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Top 20 Tech YouTubers

Did you know that around one-third of Internet users are on YouTube? The world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google, Youtube leaves no doubts as to being the prime platform to start your influencer marketing campaign. 

But where do you start? Who do you reach out to? Product reviewers are generally a great source of interested leads. Good reviews from credible sources are highly converting. And as many people will search for reviews, you don’t even need to depend on their loyal fanbases, but can also expect a fair amount of fresh organic traffic to each review.

While the subject of the review can literally be ANYTHING you could imagine, we’ll be diving into one of the larger topics on the platform, Tech YouTubers.

For today’s listing, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best Youtube Tech channels to review. Ready to collaborate? Pick one of the Top 20 Tech YouTubers on the list and get started!

Marques Brownlee

 Ithere’s one guy you’re supposed to be working with as one of the biggest tech YouTubers, it’s Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD. His 11.6 million audience,  dedicated to him over 12 years, is super engaged to his high-quality tech videos, explaining everything from smartphone updates, to camera features, and everything in between.


Followers: 3.3M
Comments/Likes: 0.75
Engagement: 3.48

Judner Aura

Judner Aura is another tech YouTuber, who makes us believe tech is easy. He covers different tech topics, if it is home electronics or an e-bike, or anything in between.

You can send your product for review, and if you are lucky enough it will be featured in a “massive unboxing” series. For a direct collaboration, you can become a video sponsor and be introduced in the first minutes of the video.



Followers: 304.7K
Comments/Likes: 6.74
Engagement: 2.01

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy: where the goods are naked. He is one of the most favorite tech Youtubers. In his blog you’ll find a range of videos demonstrating the best items on the planet. From the newest smartphones to the most shocking devices and technologies you’ve never known. It’s all right here.

Followers: 2.2M
Comments/Likes: 7.56
Engagement: 1.85


With never-ending progress in technology and gadgets, it’s very important for tech geeks to be on track with everything that’s going on in real-time. Here’s where TechLinked comes in to help with a news show on tech + gaming culture trice-weekly.

Followers: 9.7K
Comments/Likes: 2.76
Engagement: 4.33


Have you ever wanted to learn more about your favorite gadgets or a trendy tech topic? Every Tuesday and Friday, Techquickie gives you answers to all your tech questions, giving insights with a combination of humor and cynicism.

Followers: 1.1M
Comments/Likes: 1.08
Engagement: 2.87

Austin Evans

One of the most famous tech Youtubers, Austin Evans is here to find out whether the new gadget is worth it or, explore the best retro and cutting edge technology, and review the newest smartphone.

He’s the ideal choice to cooperate for current or future tech products, including tablets, headphones, from gaming PCs to smartphones.

Followers: 509.5K
Comments/Likes: 0.56
Engagement: 1.72

Linus Tech Tips

The team of “professionally curious” experts aims to inform and educate people of all ages through entertaining videos.

They create product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused projects

Followers: 1.1M
Comments/Likes: 1.08
Engagement: 2.87

Jonathan Morrison

Tech influencer Jonathon Morrison introduces the new devices and gadgets, using a combination of innovation and aesthetics in high-quality videos. For collaboration with him, it is not only effective to send a product for review but also organize a giveaway which will bring huge brand awareness.

Followers: 328.2K
Comments/Likes: 2.89
Engagement: 0.49

Jon Rettinger

Among top tech YouTubers, Jon Rettinger, the founder of TechnoBuffalo, developed this channel as an all-electronic stuff forum. Millions of people each month are waiting for his opinion on various technology devices, smartphones, computers, cameras, robots, their latest features, and VS videos.

Followers: 344.9K
Comments/Likes: 1.41
Engagement: 0.17


Keaton Keller is another top tech YouTuber. In his TechSmartt YouTube channel, He’s uploading tech and entertainment content. People come here for technology tips and reviews, from phone reviews to the best tech for the price.

Followers: 123K
Comments/Likes: 48.27
Engagement: 17.57

Android Authority

This is the first stop for all Android Stuff. It is the biggest independent channel dedicated to Android. They Impact the audience of 50 million tech geeks, field professionals, and savvy millennials every month.

Over 3 million subscribers learn about their favorite products, watch reviews and comparisons on the latest android devices, actively engage with giveaways, and more.

Followers: 807.3K
Comments/Likes: 1.32
Engagement: 1.17


Being one of the oldest channels devoted exclusively to mobile tech, for over two decades Pocketnow helped readers pick the right portable devices

Their videos vary from daily shows to reviews, features, comparisons, and device releases.

Followers: 131.9K
Comments/Likes: 3.19
Engagement: 1.50


TechSource has been producing fun and informative tech videos on YouTube since August 2012. It publishes technical reports, PC games, mobile news, and more. You’ll find tech reviews, PC gaming, smartphone news, and more.
The 2.7m viewers particularly love the “Setup Wars” series, where they show their impressive or unusual setups for the world to see with more than 200 episodes already under their belt.

Followers: 256.7K
Comments/Likes: 1.60
Engagement: 3.77


JayzTwoCents is the one-stop-shop for entertaining and educational videos for tech geeks, including also videos about gaming.

Followers: 252.5K
Comments/Likes: 1.69
Engagement: 2.30


If you’re looking for a tech influencer who is also interested in video games, failed cooking experiments, vlogs, and more, you’re in the right place! Justine Ezarik, username iJustine, is an American YouTube celebrity, host, actress, and one of YouTube’s greatest tech players. Identified as a lifecaster, she connects with millions of fans on her website.

Followers: 1.6M
Comments/Likes: 0.81
Engagement: 0.95


Another tech Youtuber Arun Maini, a 24-year-old economics student. He is the tech guru behind this channel. The videos he creates are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible. So if that sounds like a cup of tea, don’t hesitate to email this techie.

Followers: 1M
Comments/Likes: 1.13
Engagement: 10.24


ThioJoe used to make funny tech tutorials in his channel, but he’s moved to serious and truthful tech videos since 2016. Check in 3 times a week to learn about top 10 useful products, the latest gadget reviews, and other cool videos.

Followers: 39.1K
Comments/Likes: 2.04
Engagement: 3.17


Safwan Ahmedmia hosts SuperSaf, one of the UK’s biggest YouTube channels for techies, bringing news, reviews, and discussions about the latest smartphones, cameras, and other tech products.

Followers: 374.3K
Comments/Likes: 1.91
Engagement: 5.65


What makes GizmoSlip stand out from the other tech channels are the funny durability tests on products. They test their gadgets in various ways: from simply dropping it to the ground to freezing in Coca Cola.
So if you want to check the durability of your products, don’t hesitate to contact GizmoSlip.

Followers: 94.7K
Comments/Likes: 1.19
Engagement: 4.71

Paul’s hardware

Paul creates tech reviews, tutorials, PC hardware, and do-it-yourself computer builds on his YouTube channel, for his highly engaged 1M audience.

Followers: 79.1K
Comments/Likes: 1.56
Engagement: 2.32

So, these were the best tech YouTubers we’ve got for you at the moment. We’re continuing to keep an eye on them and will edit the list accordingly. Don’t miss out on exploring these top tech reviewers and find the one that’s right for your brand and product.

Who were your favorite tech YouTubers? Have you already collaborated with any of them? Let me know how it went in the comments.