Top eCommerce Influencers

Have you ever heard of the saying about learning from your own mistakes? Sounds like a plan, right? But what if I tell you that there’s a better way. – wait for it – Learning from the mistakes and experiences of others.

If you’re starting an eCommerce business, you might want to stick with this article and learn more about who you should go for advice to. 

Nowadays, with everyone thinking they owe an opinion to the world, the internet is filled with tons of information that’s super difficult to filter. And starting a new business is not the right place to risk it and trust any source.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you and eliminated the top eCommerce influencers who are sharing valuable content about the eCommerce business.     

Steve Chou

Steve Chou is a highly recognized and famous eCommerce influencer in online shopping sphere, he has taught thousands of students how to profitably sell physical products online over

Steve’s social media channels are quite active with posts on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn for instance where you can find him talking about his work experience which includes teaching people all across America ways they could make money through entrepreneurship while making sure not only themselves but also their family members become financially independent from big corporations like Walmart or other companies that exploit us!


Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian is the founder of eCommerceFuel, an amazing community where store owners can help each other grow their businesses and build deeper relationships. He’s sold numerous eCommerce stores over the years which have collectively generated millions in revenue for him personally at a time when many entrepreneurs are struggling to make ends meet as it is! Andrew also runs his own blog where he shares lessons learned from running both successful online retail operations AND blogging about them too – what more could you ask?



Sarah Carroll

Sarah Correll is the founder of The Grow Global Foundation. She’s an eCommerce influencer and also considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on digital export, regularly speaking at seminars and running workshops about optimizing websites for international trade- especially ones that are optimized towards eCommerce or s-commerce businesses looking into taking advantage of cross-culture marketing campaigns via social media platforms like Facebook Ads or Instagram Advertisements.

She also helps run charity organizations through her company which has helped them take full advantage over time by providing services including SEO optimization so they can rank high up in search engine rankings while targeting specific demographics within different countries.


Ben Marks

Ben Marks is famous for being one of the brightest and outstanding personalities of Magento. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is written in PHP. Ben Marks has extensive experience developing, educating and as a member of the community. Ben Marks has traveled around the world sharing his experience with Magento users as The Official Magento Evangelist ™.

Marks has been developing in PHP since the days of osCommerce back in 2003. He has been developing, educating and evangelizing Magento since 2008.  There is not any personal information about Ben Marks, however it is known that Ben is married and they have a 27 years old son. 


Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace is a marketing generalist and eCommerce influencer who works most often with technology companies. She has deep expertise in digital marketing and SEO, having helped BigCommerce grow their blog to more than 1 million sessions per month through organic search by managing a small but powerful content team that also produced white papers while putting on the commerce industry’s first-ever “digital conference,” called The Make It Big featuring Steve Case – founder of AOL!


Tobi Lütke

Shopify founder and CEO, Tobias Lütke is a German Canadian who has been passionate about open-source since the early days. He co-founded his company in 2010 with an aim to simplify eCommerce through software integration of inventory management tools like Facebook fanpage orders or Twitter chat messages into one platform where sellers can easily manage their entire business without having different accounts for each function that they need access too; this allows them more time spend on other important tasks while relying less financially because it’s all done automatically!


Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera is an entrepreneur and Shopify Alumni and eCommerce influencer, who has helped businesses go public. He founded “A better lemonade Stand” which offers online courses to help entrepreneurs launch their own eCommerce business with less time or money spent on the side-hustle necessary for any successful start-up because it’s all done behind one simple click!
The first social media account that Richard joined was back in November 2012 – he now owns over 13K followers across various platforms including Twitter where you can find him active every day (and night!).


Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier’s career has spanned several industries and she specializes in teaching people how to use the internet. Marsha is an author, radio personality, podcast host and eCommerce influencer–not just someone who sells things on eBay! She earned her degree at the University of Miami where she studied English literature before getting certified through CommCore Consulting as a media trainer with expertise on eCommerce marketing platforms like Amazon Auctions. During its early days when there weren’t many sellers yet, this woman was one of them – becoming famous for being among some “firsts” made possible by eBays inception back then: completing objectives while still managing time wisely; using feedback tools available 24/7 without ever having been suspended or banned from any site within the company.


Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a 31-year old entrepreneur who’s also the co-founder of FreeeUp, which connects business owners with top 1% virtual assistants and freelancers in eCommerce. Hirsch originally founded his company with an initial $5k investment back in 2015; by now it has grown to over 12 million dollars per year in revenue & was recently acquired by another big name–The Outsource School (TOS). This website will provide entrepreneurs access not only to interviewing potential candidates but onboarding them as well so you can scale your business without worry!


Chris Do

Chris Do is a transformative director, designer and entrepreneur and eCommerce influencer from Los Angeles, California. He describes himself as a loud introvert with a big mission. The big mission of Chris is to teach 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love. Chris Do has been an Emmy award-winning motion design, brand consultancy for over 23 years. Now, he teaches the world how to value themselves and communicate their own personal worth through open platforms like YouTube with Facebook or Twitter.


James Murphy

James Murphy is an entrepreneur, who has an extensive background in leadership and public speaking, having spoken on platforms and stages to 10’s of thousands of people across the world on multiple continents.

James Murphys’ growing business empire provides a unique service. He helps people to grow high cashflow property businesses without owning any land or properties, and James does it by providing STR and SA entrepreneurs with funding for their growth instead.


James Stewart Jr

James Stewart Jr. More than just a simple young entrepreneur, he’s also an experienced trader and eCommerce influencer who decided to put his skills and talents towards trading in the markets. It is always interesting watching someone go from being “another face” on Wall Street as they start up their own business venture and James was no exception. James Stewart Jr. had been working for one company when he just thought about starting a new chapter that would allow him to explore something trading stocks online using software programs like MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This allowed James Stewart Jr. access into all sorts of markets 24/7 which entailed not only making trades but learning more about international macroeconomics too. 


Kyle Jackson

One of today’s most successful young entrepreneurs, Kyle Jackson has been recognized for his remarkable talents in the digital world. From crypto trading all over Asia Pacific markets and Scandinavia to running an online assistant business that helps people with everything they need or are interested in starting from finding jobs or managing their finances – he can do anything!



Khushi is a self-made woman who has never looked back. She was able to make six figures in revenue on her own terms while also managing everything from marketing down every detail with ease thanks to the digital age today’s technology provides us, giving Khushie an edge over other entrepreneurs and marketers alike because she can share the freedom of expression more than any other time before it existed
The rise of this new form led her up towards becoming one third among 75K affiliates, not just second place but even Top 3 most profitable people for many months at once until eventually reaching 2nd Place overall!


George Morris

George Morris is a mindset coach, public speaker, entrepreneur and eCommerce influencer who has been called the “Billy School” for his work with athletes. George Morris also known as CEO of Everest Sales System which helps people elevate their lives by focusing on self-development in three key areas: finance management skills; personal growth habits such as meditation or food consumption patterns . If chosen carefully these all contribute to one another towards wellness if done right!


Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers is a successful trader, best-selling author and mentor to others. He says that when he talks with anyone in order to try coaching or mentoring they deem him as just being mean because the main goal for Brian is connecting people so they can find “stuff inside themselves”–which isn’t true at all! His high opinion of himself does not come from receiving good mentors who helped him achieve his goals businesswise; rather this success was achieved thanks entirely to self-discipline coupled with hard work over many years before becoming an 8+ figure earner.


JAA lifestyle

JAA Lifestyle is a public company specializing in Marketing and Advertising that was founded in 2020. The organization offers its community members opportunities through their cooperative affiliate business model, which cultivates sustainable passive income streams for people without any money available to them at first glance – but with Jaa’s help it becomes possible! Through this program you can build generational wealth over time as well thanks to our loyal global team of affiliates who are excited about empowering others just like yourself every step of the way.


Bradley Sugars

Bradley Sugars is the founder of ActionCOACH. He started his company when he was just 22 years old, and it has gone on to have international recognition as one of the leading coaching firms all over the world!
As for now though Bradley had always been entrepreneurial with an eagerness about how best to work smarter while achieving measurable results from early days onward – even at such young age where some people may not think so highly about themselves yet or have any real experience doing something significant before then being 23+years deep into their business journey
Bradley’s natural curiosity lead him down this path which only grew more fulfilling through time periods since childhood.


Emily Blacc

Entrepreneur and music producer, Emily Blacc has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age. From selling 25 cent toys out of her suitcase to younger cousins at 9 years old all the way through college where she studied Business Administration with an associate degree in marketing strategy from Georgia State University (GSB). As if this wasn’t enough experience for one lifetime let alone somebody’s career span – after finishing up high school as well as working retail sales jobs over 16 hours per week during their undergraduate studies- EMILY went on tour managing bands before finally settling down into being more than just another model but rather helping them create successful businesses around culture via teaching classes such as “Startup Weekend” which helped launch thousands of new companies worldwide!


Michael Corey

Michael Corey is one of the most experienced traders in FX, with years under his belt. He’s also an account manager and financial assistant who will help people manage their finances better than anyone else can- but not through words alone! Michael has set himself an ambitious goal to change lives for those working within this industry by providing them opportunities they never thought possible before him or herself; all while making more money along the way too.


Frank McKinney

Frank Mckinney is a true modern-day Renaissance man who has pushed the limits of success in his every endeavor. His early years were not very promising, upon attending school 4th time span at age 15 with only 50 dollars to fly down from India and attend college as an incoming freshman iced-out because there wasn’t enough room for him on campus so he continued studying after hours under streetlights until they built libraries out this way too – which made it easier than ever before! Nowadays Frank owns over 40 oceanfront mansions collectively worth $14 million average per property–and all thanks to ambition; also known by some people I know around here as “guts.”


So, these were the top must-follow eCommerce influencers if you’re an eCommerce store owner or if you’re ever considering being one. Of course, you’ll learn it along the way, however, armed with the great tips, tricks, and advice of the listed influencers, you’ll manage to boost your performance and achieve more and faster.

Have we missed any eCommerce gurus? Comment below and we’ll consider adding them to this listing. Stay tuned for more interesting Top influencers listings.