top crypto influencers

Top Crypto Influencers

The cryptocurrency fever has grown from an unknown to a popular trend. If we compare it with five years ago, the number of people who use and try out this new form of currency is much more than what was anticipated by most experts or even enthusiasts themselves; at first only one crypto-currency existed – Bitcoin – created back in 2009! However, now there are over 10 thousand different types available one can find online. 

With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular each day, users of social media are constantly on the hunt for people who can educate them about crypto. These individuals would provide advice and heads up when one or another coin is going to skyrocket or drop. 

And if you think influencer marketing is all about fancy stuff, outfits and travelling I’m right here to prove ya wrong.

Crypto is here to stay, so why not get in on the action? We’ve handpicked over 20 crypto influencers who you need to follow ASAP.

Hint: There are tons of interesting things you wouldn’t want to miss out on, so click on these influencers’ names for their biography. 

Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong is a YouTuber, podcaster and crypto enthusiast who has accumulated over two million subscribers across all platforms. His specialty lies in providing access to cryptocurrency for those that may be unfamiliar with it through videos on Youtube or podcasts where he talks about pretty much anything related – from analysis of market trends & opportunities, in depth guides teaching people how they can start investing now without breaking the bank.


Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack is a British cryptocurrency investor, advocate and podcaster. He’s always thinking outside the box– not afraid to express his opinions on social media! Controversial topics make up a good portion of what you will find on his social media, especially on Twitter




Imagine a world where everyone is equipped with the knowledge of how we use cryptocurrencies. Imagine being able to explore data from blockchains and have your voice heard in shaping its future! This may not seem too futuristic, but thanks Glassnode for helping us get there sooner rather than later.”


Emre Kenci

Emre Kenci is a software developer, business builder and co-founder of BTCTrader. He previously served as CEO for InsuredPlay located in Curacao before he also founded this company with his brother past year!
BTC Trader offers a white-label Bitcoin Exchange solution with liquidity ready and a solution that can be customized in order to work in any currency and in any language!


Muro Crypto

Muro Crypto is the go-to guy for all your cryptocurrency needs. Whether it be analysis, uploading educational videos on trading on  YouTube where he helps others get into investing in this exciting market , Muro has got you covered! There’s always something new coming out so why not give him a shot?


Richard Melos

Melos is a gamer who has gained fame on the popular games streaming platform Twitch. His username, “Solembum” comes from Eragon which it an epic fantasy novel. The YouTube channel of Solem is all about cryptocurrencies. He joined this platform on July 8, 2018 with a video lecture for beginners who are just getting started in crypto investing or mining .

Followers: 2
Engagement: 50

Token Metrics

Through the use of AI, Token Metrics provides users with industry-leading cryptocurrency data and research. They are able to offer their clients access to renowned analysts across various fields including economics who provide insights into market trends while also giving an institutional-grade analysis on all traded crypto assets in one platform; complemented by insights from scientists and engineers using cutting edge software that is powered by modern technology
If you’re looking for accurate information on any digital currency then it doesn’t get better than this!
With over 92K subscribers on their YouTube channel, Token Metrics is one of the most popular social media networks for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.



After graduating from college with degrees in math, physics and engineering Gereardo pivoted into fitness social media. He grew his online following during which time he also became a freelance graphic designer for Facebook ads before launching out into crypto full-time as of 2021!


Yellow Pants

Yellow pants is a nickname for one video creator, who decided to quit the gaming sphere and dive into crypto. This YouTube channel was created back on April 17 with about 54K subscribers so far as it has 277 uploads videos that all talk cryptocurrencies!



MM Crypto is a cryptocurrency community. With over one million followers, they are the most successful traders in their industry with deep knowledge and experience to back up what they do – contacts that can make trades happen at just the right time! This gives anyone who’s been feeling held back by lack of opportunity or inability prove otherwise an amazing chance for success now thanks to MM Crypto on many different social media platforms like Telegram, Instagram, Twitter etcetera


Andrei Jikh

After quitting his job as a professional cardist, Andrei Jikh decided to make personal finance videos for YouTube. Having saved up about $200 thousand in savings accounts with knowledge on how best manage it all became clear that he could not only sustain himself but also start giving back by helping others do the same thing too!


Donald Lee

Donald Lee is a young entrepreneur who has been making YouTube videos for the past two years. His discussion on earning, giving, investing and spending serves as an excellent guidepost to help people get started with their own businesses or build upon what they already have in order to take them further into wealth creation!


Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investor and wealth management expert. She has delivered inspirational workshops to corporations as well as universities all over the world about how everyone can better manage their money responsibly for decades now!


Coin Bureau

In a world of noise, Coin Bureau is the ultimate destination for all your cryptocurrency needs. With him as your guide you’ll never be lost in this vast crypto space again! He bills himself as an unbiased informational portal with thorough coverage on coins/token sale platforms and other aspects impacting blockchain technology development–what more could anyone want?


Crypto Capital Venture

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture first joined YouTube and created this channel back on December 6th 2017. As for now 309K subscribers can’t wait to see what he is going to upload next! His topics are centered around BitCoin price analysis with an emphasis in crypto news but there’s no telling when or where it will end up happening .


Although cryptocurrencies are not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s one thing that should be taken into account. Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest topics of 21st century and I storgly believe that everyone needs to be in the loop and on track with what’s going on around. And the best way to do it is to follow a couple of crypto influencers for the minimal information needed.
Hope you liked our round-up of crypto- nn. Stay tuned for more interesting Top influencers listings.