40+ AI tools for Influencers

45+ AI Tools for Influencers (Free and Paid)


Check out our list of 45+ AI tools for influencers that you can use to simplify and streamline your work.

We have seen a rapid rise in the usage of AI tools in various industries over the last several months, and influencer marketing wasn’t an exception. Influencers and brands alike were quick to catch up on the power of AI tools and incorporated them into their influencer marketing strategy. These tools can be incredibly effective, helping creators and brands to streamline their work, change how collaborations are done, and improve the quality of the outcome. But only if you approach them strategically.
To help you with your AI tools research, in this article, we’ve made a list of 45+ AI tools influencers can use when building their creator empire. Whether you are a novice when it comes to AI, or are AI-savvy but are on the lookout for more technologies, there’s something in this list that you can use to streamline your work. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

AI Business Tools

Your presence in the online world as an influencer is your business, and as a business owner, you are likely to wear many hats on a day-to-day basis, especially at the beginning of your journey. All of this requires time and resources. Luckily, there are quite a few AI tools that can simplify and streamline your business operations, from looking for collaborations to keeping up with the quality of your content. Here are some of them.


Take your influencer business to the next level with ViralMango’s AI-powered Influencer Media Kit. Packed with impressive stats, engaging content, and valuable insights, this media kit is your secret weapon for attracting brands and collaborations. Showcase your authentic influence and growth with confidence and get noticed by brands.

The media kit comes with a custom sharable link, ready-to-use email templates for pitching your talent, an automated brand outreach feature, and an extensive directory of brands ready to collaborate with you. With the AI-powered matching, connect with relevant brands and share your media kit directly with them. Plus, you can easily track your page analytics to gain valuable insights into views and interactions with your media kit.

10 Web AI

10Web is a powerful AI website builder and it is one of the most efficient tools to help you craft your own website! It’s an automated WordPress platform that helps you create websites much faster and easier, automating a significant part of the website creation process. What you need to do is answer several questions on what you do and what type of website you are looking for, and 10Web will generate a tailored and customizable website for your brand.


Doing taxes doesn’t have to be hard, especially with Yooz, and AI-powered accounting and e-invoicing platform. It helps to automate the accounts payable cycle, as well as around 80% of the invoicing, helping you to significantly simplify the financial aspect of your operations.


As an influencer, you will be providing a service to the brands you work with, and get paid for it. To safeguard yourself and make sure that the cooperation goes smoothly for both parties involved, you’ll need to have the terms of your partnership documented in a contract. Luckily, drafting contracts is significantly easier now with tools like Spellbook, an AI contract drafting tool that uses GPT-4 and other large language models to generate, review, and edit contracts based on your terms and situation.


Wouldn’t you like to have a unique piece of music for your videos? Well, with AIVA —the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist— you can! AIVA is a digital composer you can use to produce classical, jazz, rock, pop, exotic, and other styles of tunes you can then use as soundtracks for your videos. You can either generate tunes from scratch or upload music to be used as a reference, and wait for the tool to generate music for your needs. AIVA comes in free and paid versions, but the tunes created through the free version shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes to avoid copyright issues. The paid plan starts at $15/month for monthly subscriptions.


You’ve probably come across text-to-speech voiceovers on Instagram reels recently, as they’ve been gaining popularity. Uberduck is one of the most popular tools to add these voiceovers to your videos! The tool comes with 5000+ voiceover options to choose from, as well as the possibility to synthesize voiceovers yourself with your own custom voice clone, and you can even make the voice sing or rap to spice up your video! Uberduck comes with a free package that includes 4000+ voiceovers and offers a paid plan starting at $9.99/month for monthly subscriptions.


Looking to extract specific sounds from the audio of your or other videos? Then LALAL.AI is your tool to go! The AI-powered technology makes LALAL.AI a next-generation music source separation and vocal remover which you can use to clean out the background noise of your videos, or extract sounds from other tracks and add them to your videos, sounds, or voiceovers without losing quality. The tool is paid, with the most affordable Lite pack coming with a one-time fee of $15 and 90 minutes of editing time.


Need to make presentations? Use a little help from ai to make them extra beautiful! With Beautiful.AI, you can craft presentations for your various needs like a designer. The AI-powered tool comes with thousands of pre-made editable templates with adaptable slides: simply add your content, and the slides will adapt to it, without the need to spend time on resizing images and adjusting text. You can also access and use stock images and videos, as well as add audio tracks to your presentations to make them even more stunning. Pricing starts at $12/month, no free version is available.

Let's enhance

No more grainy images! Instagram is known for reducing the quality of pictures, so you need your visuals as high quality as they can get, and AI-technology-based Let’s Enhance image quality enhancer can be just the right tool for you. Let’s Enhance is a versatile image quality enhancer and upscaler that you can use to remove grains, improve image quality and resolution, and add clarity to them. Let’s Enhance also has an AI image generator tool, which can help you generate captivating AI art whenever you need it. The enhancer comes with a credit-based pricing system, with 10 credits for free, and 100 credits per month starting at $9/monthly.


Zia is an AI-based business assistant designed by Zoho for individuals and businesses alike to access a virtual business assistant 24/7. Zia can help you assemble data and analyze it to access important insights about the performance of your posts, engagement levels, and interests of your audience. On a more day-to-day level, Zia can help you to write, translate, and send emails, and other routine tasks.

AI Tools for Image/Video Generation

Image and video creation was something that required a lot of resources in the past. And while this is still true in many cases, one of the great things about AI technology is that it simplified image and video generation significantly as well. Below, we’ve assembled a list of AI tool you can use to simplify the process of visual creation as you are building your influencer brand.

Synthesia AI

Synthesia is a truly revolutional AI video generation tool that can help you create videos from scratch in a matter of minutes! Through their intuitive platform, you can create realistic videos with human presenters by simply adding a photo os the speaker and type in the text. The tool supports 120+ languages and allows you to choose from 140 AI avatars, access a wide variety of stock images and visuals, and record your screen without leaving the app to craft an in-detail high-quality video right from your computer. The platform allows a free demo, after which you can upgrade to plans starting at $30/month.


One of the things AI made accessible is video editing, which was not so long ago reserved for techies with expensive software and complex editing skills. Runway is a powerful yet simple-to-use and intuitive AI video editing tool that allows you to enhance your footage, remove elements and backgrounds, and add subtitles. Runway also comes with text-to-video tool, letting you generate videos from a prompt, generate, edit, and expand images, and much more.


Don’t have a nice enough background on your video? Fret not. Unscreen AI background remover is here to solve that problem. And what’s even better, it does it automatically. The tool utilizes AI technology to analyze the video, detecting even the smallest details, and removes the background without any manual work on your park. It can help you get rid of the need for complex greenscreen technology, and allows you to film footage anywhere.


Vrew is a lightweight and user-friendly video editor that comes packed with set of powerful AI features. The editor has a text editor-like interface, letting you to easily cut parts of the video by deleting the corresponding text. Vrew can also analyze the audio of your footage to auto-generate subtitles, which is one of the main features of the tool. Lastly, you can make use of the large stock of royalty free images, footage, and gifs to seamlessly edit your video and add engaging elements to it with a few clicks

Topaz Video AI is an AI-based video enhancer you can use to improve the quality of your footage, make them less grainy, clearer, and denoise them. AI technology on the bases of the video studies the details of the video, learns from them, and uses that knowledge to restore the videos effectively and naturally. Topaz comes in the form of a desktop app, and costs a one-time payment of $299.


If you’ve browsed through Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media recently, you’ve probably come across videos with nice branded captions written on them. Chances are, those videos were edited with Descript, an AI-powered video editor gaining popularity for its plethora of features that allow you to easily record a video and audio, edit the footage like text, remove filler words, add stock visuals, as well as add subtitles in the style, size, and font that you like. Descript offers a free plan with a limited set of features and up to 1h of video exports per month. Paid plans start at $15/month for monthly subscriptions.


No list of AI image generators would be complete without Dall-E 2, the most recognizable image generator out there. It’s a text-to-image generator developed by Open AI, the parent company behind ChatGPT, and allows to generate realistic visuals and artworks through prompts in a matter of seconds. Need a custom background for your next video? Or a picture in the style of Van Gogh? Dall-E 2 can do both and so much more. It’s simple, can be used by everyone, and comes for free.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is very similar to Dall-E 2, as it uses AI technology to generate images based on prompts. The main difference between both tools is that Stable Diffusion additionally allows you to edit and alter existing images based on language prompts (positive and negative prompts; what to include and what to avoid), helping you to achieve exactly the visual you were aiming for.

Magic Eraser

You don’t need complicated image editing software like Photoshop to remove unwanted details, shapes, or even persons from your images; Magic Eraser can do the job just great. Simply upload your image, select the unwanted item, and see it gone instantly, just like magic. The AI technology will analyze the image, remove the unwanted item, and fill the region based on the surrounding content for the most natural results. You can even edit images in a bulk of up to 50 photos. Magic Eraser comes for free, with certain limits, as well as offers a subscription package for $9.99/month for monthly subscription.

Try it on AI

Need a new headshot? Hiring a photographer and setting up a photoshoot won’t be necessary. Simply upload 10 selfies to Try It On Ai, and after 24 hours receive 100 stunning headshot options, with outfits, hairstyles, and makeup based on your submitted photos for natural-looking results. The service costs a set price of $17.

AI Tools for Writing Captions

Writing content for captions and then editing it to make it perfect isn’t a walk in the park; it requires time and dedication. Luckily, one of the main areas of AI tools is writing, and there are quite a few AI writing assistants you can use to craft textual content for your social media accounts. Let’s look at a few of them.

Free AI Writers


Let’s start with ChatGPT, the AI tool that started the interest in AI tools we see today. While many use it as a search engine of sorts, ChatGPT is a powerful writing tool, and, when utilized correctly, can help you craft compelling and creative captions and ad copy that resonates with your target audience. Depending on the specificities of your prompts, as well as the background information you provide, you can generate captions ranging from generic to highly-specific and matching your tone of voice, and use them to assemble a content calendar in minutes or hours.
ChatGPT started as a free tool and currently comes with free and paid versions. The free version comes with a few limitations but is fully functional and is enough to cover almost all your content needs.

Picsart AI writing

Picsart is mainly known to the masses as an image editing platform, but the platform has recently decided to try its hand at AI content generation as well through Picsart AI Writer, a member of the Quicktools by Picsart group. The tool is designed to simplify the process of generating marketing (and not only) copy, including social media captions and bio, blog posts, and ad copy.

PicsArt AI writer works similar to ChatGPT, through prompts. By giving the writer prompts and keywords, and specifying what you are looking for, you can generate content, which you can then edit and rephrase through the tool to get a piece of text tailored uniquely to your needs.

The tool comes for free, with certain limitations, as well as paid.

Notion AI

Notion AI Writer is a writing assistant by Notion, an all-in-one project manager tool. The writer is designed to help you brainstorm, write, and edit various types of content, including marketing, as well as edit the content you’ve written, spellcheck, and simplify it. It can also write content based on the prompts and keywords you input, which you can then tailor to your needs. As for the pricing, Notion in general comes with both paid and free plans, and it’s true also for the AI writer, and you can test the capabilities of the tool before you decide to purchase.

Paid AI Writers

Jasper AI

First our list of paid AI writers is Jasper, an AI tool designed specifically for generating marketing content, including ad copies, blog posts, social media captions, email marketing copy, and whatnot. What’s interesting about Jasper is that it comes with a selection of customizable templates you can use, including those for long-form blog posts or responses to a review, tailoring them to your needs.

Jasper AI comes with a powerful set of features, including brand voice customization, document sharing, integration with Grammarly and other extensions, multi-user login, and document sharing, to name a few. Another prominent feature of the writer is their “Explain like I’m a 5th grader” feature through which you can simplify even the most complicated topics to make them understandable for your audience.

Jasper offers a free trial option on their website, in an online beta editor, but the service comes at a price.


Another content generator that you can utilize to streamline the process of writing your captions and any other content type you need is Hypotenuse AI. The tool is used by some big-name companies and can help you craft concise and on-point captions on your chosen topic, long blog posts, and everything in between. What sets Hypotenuse AI apart from other writers is its support of 25 languages, not limiting the process only to English.
Hypotenuse AI is an especially good choice if you are looking to batch-generate content and scale up your workflow.
Hypotenuse AI is a paid tool, offering several value packs for monthly and annual subscriptions. It does, however, offer a 7-day free trial to give you an idea of the capacities of the tool before you decide to make a purchase.


TL;DR is the abbreviation for “Too long, didn’t read”, so it’s quite a fitting name for an AI writing tool that’s designed to shorten and summarize texts. You can use it to summarize any text in just a few seconds and create concise and to-the-point content to free yourself (and your audience) from information overload, as well as save precious time. Simply copy-paste the texts you want to summarize or the link to the page you need to shorten, choose the output format, and get the summary of the key point shortly. You can also use the Chrome and Firefox plugins to summarize different websites as you browse them. The free version is available for 10 advanced AI summaries, the paid plans start at $4/month.


Copy AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools as of now, and is used by marketers and creators around the world to generate different types of marketing copy, ranging from social media descriptions to short video scripts. It’s an effective tool powered by advanced AI technology which has extensive knowledge of various content styles and industries and can help you quickly generate high-quality content tailored to your brand. This AI writing tool will additionally generate several versions of the requested text for you to choose from. As for the pricing, Copy AI offers a 7-day free trial, and the paid packages start at $49/month for monthly subscriptions.
AI Marketing Tools
AI tools have changed marketing drastically over the short period they have been around, and there are quite a few tools you as an influencer can greatly benefit from. Here are a few of them.


RAD AI is an AI tools created for marketers who work with influencers, as well as for influencers themselves. It uses the power of AI to get valuable insights into the performance of your content, and based on that, can help you develop strategies for future content that will simply be there, but resonate with your audience, improve your engagement rates, and eventually increase the ROI for the brands you are working with as well.

Zeta Global

Behind-the-scenes work as an influencer will require you to write a lot of emails, and with Zeta Email, and AI-powered email marketing tool, you can do it much more efficiently. As you start reaching out to brands through email, or even launch an email marketing campaign to further promote your brand, Seventh Sense can greatly help you to optimize the delivery of your messages at scale. Automatically personalize your email content based on individual interests, demographics, and real-time behaviors of the recipients to make your offerings and suggestions much more appealing.


Munch is a tool that will be specifically useful for influencers who create long-form video content. It uses advanced generative AI to analyze your long-form content, define the most shareable bits, and then uses these insights to create dynamic short videos you can share on your social media platforms for even higher engagement.

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, and style in their writing. It offers real-time suggestions and corrections, enhancing the quality and accuracy of different types of content, such as emails, documents, essays, and social media posts, to ensure that you are putting out impeccable texts rid of any typos or misspellings. You can access Grammarly on their website, install browser extensions, or even download a desktop application, whichever is more convenient for you. The tool comes free, with several feature limitations, with the paid packages starting at $12/month.

AI Productivity Tools

Being productive and in control of your time can some times be hard, for one reason or another. However, there are quite a few AI tools out there that can help you manage your tasks and time overall more effectively.


TimeHero is an AI tool that keep track of all your tasks in one place, and creates tailored plans (not to-do lists!) on how exactly you can reach your goals and get everything done on time. You can connect your calendar to TimeHero, add your tasks, and even connect other apps that you are using, and the tool then will analyze all this data and make informed suggestions on the next steps you should take.

Brain FM

Some people are more productive in silence, while others function better with background noise. If you are the latter, Brain.FM—an AI-powered solution offering music that’s scientifically proven to improve focus—is just for you. All you need to do is select your favorite genres, your state of mind, and answer a few similar questions, and the app will suggest you the music that is likely to make you your most productive self.


Let’s talk money. Are you good at managing your daily finances, or there is a place for improvement? Wallet.AI is an AI-powered app that gathers data from others apps on your phone (with your permission, of course), and based on your spending data, offers financial management plans you can use to keep your finances in order and make bore informed financial decisions.
AI Tools for Fun

AI tools are efficient and useful, but they can also be very fun to play around with outside of your influencer duties. Here are a few of them to explore during your spare time for some fun and inspiration.


Artbreeder is a collaborative machine learning-based website you can use to generate artworks in several ways, including collagework. With it, you can draw simple shapes, and then describe in text where you want them to be located, and AI will place them correctly. You can also blend images together, alter various parameters, to get various artwork pieces and collages based on your preferences.


Face swap tools have been around for a while, but Reface is the first one to do so in videos and of such high quality. The tool is a fun way to swap faces with celebrities, your friends, or insert your face into a pre-made video to create some funny and memorable content. Its AI technology lets you swap faces in real time using a camera. You can additionally use the large library of filters, as well as emojis, GIFs, and other elements to your videos.

Make my tale

Making stories is fun, and with MakeMyTale, a stroy-generating AI tool, it’s also easy. Why not organize a creative evening and use AI to craft the fun story you’ve always had in mind, but with more flair? Simply input the ideas you have (or the details of a story you need), and wait for your very own unique story emerge.