world heart day

World Heart Day and other holidays in September

Now that we are all back from sunbathings and summer partying, it’s time to get down to work. It may sound hard, but let’s talk about the rays of sun we’re still going to have during September. And yes, I am talking about Holidays in September.
Let’s explore the most popular holidays and national celebrations that we have in September and see how we, marketers and brands, can use them in our best interests.

International Literacy Day (September 8th)

international literacy day

In September 1967 UNESCO officially declared September 8 as International literacy day. According to Miriam-Webster dictionary literacy is “the quality or state of being literate: educated, able to read and write” 

The aim of International literacy day is to remind people about the importance of literacy and how it can impact peoples’ lives. 

Despite the rise of literacy level, there are still over 773 million illiterate adults worldwide, most of whom are women.

How brands can use this day

  • Make a quiz on your favorite books, to engage your audience
  • Post cover of the best selling books optimized to your brand,  for example for your fast food restaurants recreate 50 shades of Fries, The Lord of the Wings, etc
  • Give discounts to those who guess what book the quote is from.
  • Is your brand selling kitchenware? Include Free Culinary book with every purchase on that day

International Chocolate Day (September 13th) 

If I  had to choose only one holiday, that would be it) International chocolate day. My credits to the genius inventing this. Fun fact: September 13 is also Milton S. Hershey’s birthday, Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Although people like me don’t need a special day to enjoy their favorite treat, why not give a tribute to this wonderful meal? Another reason to eat chocolate without feeling guilty, because why not?))
Officially established in 2009, this day symbolizes the day when this wonderful dessert made its first steps into Europe in the late 1500s. Since then chocolate remains the status of most wonderful craving

How brands can use this day

  • Giveaway a box of chocolate among your followers on Social media.
  • Create branded chocolate bars and send them to your long-time customers. 
  • Ask your customers to share their favorite chocolate recipes and tag you. The best one selected will be featured on your page

International Day of Democracy (September 15th)

The International Day of Democracy brings together the world to celebrate democracy and review its progress. Achieving an ideal democratic state is a process, which includes everyone’s participation in creating a lasting change that benefits society as a whole.

The day provides an opportunity for people to come together and support the development of their country into true democracies. 

Software Freedom Day (September 18th) 

software freedom day

Software Freedom Day is celebrated  on the first Saturday of September. 

The use of free and open-source software (FOSS) allows users to modify, edit or reuse the existing source code. This gives a huge opportunity to developers to improve program functionality instantly by modifying it.

In 2004, SFD was established and celebrated for the first time with 12 teams in attendance. Since then it has grown exponentially – every year there are over 300 events organized by around 100 cities from around the world!

This year SFD will be celebrated on September 18th

Ozone Layer Preservation Day (September 16th)

Ozone Layer preservation is celebrated on 16th September. This day was officially proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1994. But what’s so important in Ozone Layer is that it even has its own official day to remember.

Let’s first understand the importance of the Ozone layer. Without the ozone layer, humans would likely become extinct. The Earth’s ozone is incredibly fragile but helps protect all forms of life on this planet by blocking harmful radiation from reaching us!

As technology evolves more and more every day, a number of commonly used chemicals harm the ozone layer, leaving us concerned about its preservation. 

In 1970, scientists stated that a hole in the ozone layer around earth would have serious consequences to human health and the environment. They were right! Thankfully countries globally agreed to stop using substances that deplete this protective shield over time – but now it seems like these replacement chemicals are actually trapping heat inside of our planet; exacerbating global warming.

World Gratitude Day (September 21th)

World Gratitude Day is the day to celebrate all that we have and be grateful for that. The idea for this holiday came from a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Sri Chinmoy, director of UN Meditation Group at East-West Center in Hawaii during 1965. 

Chinmoy’s idea of a gratitude gathering took on a life of its own. His Pan-Global Thanksgiving Day has become an annual tradition for many people around the world and is now held every year on September 21st.

This year more than ever we should be thankful for everything we have, and people that surround us by giving love and appreciation to our loved ones.

How brands can use this day

No better holiday than World Gratitude day for brands to say thank you to their customers and partners.

  • Set up special offers for your customers that can be applied when using “thankyou” promo code on your website
  • Give additional gifts with every purchase (such as free bags, or some complimentary products)
  • Send your customers simple “thank you for being with us” messages 
  • Create a contest where your social media followers should write for what they are thankful for. The most beautiful affirmation is getting a free product.
  • Include a free personalized thank you note with each purchase if that’s a gift for someone else. The note can be created by the buyer right on the checkout page.

World Heart Day (September 29th)

world heart day

Did you know that every year over 17 million people die from cardiovascular diseases? Everyone nowadays can be at risk of having or getting heart disease, due to increased stress and unhealthy environments, junk food, smoking (whether you’re an active or passive smoker) and lots of other factors.

World Heart Day is observed and celebrated annually on September 29, with the aim of increasing awareness about cardiovascular diseases. This international holiday was established by the World Health Organization in collaboration with the World Heart Federation. The first celebration of World Heart Day took place 20 years ago as a way to raise public health concerns that would be addressed through educational efforts like campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles or increased exercise programs and annual checkups. 

World Heart Day is celebrated with lots of awareness events sponsored by World Heart Federation, activities such as marathon runs, concerts and other sport events.

How brands can use this day

  • Hire a minivan with a branded design and organize free doctor checkups right on the wheels. Raise awareness about the day, help people be healthy and also raise awareness about your brand
  • Give free heart check-up vouchers in the nearest hospital with every World Heart Day purchase.
  • Heart-themed packaging? why not? 

Now you are all set with the information and the ideas. Meanwhile, let me grab my coffee and look out of the window to enjoy my autumn melancholy and think about my next article topic. Any suggestions? Write in the comments. I’ll read them all.