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PearPop Review 2023 | Features, Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

Influencer marketing has seen unprecedented growth during the last several years, claiming its place as one of the most effective and widely-used marketing strategies of today. With that growth, companies and startups emerged building tools that would help creators, brands, and users to monetize the social capital brought forward by social media platforms.

Pearpop is one such platform, which in the simplest form can be described as a marketplace for buying and selling social collaborations between creators. Designed specifically for TikTok users, after its launch in October 2022 the startup attracted significant attention and drew investments from big names in the tech and entertainment industries.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive overview of Pearpop: what it is, what are its features, information about pricing, as well as a detailed review of available alternatives.

What is Pearpop?

Pearpop is a social media marketplace, which was founded in 2020 and launched in 2021, created with the aim of helping TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter creators to collaborate with each other and monetize their content through paid partnerships.

The main idea behind the platform is this: creators set a price for their content collaborations, and other creators or brands bid for the shared screen time.

This “pay-per-view” model allows smaller creators to collaborate with bigger names in the industry to promote their content, as well as lets brands find easier ways to work with influencers.

How does Pearpop work?

Now, to understand the platform and what it offers a bit better, let’s take a look at some of the key Pearpop features, as well as some of its main pros and cons.

Creator Challenges

One of the main features of Pearpop is the Challenges, which are created by the users who want to monetize their social media efforts. Users or brands who want to collaborate with creators can filter the available challenges by the platform, reward amount, and challenge status, and from the available options choose the challenges that match their needs and budget.

Creator Challenges

By clicking on each challenge, you can see more detailed information about it, including pricing and submission rules, as well as the list of other contestants and their submissions.

Creators, in their turn, can easily create their own challenges by identifying brand goals, setting up a challenge price, and accepting biddings.

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Creator Pop-Up

Another feature of Pearpop is the creator pop-up, which allows brands and creators to see other creators, who have been the most active on the platform during the past month.

The section simplifies the process of identifying which creators you could potentially work with, as well as seeing some information about their presence and audience size on the social platforms they’ve connected to Pearpop.

Creator Pop-up

More detailed information about each creator showing up in the creator pop-up, including their interests, location, and experience, is available after you click on their name.

If you are interested in collaborating with the creator, hit the “Work with me” button, and shortly after Pearpop team member will reach out through email to help you proceed further.

Work with influencer


Similar to many companies out there, Pearpop is leveraging the power of referral marketing to attract new users and incentivize existing users to spread the word about itself.

All users are given a referral code that they can share with others, to be used during registration. Every time the code is used, creators earn a certain amount, which is then displayed in their earnings and which they can then retrieve.

Platform options

Initially launched only for TikTok, Pearpop later expanded the support of Instagram and Twitter as well, allowing brands to find challenges and collaborate with creators on the platforms that work the best for their business, and for creators to have access to wider income opportunities.

A simplified filtering option across all sections of the platform, as well as during the challenge creation process, allows to easily filter the challenges and creators based on the platform of their choice.

Feature-wise, Pearpop tried to make everything as simple as possible, making the Creator Challenges the main focus of the app. This approach has both pros and cons.

Pearpop ProsPearpop Cons
Availability to collaborate with other creators more easilyHarder to discover creators matching specific brand needs
Easier monetization of created contentNo specific price, the available ranges can be quite wide
No guaranteed collaboration

Pearpop Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Pearpop adopted a fairly straightforward approach: the tool doesn’t have set pricing and subscription plans. Each creator can bid however much they want for collaboration, and the platform takes a 25% cut of each transaction from the influencer’s payment. For example, if the influencer has bid $1000 for shared screen time, they’ll receive $750, and the rest will go towards payment to Pearpop.

Pearpop Reviews

One of the best ways to get a glimpse of how platforms work and what experience you can expect to have with them is through user reviews.

Based on the reviews Pearpop users have left on various platforms across the Internet, creators are having mixed feelings about Pearpop. Some have very positive experiences, and mention using the platform to boost their earnings, while others are having a hard time to receive the payments they’ve made. Here are a few reviews.

An iOS app user says, “I love Pearpop in itself, but I feel the app would do a lot better if it resembled the website a lot more. In the way that it functions.“

Another user says, “Amazing. This app is so easy to navigate, and the best way to make money as a creator.”

And here is feedback from the other side.

One iOS user says: “Haven’t been paid for any work. Every time I submit a video it goes into active before disappearing and I’ve yet to receive a payout. In my earnings, it shows nothing and has no further information.”

Another iOS user commented, “I didn’t get paid and my account disappeared.”

Pearpop Alternatives

Now that you know what Pearpop is, how it works, what it has to offer, and what experiences users had so far, let’s take a look at some of the available alternatives to the platform.

Luckily, as influencer marketing grew, a number of effective and useful tools emerged for every business need. In this section, we’ll take a look at 5 alternatives to Pearpop, diving deep into their features, benefits, and pricing options.

1. ViralMango vs. Pearpop

Puch like Pearpop, ViralMango is an influencer marketplace, and both platforms aim to connect creators and brands in one place for seamless collaboration.

However, the way platforms operate is quite different. In the case of ViralMango, the creators are not confined by the limits of the challenge they are bidding to participate in. Rather, ViralMango is a platform for brands and influencers to discover each other, pitch their unique ideas, find the right match, and then work together on marketing campaigns of all sizes.

ViralMango Main Features

ViralMango comes packed with features that can significantly simplify the process of finding relevant influencers or brands who are looking for collaboration, checking their requirements, pitching your idea, and managing collaborations.

Some of the key features of ViralMango are:

  • Unlimited campaigns – Both brands and influencers can create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns through their profiles
  • Influencer discovery (for brands) – Advanced filters and search options streamline the influencer discovery process, helping companies to find creators in their niche matching exacting their desired criteria.
  • Campaign discovery (for creators) – Influencers can look for campaigns that match their credentials, interests, and requirements, and then pitch their offerings to the brands directly.
  • Advanced influencer analytics – Detailed influencer data, including the audience size and engagement rates are available for the brands to check as they are looking for the right match.
  • Campaign analytics and reporting – Powerful analytics tools keep track of campaign performance, analyze the data, and give detailed information on how the campaign is performing.
  • Direct in-app chat – Direct chat allows the collaborators to keep in touch directly in ViralMango, without having to switch between platforms.
  • In-app and email notifications – The in-app and email notifications will help users never miss important developments, and always be in the know about the developments of the campaign.

ViralMango aims to become a one-stop-shop for influencer marketing, helping both brands and creators find partners and manage the collaboration all in one place.

ViralMango Pricing

ViralMango, similar to Pearpop, doesn’t have set prices or subscription models. Instead, the company charges a fee equaling 15% of the campaign budget. The platform is free for the influencers, and the fee is paid by the brand.

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2. Klear vs. Pearpop

Klear is an influencer marketing platform that lets brands and marketers discover influencers for collaboration on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It offers brands a wide range of tools to discover influencers, run, and successfully manage campaigns.

Similar to ViralMango, while Klear and Pearpop both are marketplaces, they do differ significantly when it comes to the collaboration models and the pricing. While through Pearpop creators and brands can invite each other to participate in a pre-defined campaign, in the case of Klear, the sides can initiate talks about possible collaboration even when the campaign idea is not ripe yet.

Klear Main Features

Klear is a well-established influencer marketing platform and boasts a significant number of useful features brands can benefit from. Here are some of those features:

  • Influencer discovery – Klear has advanced influencer discovery tools to help brands find exactly the creators that meet their criteria.
  • Content approval – The content approval tool allows marketers to approve every piece of content before it goes live, and add feedback in case it was rejected.
  • Campaign analytics – Detailed campaign analytics are available during the campaign and after it, which brands can use to better inform their next campaigns and collaborations.
  • Demographic information – Demographic information about the following creators is available to make sure the audience matches your target.
  • Social media monitoring tools – Powerful social media monitoring tools help to identify and determine what is being said about your brand through the duration of the campaign.
  • Campaign measurement – At the end of the campaign, access information about the success and effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Influencer CRM – Integrated CRM is available to keep the whole team in sync for the whole duration of the collaboration with any given influencer. The integrated messaging feature keeps the whole communication in one place.

Klear Pricing

Klear doesn’t have pricing listed on their profile: all pricing options with the company are custom-built and differ case by case, depending on the needs, wants, and size of your business. To see the product in action and to discuss the pricing options, you need to register for a demo and have a call with company representatives.

3. Ainfluencer vs. Pearpop

Net up in our list of Pearpop alternatives is Ainfluencer, an influencer marketing platform for Instagram, which acts as a bridge between brands and influencers. The platform describes itself as a FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) marketplace, where brands can give campaign announcements with examples, and influencers can pitch their ideas to the brand.

Pearpop and Ainfluencer are similar in the sense that on both platforms brands can announce what they’re looking for, as an announcement in Ainfluencer and as a Challenge on Pearpop. And in both cases, they will receive pitches. However, the main difference is that on Ainfluencer, brands have more options for searching for and filtering influencers, and reaching out to them directly, if there is a need, while Pearpop is not as flexible.

Ainfluencer Features

As one of the larger influencer marketing platforms, Ainfluence comes packed with an impressive list of features designed to make business-creator partnerships as seamless as possible.

  • Influencer quality score estimation – Powerful analytics tools estimate the quality score of the influencer to show how effective they might be for your specific campaign.
  • Previous collaboration portfolio – Ainfluencer additionally includes the portfolio of some of the previous collaborations for each influencer, to give a better idea about the style and performance of each creator.
  • Built-in chat – The in-app built-in chat helps to streamline communication and keep it in one place, helping to get rid of long and slow email threads.
  • Influencer discovery tools – Ainfluncer comes with a wide influencer discovery tool, allowing marketers to filter influencers by size, industry, and many other factors.
  • Safe payment procedure – Ainfluencer additionally helps brands to manage the payments directly in the app, in a safe and streamlined way, without having to resort to third-party payment platforms.
  • Campaign management – With Ainfluencer, brands can manage campaigns from A-Z, from the moment of accepting pitches until the final payment, all in one place.
  • Campaign tracking  – The campaign tracking tools allow you to easily keep track of the performance of the campaign and all the important metrics, which you can then use to inform your influencer marketing strategy.

Ainfluencer Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Ainfluencer offers several packages for businesses, based on their needs.

The first option, the DIY Free package comes with influencer discovery tools, unlimited campaign options, automated invites, chat and payment tools, as well as post analytics solutions.

Next up are Bootcamp ($149/campaign), Starter 5 ($1500/5 campaigns), and Starter 15 ($3500/15 campaigns). In the case of these campaigns, Ainfluencer takes control of the campaign management process, and handles everything, from choosing the influencers to approving and running the campaigns and tracking the results to ensure the success of the campaign.

Ainfluencer Pricing

4. Ninja Outreach vs. Pearpop

Ninja Outreach is another influencer marketing and outreach tool that acts as a platform for businesses and marketers to find and connect with influencers and bloggers in their niche. The two platforms Ninja Outreach works with are Instagram and YouTube. Similar to the Pearpop alternatives discussed above, Ninja Outreach allows companies to filter through an extensive list of creators in any niche and location to find the right one.

As a Pearpop alternative, Ninja Outreach offers brands tools to discover and collaborate with creators who are looking to “sell” their screen time, much like on Pearpop, but only on more flexible terms.

Ninja Outreach Features

Ninja Outreach comes with a set of tools that are comprehensive, yet accessible and simple to use. Some of the key features of Ninja Outreach are the following:

  • Influencer search – With the extensive search tools, you can look for influencers and bloggers in your targeted niche through keywords, location, and other criteria
  • Access influencer metrics – View influencer profiles and social media metrics, such as follower counts and engagement rates, to understand if the creator matches your needs and budget.
  • Personalized outreach – With Ninja Outreach, you can easily create and send personalized email outreach campaigns to influencers, and then track email campaigns and responses from the same place.
  • CRM for campaign management – Built-in powerful CRM allows users to easily manage multiple campaigns and several projects right, keeping everyone in the team in sync with the campaign developments.
  • Social media publishing – In addition to influencer campaign management, Ninja Outreach additionally allows marketers to schedule and publish social media posts on multiple platforms, as well as to monitor brand mentions and keywords on social media, as part of specific campaigns or in general.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Unlike the Pearpop alternatives discussed earlier, Ninja Outreach doesn’t have a free version.

The tool has three pricing packages, Flex for beginners, Silver for individuals, and Silver Plus for startups, as well as two payment options, monthly and annual.

In the case of monthly payments, the lowest package starts at $389/month, growing from there as the feature limits grow.

Ninja outreach monthly pricing

In the case of annual payments, the monthly payment for the Flex package starts at $155/month, is billed annually, and grows from there. The annual package is significantly more affordable, allowing users to purchase the tool at 60% off.

Ninja outreach annually pricing

Ninja Outreach offers a one-week free trial for all packages and payment options to give the users a taste of what the tool is all about.

5. Grin vs. Pearpop

Last on our list of Pearpop alternatives is Grin, an influencer marketing platform created to make the process of finding and recruiting influencers simpler for brands and marketers. It allows businesses to find influencers, contact them regarding possible collaborations, as well as organize and carry out campaigns.

In terms of collaboration, Grin gives more flexibility in the final outcome, as the brands can be more proactive, and instead of waiting for the creators to reach out, they can start looking for creators themselves, which is less of an option in Pearpop.

Grin Features

As an advanced influencer recruitment tool, Grin comes packed with tools and solutions to make hiring and collaborating with influencers a breeze. Some of the key features of Grin are:

  • Influencer segmentation and audience analysis – Built-in filtering and segmentation tools help you to find the right influencers by searching for them by keywords, industry, social media platforms, and location, as well as by analyzing their audience.
  • Campaign management – Easily create and manage influencer marketing campaigns right from within Grin, including details such as campaign goals, briefs, and tracking performance metrics. Performance tracking – Know how each campaign is performing in real time, including data on engagement rates, conversions, and ROI.
  • Reporting and dashboards – Have all the key campaign performance data available right in your dashboards to easily refer to them whenever you need, and adjust your campaigns accordingly.
  • Customized emails – Grin comes with customized email templates and sequences to make it easier for brands to keep in touch with influencers and brand ambassadors, even when they are running hundreds of campaigns.
  • Affiliate links and promo codes – Grin generates and provides affiliate links and codes you can share with the creators whenever you want to make them part of the sale.
  • Payment processing – Swiftly and securely process the payments of each campaign directly in Grin.

Grin Pricing

Similar to Klear, Grin doesn’t list any pricing on its website. The approach is case by case, depending on the unique needs of each business. To learn more about the pricing options, you need to contact the Grin team and request a demo call.

Conclusion and Final Rating

In this article, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at Pearpop, a social media market that made quite some buzz since it was released. It’s an innovative tool that offers a creative approach to influencer collaborations, seeking to simplify the interaction between creators and brands and eliminate the risk of scams. It also offers an attractive pricing approach, making sure that users pay only in case they earned a deal.

Compared to its major alternatives, Pearpop provides features others don’t have, while also lacking important features such as more targeted influencer discovery. All in all, Pearpop seems to be a great tool to incorporate into your influencer marketing toolkit but can be somehow limiting in terms of features when used alone.