11 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram & TikTok


Enhance your Instagram links using these 11 leading link in bio tools: Click to explore ViralMango, LinkTree and more here.

Some social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, allow adding only one clickable link to your profile. But what if you have more links that you want to share? Unsurprisingly, this has been a problem giving headaches to many content creators, brands, and marketers.
As a result, a myriad of the so-called “Link in Bio” emerged. These tools allow you to direct your followers to all your important links through a single link, with no additional hassle or clutter involved.
The large selection of tools available in the market now gives you various powerful functionalities you can use and adapt to your unique needs. However, the downside is that with so many apps, it may be tough to decide which tool is right just for you.
In this article, we go through a list of 11 link in bio tools available in the market, their functionalities, pros, and pricing, to help you find the right tool. Let’s get started!

ViralMango is the number 1 media kit generator tool on the market today. With the help of ViralMango Media Kit, creators can share all the information about their content performance and links.

ViralMango’s link in bio tool allows you to add a link in your social media bio that redirects visitors to your media kit, which contains information about you and your work. The media kit is fully customizable: You can create your media kit from scratch or go with the pre-made templates. Your performance metrics reports can also be edited: You can choose to hide or display certain metrics.

The tool lets you add 5-10 custom link widgets. You can customize each widget by adding a thumbnail or icon and changing the text to make them noticeable and appealing. You can edit or remove the widgets at any time. Besides, you can share any link you want without limitations. You can add links to coupon codes, websites, affiliate links, social media profiles, and more.

ViralMango’s media kit also offers powerful analytics data that gives you insights into how many people have seen your media kit, their locations, their language, and the top referral sources.


  • A multi-functional tool for media kit and link management
  • Customizable link widgets
  • Easy and intuitive in use
  • Customizable templates for your media kit
  • Media kit analytics
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Easier contacting you through your media kit


  • Free
  • Paid starting at $9.99/month

LinkTree is one of the most popular and widely used Link in Bio tools and has become the go-to platform for many creators, marketers, and businesses over the last few years. It’s a simple and effective way to easily create a single, shareable link that can help you direct your followers to a page containing multiple links to the online destinations of your choice.
The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface that’s simple to navigate even for first-time users: with LinkTree, you can create an account and start sharing your links in a matter of minutes.
Functionality-wise, LinkTree offers a wide range of customization options that can help you tailor your links page to your aesthetics. You can select any of hundreds of available templates and customize them with a few clicks, or create a mini-website for yourself from scratch, customizing functions like the background, description, button texts and shapes, and more. LinkTree is additionally a perfect option if you are looking to access information tracking the performance of your links. This includes data on link clicks, top-performing links, and the geographic location of visitors.


  • Ease of use
  • Powerful customization options
  • Available analytics
  • Integration with various social media platforms
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Link scheduling for promoting time-sensitive content


  • Free plan supporting unlimited links with limited functionality
  • Paid plans start at $5/month and go up to $24/month for monthly subscriptions

Check LinkTree’s review here. by Later

The next one on our list is by Later, one of the largest social media scheduling and marketing platforms. Later designed the tool for Instagram and TikTok specifically, aiming to make your content more clickable and interactive.

Now, by Later is significantly different from the other tools in the list, as it allows to add links to not only your profile but to each of your posts! In a way, it’s a tool to make your Instagram and TikTok posts clickable links in themselves.

With this tool, the link you add to your bio will redirect your followers to a landing page, which looks similar to your profile, but where all your posts to which you added links are displayed in a feed. You can add any link you want to each of the posts, redirecting your followers to your desired websites without any limitations.

The link in bio page you create on Later is fully customizable. You can alter the background color, icon, and text colors, choose fonts, and include a header. The tool also comes with MailChimp integration that you can include in your header to collect the emails of your subscribers. by Later also comes with powerful analytics tools that give you insights into the performance of each of the links you shared. As a content creator, this can give you insights into which type of content your followers find more engaging and clickable, and then adjust your posts accordingly.


  • Instagram and TikTok integrations
  • Clickable links on each post
  • Multi-link management
  • Link scheduling
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Landing page customization options
  • Link insights and analytics


The tool is available only to Later Growth and Enterprise subscribers, starting at $45/month. A 2-week free trial is available.


Beacons is a versatile link in bio tool designed with influencers and content creators in mind. The platform offers you a wide variety of essential features and toolsets in one package to maximize your content creation efforts, including link in bio, a media kit, and invoicing services. The platform comes with a user-friendly interface, where you can effortlessly manage all the tools, and create a seamless workflow, all within a single account.

The link in bio tool of beacons is fully customizable and allows you to fully tailor your mini-website to your aesthetics by altering colors, fonts, shapes, and the overall design of the page. You can also change the layout of the links, add images and thumbnails, and alter the design of your link in bio page to make it as appealing and clickable as you can. A large selection of editable templates is available to streamline the process even more.

In addition to customizable link sharing, Beacons comes with a plethora of tools to help you manage your finances, get in touch with your audience, and manage them more effectively, as well as help transform content creation through advanced AI tools. You can also add an online shop to your Beacons account to sell your products.

Throughout the platform, powerful analytics tools are available to help you keep track of how your links, shop, and audience are performing, and giving insights on how you can improve the performance.


  • Versatile tool with link in bio, email marketing, audience manager, media kit, analytics, and other functionalities available
  • The platform allows you to accept donations from your followers
  • You can easily gather contact information from your visitors
  • AI-powered brand outreach tools can enhance your promotional efforts significantly


  • Free version with unlimited links is available, at limited functionality
  • Paid plans start at $30/month
  • The platform charges 9% transaction fee on certain transactions
Milkshake Link in bio

Milkshake is a well-known link in bio tool developed with mobile in mind and can help you develop beautiful and multi-functional mobile web pages quickly and easily. The main difference of Milkshake from the other apps in the list is its concentration on mobile: in essence, it’s a mobile app, that allows you to create mobile websites using only your smartphone.

Milkshake works based on the principle of cards, where each card you choose and edit is a page of your website. Your followers can swipe through each card like an Instagram story. You can easily personalize each card with text, images, videos, GIFs, links, and more. You can even make them blog posts!

You can then choose the best look for your cards by customizing their colors, fonts, visuals, and the design overall with a few clicks, creating vibrant and interactive websites. The process can be made even simpler through the hundreds of pre-designed customizable templates. You can create multiple websites on the platform, if you have several social media accounts, and easily switch between them.

The platform will then gather analytics on visitors, clicks, popular links, and posts, and report to you so you can make informed content strategy decisions.


  • Mobile-friendly and easy to use
  • Fully customizable, with a large selection of themes available
  • Social media integrations
  • Multiple link management
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools


Milkshake is free to use, making it an appealing option for creators just starting their journey


Shorby is one of the most popular link-in bio tools today. Shorby allows you to share links to direct your followers to your website, online store, or any other direction, as well as create optimized micro landing pages, the links to which you can also share in your bio.

Functionality-wise, Shorby offers versatile customization options to make sure you get a micro website the look of which you like through altering colors, fonts, and backgrounds, and adding animated avatars, icons, images, and videos. Keep in mind that the platform doesn’t offer templates, so you’ll need to craft your website from scratch, but the process is simple and intuitive.

Shorty additionally offers some, albeit not very comprehensive, analytics tools you can use to track the performance of your links and landing pages.


  • Multi-link landing pages
  • Customization options
  • Link tracking and analytics
  • Team collaboration feature allowing multiple team members to manage and edit a single Shorby account
  • UTM parameters for better tracking
  • eCommerce integration with Shopify


Shorty offers only paid services, starting with the Rocket plan at $15/month, which offers the support of 5 landing pages and limited functionality.

If you are looking for a clean and effective link in bio tool that lets you create a simple page containing all your links without additional features, may be the perfect choice for you. The web-based platform offers just as its name suggests: you can use it to create a mobile- and web-optimized micro landing page that will contain all of your links.

With, you can add as many links to your account as you want, and the creation and management of each link takes a few clicks. You can customize how your links are displayed by altering their title and image. You can also schedule when the links are published, and pin links to the top of your profile.

In addition to the customization of link icons, you can alter the overall look of your landing page by adding icons, videos, colors, and fonts, and using the large selection of available free and paid themes. additionally allows you to alter the mobile and desktop layouts separately, ensuring that your landing page looks great on any device.

The platform also offers statistics on each link separately, as well as the performance of your account over a selected timeframe, displaying KPIs like clicks and CTR.

Please note that the tool is designed specifically for Instagram, and uses Instagram’s official API.


  • Clean and to-the-point
  • Customization tools
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • Multiple link management
  • Free and paid templates are available for easy use
  • Available comprehensive statistics on account performance
  • Personal and team accounts
  • Unlimited links
  • Uses official Instagram API for safety


  • Free plan with unlimited links, but limited functionality
  • Mini-monthly plan at $0.99/month
  • One-time purchase of Mini & Unique plans at $9.99 and $24.99/month respectively, no subscription.

Sked Link

Sked Link is a comprehensive link in bio tool developed by the social media management platform Sked Social.

Sked Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that provides tools for scheduling and publishing content on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sked Link, however, is designed mainly with Instagram in mind.
With Sked Link, you can create a mini landing page for your links, customize the design to your liking, and have your link in bio page running in a matter of minutes. You can alter the overall design and color palette of your landing page, as well as customize the look of each button. In fact, you can change the entire CSS of your mini landing page!
In addition to the links, Sked Link comes with the “Gallery” feature, similar to Link in Bio by Later. Through this feature, you can add clickable links to individual posts. Collaborating with a brand to promote their new product? With the Gallery feature, your latest Instagram post can now redirect your followers to your partnership’s website!
Sked Link also offers metric tracking options by automatically adding UTM tags for Google Analytics. You can also add your Facebook Pixel for more accurate performance monitoring.


  • Faster loading time
  • Entirely customizable
  • Supports adding links to individual Instagram posts
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Powerful metrics tracking and statistics tools


Sked Link isn’t available as a tool in and of itself but is a part of every Sked Social plan. Sked Social subscriptions start at $30/month and offer unlimited Sked Link links and features.


Another link in bio tool in our list is Campsite, a powerful platform designed to help you create advanced pages containing your links, and much more.
To start with, Campsite comes with a powerful set of editing tools allowing you to personalize every aspect of your micro landing page from background images to button fonts, as well as the overall theme of the page. Campsite comes packed with 1000+ fonts, and 4000+ icons, as well as a selection of ready-to-use customisable templates.

Another interesting feature Campsite offers is the different types of links, including embedded links and carousel links, to further engage your visitors and improve your CTR. The Gallery view discussed earlier is also available. The auto-pilot option allows you to save time through automated embedding podcasts (if you happen to run one!), as well as auto-sync of the image grid for the Gallery feature. Link scheduling is also included.

To help you further monetize your social media presence, Campsite has an integrated Support – Tip Jar feature that lets your visitors donate any amount to you.

Lastly, analytics tools keep track of the performance of each of your links and the account overall, giving you invaluable insights into the results of your efforts.


  • Customizable landing page with thousands of editing options
  • Multiple link type support, including unlimited links, embedded links, and carousel links
  • Custom widgets
  • Analytics
  • Tip jar tool
  • Link scheduling and link management automation
  • Mobile- and web-responsiveness


  • Free plan with limited functionality
  • Paid plans starting at $7/month + $1.5/month per additional profile

Tap Bio is another concise link in bio tool that lets you to easily create and personalize mini-websites that have all the links that you want to share on your Instagram account.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes the process of creating, editing, and managing the links simple. The tool also uses cards, similar to Milkshake, that become the extension of your landing page. Each card can have a different functionality, and on each card you can include different links, thus maintaining the order in your account without losing your single call-to-action advantage.

Statistics on the performance of your links are available only with the highest membership level.


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Card system to make your landing page versatile, while keeping things in order
  • Customizable design


  • The free version allows one account and one card
  • Basic membership at $5/month allows for one account with 4 cards
  • Gold membership at $12/month allows for three Instagram accounts, and unlimited cards, and displays analytics on each

Last on our list is ContactInBio. As the name suggests, this too is designed to solve the problem of including multiple links in your Instagram bio.

With ContactInBio, you can create mobile-friendly micro landing pages, where you can embed multiple links, forms, and payments, embed social media and music service links, and even create additional landing pages for even more engagement.

Powerful customization tools are available throughout the platform, allowing you to create just the landing page you had in mind, without the need to compromise looks and accessibility.

The platform supports 45+ payment options, has integrations with PayPal and Shopify, and can be a great asset for you especially if you have run an online shop. The Gallery feature can help you significantly here as well.

ContactInBIo, true to its name, also offers an easier way for your followers to contact you through the messaging feature. You can include various social media links, embed messengers, include a contact form, and an email signup form.

Lastly, you can access your website analytics reports anytime for performance insights and tips.


  • Powerful design tools
  • Music services integration
  • Support of 45+ payment options
  • Wide selection of contact forms and tools
  • Social media accounts and messengers embedding
  • Support of Instagram carousel and
  • Instagram shoppable feed
  • Analytics available
  • Your personal domain


  • Free plan with limited functionalities
  • Business plan at $4.55/month for one account
  • Agency plan at $18.2/month for 5 accounts


Link in bio tools are one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of creators who are looking to improve engagement and increase traffic to designated websites. It will help you escape all the limitations you are facing on the platform of your choice.

As you are looking for the perfect link in bio tool, it’s vital that you keep in mind that the right tool will depend on your needs, goals, and budget. Then, read reviews on different tools, and once you’ve narrowed down your choices, play around with a few options to see which one is an organic fit for you. The tool you end up choosing should be easy to use and help you reach your promotional needs.