ChatGPT prompts for influencer marketing

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts for Influencer Marketing

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology designed to have human-like conversations with its users, answer their questions, and help with tasks. It works by generating natural language text based on a given prompt, using the vast amount of textual data it has been trained on to generate highly-targeted and detailed responses.

Through its ability to analyze prompts and answer very specific questions, ChatGPT quickly became loved by marketing specialists worldwide, including influencer marketing specialists. Today, both brands and creators widely use ChatGPT to streamline their content creation operations and influencer-brand collaborations through the use of carefully-engineered ChatGPT prompts for influencer marketing.

If you are a business or a creator looking to use ChatGPT as part of your influencer marketing operations, it’s the right time to start. However, generating effective and highly-specific influencer marketing ChatGPT prompts can be a daunting task, especially when you are just starting out. To help you with this, in this article, we will provide an overview of strategies both brands and creators can use to generate ChatGPT prompts for their influencer marketing efforts and make the most of what the AI tool has to offer.

ChatGPT Prompts for Brands

Successful management of an influencer marketing task is no easy task: brands need to take care of a plethora of steps and minor details, from defining the marketing strategy to measuring the performance of the campaign. Here, if used correctly, ChatGPT can be a great assistant, helping to take care of a large chunk of organizational- or content-related issues. Let’s take a look at the strategies you can employ to craft awesome ChatGPT prompts that will help you throughout the process.

Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Your influencer marketing strategy is the basis of all the further steps you will take, and the creation of it should be approached with the utmost attention. ChatGPT here can help you significantly, but it’s helpful to know an idea of where you stand and what you are looking to achieve.

Next, ask ChatGPT to generate a strategy based on the information that you have, including the industry you operate in, the niche you are targeting, the preferences and demographics of your audience, the aim of your influencer marketing campaigns (e.g. brand awareness or improved sales), and other details you find important. In case you have certain brands in mind who operate in your niche, mention them too as an example. The more detailed your prompt, the more specific your strategy will be. Here is an example of an effective ChatGPT prompt you can consider that can help you access a comprehensive strategy that can be a solid first step in your influencer marketing efforts.

“Create an influencer marketing strategy for a brand operating in the skincare industry and mainly targeting environmentally conscious consumers between the ages 18 to 35. Include the brand’s mission, target audience, content themes, post frequency, social media platforms, and influencer partnerships. Consider the latest social media trends and the best practices for maximizing organic reach and engagement.”

Keep in mind that you can modify the output of ChatGPT in real-time by adding or removing data and asking it to modify the response accordingly.

Create Influencer Outreach Email Templates

ChatGPT and Email outreach

Every brand looking to work with influencers will need to, at some point, start sending out influencer outreach emails. However, writing catchy and persuasive outreach emails can be challenging. ChatGPT can assist with this significantly by drafting easily-customizable yet detailed emails for each influencer you are targeting.

Similar to the previous case, here too, you need to include certain details in your prompt to receive a customized response. Discuss in the prompt what niche the influencers are in, and what you like about their work, as well as include details on your company and why you think your cooperation can be successful.

In this case, an effective ChatGPT prompt can look like this:

“Write an outreach email to recruit influencers working in the skincare industry for our upcoming influencer campaign. Mention that through studying their work, we realize that they are a good value fit. Make the email personable, and indicate an opportunity for long-term.”

The prompt will depend on your unique campaign needs, but a relatively detailed prompt can help you easily generate ready-to-use influencer outreach emails.

Video Marketing Script Generation

ChatGPT can be effective for creative tasks too, for example, video marketing script creation. If you are looking to incorporate videos into your influencer marketing program, this can be easily achieved through very specific ChatGPT prompts, like the one below:

“I want you to act as a social media influencer working in the field of skincare. I will provide you with information about my brand and its influencer marketing campaign needs and you will create a professional and effective video marketing script for a one-minute video announcing a product launch. You need to tailor the content in a way that matches both the needs of the brand and the audience of the influencer. Please make sure that the content is clear, personable, and effectively communicates the campaign details. You can include opinions and recommendations from the point of view of the creator, stating clearly that they have been using the brand products for a while.”

In this case, the brand in question is looking to create a script to offer to the influencer they are working with, effectively controlling the creative process. You can alter the point of view of ChatGPT, asking it to act on behalf of your brand and alter the details in other ways to match the prompt to your needs, and then proceed with giving it more detailed information about your campaign.

Viral Campaign Generation

While it seems impossible to predict whether a piece of content will go viral or not, there are quite a few best practices that make it possible. By implementing this knowledge, you can engineer awesome ChatGPT prompts to generate a marketing campaign that has the potential to go viral.

For this, start by asking ChatGPT to generate a social media marketing strategy for your brand (mentioning its industry and values), its target audience, as well as content themes, target social media platforms, and potential influencer collaborations. Further, ask the AI tool to consider the most recent social media trends and developments when developing the idea to make sure the offered options meet the current demand.

You can then give feedback to ChatGPT, asking it to tweak the campaign ideas here and there, until you have several near-perfect options.

Predicting The Next Viral Sensation

Similar to creating a potentially viral campaign, ChatGPT has the power to predict the next viral sensation due to its access to enormous amounts of data. As such, it can be used to understand what the future holds for your particular niche.

To do this, write a ChatGPT prompt asking the tool to identify the next potential viral content sensation that appeals to your target audience (e.g. global audience of 18-35 y.o. skincare enthusiasts) across various social media platforms. List the tools you want ChatGPT to use, including trend analysis and content engagement metrics to predict the format and theme of the content, and ask it to provide a detailed description of the content and potential core message. Lastly, enquire how the reach of the said campaign can be amplified, and how brands can capitalize from it. You can include any additional information you’d like to learn connected particularly to your business, but by keeping the mentioned point, you can get a very comprehensive overview of what to expect.

Create Effective Call-To-Actions For Stories

CTAs and ChatGPT

Whether you are looking to revitalize your social media or improve your email marketing efforts, ChatGPT can help you achieve this through effective call-to-actions (CTAs).

The strategy of generating an effective prompt for CTAs is fairly simple. What you need to do is ask ChatGPT to generate several versions of a call to action by considering the details of your campaign and the information about your brand. For example, if it’s a limited-time campaign promoting your new product launch, make sure to mention it in your prompt. You can ask the tool to generate several options at once, and then play around and tweak them to find the perfect version.

Here are a few examples of effective ChatGPT prompts for CTA generation:

  1. “Generate a CTA that encourages recipients to sign up for the free trial of our video creation automation software.”
  2. “Write a persuasive CTA for an Instagram story promoting a limited-time discount in our online store.”
  3. “Compose a CTA for an email newsletter asking subscribers to fill in a short feedback survey on our new product line.”

How To Measure Influencer Marketing Success

Lastly, you can use ChatGPT to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign by leveraging its powerful analytics capabilities. Here too, the process is fairly simple. If you are using ChatGPT, and you already have access to the performance data of your campaign, you can input the information and ask ChatGPT to analyze the data and provide recommendations on how you can potentially improve the campaign performance, considering your niche and the industry norm. A simple prompt similar to “Please analyze my influencer campaign metrics and provide recommendations for how I can improve my influencer marketing strategy.” can give out in-detail analytics and an impressive list of suggestions to consider, depending on the data you’ve inputted.

ChatGPT Prompts for Influencers

ChatGPT for influencers

In addition to businesses, ChatGPT has become a beloved tool for many influencers worldwide, who’ve been benefitting from its powers and streamlining their marketing efforts. If you are a creator looking to join the rank of influencers successfully utilizing the AI tool, you can start by using the strategies below to create awesome ChatGPT prompts.

Create Social Media Captions

One of the most common usages of ChatGPT among influencers is to generate captions, as it significantly eases the process of creating personalized captions.

One way to effectively use ChatGPT to craft social media captions for your posts is by asking it to act like an influencer, mentioning the niche you are targeting, as well as what the content will be used for. Include as many or as few details in the first part of your prompt as you can. Next, once ChatGPT knows the role it needs to play, start describing the specific caption details you want it to create, including the platform and the general idea behind the content piece. Here’s an example:

I want you to act as a social media influencer working in the field of lifestyle and skincare. You will create content for various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and engage with followers in order to increase brand awareness and promote products or services. My first suggestion request is “I need help creating an engaging caption on Instagram to promote a new line of vegan skincare products. The caption will be for a short video of me showing and describing the products. Keep the tone friendly and personable, but not too informal.”

To make your prompts even more effective, you can train ChatGPT on a few examples of your captions to receive captions consistent with your voice.

Image Generator for Influencers

ChatGPT image generator is a text-to-image tool designed to help creators and marketers to simplify the creation of visuals.

By using detailed and well-thought-out ChatGPT prompts, you can ask the tool to generate realistic visuals matching your content style and aesthetics.

Using ChatGPT image generator is fairly easy, as long as you have a general idea on what you want to achieve. Once you do, you can start by specifying the technical parameters of the expected output, if you have any. Here’s how:

“Starting on, please use markdown, do not use a backslash, and do not use code blocks. Please use Unsplash API(×720/?.) if you understand this, please respond with “Understood”.”

Once the parameters are set, move on to describing the image you have in mind. The more information you include, the more detailed, realistic, and unique the output will be.

Produce a Content Calendar

In addition to individual captions, ChatGPT can also be used to create your social media calendar for a specified period, say a week or a month. If you have worked with ChatGPT earlier, e.g. created content with it, the tool will have a general idea about what it is that you do, and will utilize it when creating the content calendar. Otherwise, add as much specific information in your ChatGPT prompt as you can to get detailed results.

Here’s an example of a ChatGPT prompt you can use as is or by customizing it further:

“Can you generate a social media content calendar for my audience of skincare and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts that aligns with my brand voice? I want the calendar for June 2023 in a tabular format, including the date, post idea, and caption.”

Generate Emails For Finding Brand Deals

When looking for collaborations, you’ll often have to send brand outreach emails. Writing an email that fully represents who you are, what you have to offer, and why the brands should work for you can be tricky. However, if you know the whys, ChatGPT can simplify the rest.

In your prompt, include all the details, such as your niche, your audience size, your past experience, and your ideas for future collaboration, if you have any. Next, ask ChatGPT to act on your behalf and tell this information from the first point of view in a concise yet detailed email to this or that brand. Here’s an example:

“I want you to act as a social media influencer in the skincare and healthy lifestyle niche and reach out to a vegan skincare brand for a potential collaboration. Mention the similarities in interests and values, your years of experience in working with industry-leading brands, and the benefits your cooperations will bring to you both.”

In addition to outreach emails, another way you can find potential collaborations is through AI-powered influencer marketing platforms. One such tool is ViralMango’s MediaKit, an AI tool automating the process of reaching out to the right brands.


Mastering the creation of effective ChatGPT prompts that will give you access to the immense capacities of ChatGPT can take some time and practice, but as you get a hold of it and understand how it works, the process will become much simpler.

The above prompts can help you streamline influencer marketing-related mundane tasks, generate content, and overall streamline your operations. We hope you found some inspiration and a better understanding of how ChatGPT can work for you.