criteria (language, country, city, number of followers, etc.) and it will bring you the best quality matches. This thorough auditing function brings transparency to the influencer quality and helps users make informed decisions. This means you’ll never stumble into a fake or low quality influencer.

And the best part? 

The tool features the quickest search filter on the market—It takes only seconds for it to discover and analyze the relevant profiles! 

How it works?

Now that we’ve got a basic idea on what this tool is, let’s move forward in our Favikon review  and see how it can improve your influencer marketing experience. 

This tool is actually a single window platform for your influencer marketing activities—from discovering influencers to tracking the campaign and evaluating their activity. 

Here’s what the tool offers: 

Discover Influencers

Finding influencers is the first step for your influencer marketing strategy. Favikon makes this process of discovery super easy. To find the best match for your brand you simply need to filter down the results. Here’s how the tool interface looks:

Favikon review dashboard

To get good results you should at least mention the influencer area with a hashtag or keyword (#lifestyle, #Moms, etc.), the location (region, country, city) or the community size (from nano to mega influencers). For more exact results, you can use all the other filters as well. 

The tool filters out the results out of its 8 million database in seconds. Voila! So the next step is to choose the right influencers out of this list. But how can you be sure of their quality?

Favikon Score and Influencer Audit

Obviously, a large number of findings doesn’t always mean high quality. There are cases when you may end up with low quality, not active or fake accounts. 

And it’s here that we come to the most important part of our Favikon review: the tool comes up with something no other tool on the market has. It’s the Favikon score. Now you may be asking “What is a Favikon score?” On their website they define it as ‘the overall quality score of the influencer profile.” It’s calculated based on more than 50 metrics, including the engagement rate and the account activity. The maximum score is 5, the minimum quality standard being 2.5/5 (“Favikon Minimum Score”). Everything below that score is in the risk zone. 

For instance, below is the Favikon score of one of the influencers I found. The tool gives it a low Favikon score (1.3/5), warning you about the risks associated with collaborating with the given influencer. 

Favikon score

The score is followed and justified by a very handy AI-made summary pointing out all the problems related to the influencer. 

Favikon score

The score details which follow the summary give in-depth insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the influencer. 

Favikon Score

Also, you can check out if the given influencer uses any of your keywords:

Favikon score

What’s more, the tool gives you insights on the audience, such as their countries, cities and languages, the authenticity of the audience, their gender, age, etc. 

Favikon score

Overall, the insights provided by the tool are pretty informative and clear. Throughout the page you can hold your mouse on specific categories and get information on the relevant concept and/or symbols used by the tool.  

Favikon review market size
Favikon review ads performance

To sum up, Favikon’s audit function is super useful in helping to choose quality influencers with a high potential to promote your product. 

The only uncomfortable thing on the page is perhaps the small letter size, which prevents you from reading easily. 

Influencer Contact

Favikon also allows you to create an influencer list composed of the best profiles of your choice. Say you can sort them out according to their area (“Mom influencers’, etc. ), your campaign launch time (”Spring 2022 launch”), or influencers with Favikon score above 4, etc.

Once your list is ready, you can comfortably export it in CSV and contact the influencers via custom email. In fact, with the tool you can do that simultaneously, which can indeed save you lots of time. 

Influencer Watch 

When doing lists, you can simply click on the “Watch” option and get real-time information on all the content—including stories or partnerships created by your listed influencers right inside Favikon. 

Favikon review top influencers
Favikon tool

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

This is indeed a very valuable piece of information since it allows you to see the influencers’ evolution, compare results between several influencers, gain inspiration from ongoing campaigns, as well as anticipate your competitor’s next moves by tracking all collaboration they’re doing with influencers. 

Campaign tracking

Once you’ve found the influencers you’re sure you want to work with, you can launch your campaign. It’s really very simple. 

Favikon review

All you need to do is to follow a 4-step process by filling out a form on campaign influencers, mentions and hashtags, your target, and KPI expectations. This will take you about 30 minutes! How cool is that? 

And once you’ve done this, there’s no longer a need for you to go back and check out Instagram: all the information is continuously updated and you can track your campaign progress in real time with the campaign score, which summarizes all the KPIs. 

For instance, looking at the campaign score below, we can see that the progress is exceptionally good. 

Favikon Campaign informations

The tool also shows useful data on the campaign audience and stats. 

Favikon Audience details
Favikon review

With all this information at hand, you can always have a comprehensive analysis of your progress and adjust your ROI accordingly. 

Favikon Pricing 

Favikon pricing is extremely affordable as the company’s goal is to make it available for  companies of any size to integrate influencer marketing into their growth strategy. 

The tool offers three price packages—monthly, quarterly and yearly. Also, there are four price plans—free, starter, pro and business. 

Let’s look at each of them in more detail to see which one of those Favikon pricing plans would work best for you. 

Favikon pricing

So, the Free Plan doesn’t offer much—just an opportunity to make 1 list with 12 influencers and get basic-level chat support. But by using this plan you can explore all the great features of the tool. 

Starter is ideal for brands with smaller needs. With a price of €59/month, you get an opportunity to do 75 searches and 25 audits. Also, you can do sorting with 2 lists composed of 20 influencers. And again, if you have questions, like in the free plan, you can get the team’s help in the chat support. 

The next—and the most popular plan—is the Pro. It’s best for companies working with influencers on a regular basis. For this plan the search, sort, get support, and track partnerships options are available. In particular, users of the plan can carry out 750 searches and 250 audits, make 5 lists of 100 influencers with an opportunity to export 5 CSVs, use the chat support, as well as track 1 campaign with 20 influencers. This plan costs €139/month. 

And, finally, the Business Plan, which costs €299/month, offers search, sort, get support, monitor and track partnerships options. In fact, the searches are unlimited, along with 1,000 possible audits. You can also make 40 lists of 400 influencers with 100 CSV reports. This is also the only plan offering dedicated support and the possibility to use 5 watcher lists with watcher filters. Lastly, you can run 15 campaigns with 100 influencers per campaign. 

Favikon Pros and Cons

Weighing Favikon pros and pros of tools before using them is something we should do before making decisions. For this purpose, in our Favikon review I have also included a few of them based on my observation of the tool:

All-in-one feature of the tool (search, audit, contact, watch, manage campaign)Too small letter size in the search screen
Insightful stats and infographics
Plain explanations of platform-specific terms
Free plan option 

Favikon Alternatives 

What tools would you use if Favikon didn’t exist? Which ones have similar features? Which ones can replace it? In this last section of our Favikon review we will address the Favikon alternatives, which don’t have exactly the same features as Favikon, but may still be worth trying. 

Heepsy vs Favikon

This is an advanced tool designed for agencies, advertisers and brands using influencer marketing as part of their strategy.The tool helps find Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch influencers in seconds from a database of over 11 million profiles with +5K followers. With its content performance metrics and fake followers audit, you can analyze influencers and choose the right ones for your campaign. Also, the tool helps you keep organized by allowing you to create your own influencer lists, export data and start a conversation.

Upfluence vs Favikon

This tool is based on a nearly 3 million influencer database with an overall reach of 82 billion followers. Upfluence helps companies find creators for their brand, establish influencer relationships, manage affiliate networks, and use automated campaign management to make the most of their influencer marketing strategy. The tool is also pretty convenient in that it allows you to create a fully integrated stack by connecting your affiliate programs, CMS, affiliate platforms, analytics tools, mailing systems, and more to Upfluence Software. This way you can easily manage and activate your community. 

MightyScout vs Favikon

This tool ensures influencer tracking for Instagram and TikTok, as well as analytics and reporting. Use it to instantly get engagement stats, past sponsored campaigns, and more for any Instagram profile. The tool also features an influencer campaign profit calculator giving you a comprehensive picture of your profits and costs and make decisions accordingly. 


With this review I hope you now have answers to many questions, including “What is Favikon?”, “What is a Favikon score?” “What is the Favikon pricing?” “What are the Favikon pros and cons?” “What are the Favikon alternatives?”. 

As we saw, one of the most valuable features of the tool is the audit and the Favikon score. The comprehensive data visualization along with very good explanations make it easier for even a non-marketer to choose the right influencers for their campaign. Combined with all the other functions, such as the watcher and campaign tracking, this tool can be considered as an all-in-one platform for influencer marketing. 

And the best part is that you can use it without breaking the bank: for all the services offered, the Favikron pricing is really affordable.  

Favikon logo

As a final word for this Favikon review, let’s remember the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, a digital marketer and chairman of New York-based communications company VaynerX: “I think influencer marketing Is going to have a golden era of a decade. I think we’re at the beginning of It and I’m very fond of It.” 

With all its features and accessibility, Favikon is definitely one of the tools that turns our present into this very golden era.