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Paris Bloggers to Follow for Local Tips

Becoming a blogger is the new engineer job, and Paris is no different. The city of lights has some great bloggers that can help show you the ropes of Paris living. These insiders know all of Paris’s best places to eat, drink, and explore.

Not only will they help you find the hidden gems in Paris, but they’ll also give you an authentic Parisian experience. ViralMango has compiled a list of some of our favorite Paris bloggers, so be sure to check them out for local advice and insights into the Parisian aesthetic culture.

Sami Outalbali

Niche: Actor, Model

Brands they’ve worked with: Paris Review, Harper’s Bazaar

Facts about Sami Outalbali:

Sami celebrates his birthday on March 19.

Sami was born and brought up in France.

Personal Life:

Sami Outalbali is known for playing gay characters in most of his performances. And his admirers and viewers have begun to believe that he is a member of the LGBTQ community. Sami has been working in this field since he was a child actor in 2011. 

He began his acting career at the age of eight in north-central France, where he studied for two years before performing his debut role in 2011. The Paris Street Style model is not only talented but also attractive and has been compared to a Greek God by some. His single smile can turn on all his fans.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Sami ranges between $1 to $5 million.


Jessica Garcia

Niche: Parisian Fashion

Brands they’ve worked with: Blooshop, Bad Mood

Facts about Jessica Garcia:

Jessica was born and brought up in Tarascon.

The thirty-two-year-old is one of the most gorgeous Paris bloggers.

Personal Life:

Jessica Garcia is a reality TV contestant, businesswoman, and former French hairdresser who rose to popularity in season 3 of Les Marseillais. Presently, she is the most followed reality TV contender on Instagram and the best paid in product placements in 2017. Earning the title of emerging reality star of the year, she is regarded as one of her generation’s most powerful influences. 

She got married to Thibault Kuro Garcia in 2018. The French influencers are considered to set “couple goals” as they’re so adorable together. Furthermore, they have the most social media followers of any reality TV couple.

Earnings: Jessica has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


Clara Berry

Niche: Paris street style

Brands they’ve worked with: Elle, Vogue

Facts about Clara Berry:

Clara was born on December 7, 1993.

She belongs to Southern France.

Personal Life:

Clara Berry is one of the most impeccable Parisian influencers. She starred alongside singer-songwriter Brodie Barclay in the music video for the French DJ duo Ofenbach’s song “You Don’t Know Me” in 2015. Next, she went to Bordeaux, France, in 2016. Finally, she was signed by the modeling firm Present Model Management, where she has worked as a model full-time since then.

Coming to her private life, since 2020, she has been dating KJ Apa, a New Zealand actor, singer, and musician. The couple confirmed Clara’s pregnancy in May 2021. The couple was blessed with Sasha Vai Keneti Apa, their son, on September 23, 2021.

Earnings: Being one of the most famous Paris influencers, she has a whopping net worth of $1.2 million.


April Benayoum

Niche: Beauty Pageant

Brands they’ve worked with: Camaieu

Facts about April Benayoum:

April was born on the 16th of March, 1999.

She was born and raised in Eugilles, Province.

Personal Life:

April Benayoum is a model and beauty pageant contestant from France. She has filled in the shoes of her grandmother, who was also a beauty pageant contestant. April was crowned Miss Provence 2020 and received a spot in a national beauty competition.

Ultimately, April was announced as the winner of Miss France Provence 2020, which qualified her for Miss France 2021 competition. April made it into the top 15 of the tournament because of her excellent appearance and positive attitude. And it’s probably safe to say she’s one of the contenders since she clearly has what it takes to win the competition.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of April Benayoum ranges between $1 to $5 million.


Alicia Aylies

Niche: Modeling

Brands they’ve worked with: Elle, Vogue

Facts about Alicia Aylies:

Alicia was born on the 21 April 1998.

She was raised in Martinique, France.

Personal Life:

Alicia Aylies is a model and beauty pageant winner from France. She was crowned Miss France 2017 and competed in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. When it comes to her private life, Alicia Aylies is reported to be dating Kylian Mbappe.

After Aylies was photographed cheering on France and Mbappe at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, rumors about their romance began to circulate. They haven’t yet publicly announced their relationship to the press. The couple is also said to be quite concerned about keeping their relationship private since they don’t even post images of themselves together on social media.

Earnings: Alicia Aylies is one of the most famous Paris bloggers who has a whopping net worth of $33 million.


Laura Smet

Niche: Actor


Brands they’ve worked with: Grazia, Paris Match

Facts about Laura Smet:

Laura was born on November 15, 1983.

Laura completed her schooling and further education in France.

Personal Life:

At the age of 16, Laura dropped out of school and began taking comedy classes from Raymond Acquaviva. She was discovered at the age of 19 while participating in the Emergence workshops by Olivier Assayas. He recommended her to Xavier Giannoli for his debut feature film, Les Corps impatients. 

The actress, who did not hesitate to remove her long hair to portray a young child with cancer, immediately distinguished herself. Eventually, she won the Romy Schneider Award and was nominated for a César for Best Hope in 2004. She later reprises her roles in Claude Chabrol’s Maid of Honor and Pascal Thomas’ Zero Hour.

Earnings: Laura has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million


Caroline de Maigret

Niche: Model, Music Producer

Brands they’ve worked with: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy

Facts about Caroline de Maigret:

Caroline was born and brought up in Paris.

She started her career early in her childhood.

Personal Life:

Caroline de Maigret is a French model, playback singer, and author. She is also the muse of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. De Maigret was discovered at a Paris nightclub when she was 18 years old and has been modeling ever since.

In 2012, she released her first book, “How to Be a Parisian Wherever You Are.” The book became a bestseller in France and has been translated into several languages. In 2015, de Maigret released her debut album, “En Attendant.” The album received huge critical acclaim and peaked at number five on the French charts. 

Earnings: Caroline, the woman who appears in every Paris fashion blog has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Jeanne Damas

Niche: Model, Designer, Director

Brands they’ve worked with: Vogue, GQ Style, Elle

Facts about Jeanne Damas:

Jeanne was born and brought up in Paris.

A family of restaurateurs raised her.

Personal Life:

Jeanne Damas started a Tumblr blog and began documenting her life and style as a teenager. Soon enough, her career as a fashion designer and creative director began in 2016, when she founded Rouje.

Rouje is a clothes and cosmetics brand that began as an online, direct-to-consumer firm. On the Rue Bachaumont in Paris’s 2nd arrondissement, Jeanne opened the first Rouje physical store in 2019. In addition to the retail area, Rouje has a restaurant called “Chez Jeanne,” which is located close to the Rouje store.

Earnings: Since Jeanne is one of the choicest Paris bloggers in the fashion industry, it’s not a surprise that she has a net worth of $16 million.


Leia Sfez

Niche: Model

Brands they’ve worked with: Diapers and Milk, Gucci, Revolve

Facts about Leia Sfez:

Leia was born on April 29, 1992.

With more than 500k followers on Instagram, she is one of the most admired Paris bloggers.

Personal Life: 

Leia Sfez is a Paris-based model who is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world. With her striking features and confident demeanor, she is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. But it’s not just her looks that set her apart from the crowd. Leia also has a unique sense of style that is both edgy and feminine. 

She is often seen sporting bold prints and bright colors and is never afraid to experiment with her look. With her trendsetting fashion sense and natural beauty, Leia is one model to watch out for in the coming years.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Leia Sfez is $800K.


Emmanuelle Alt

Niche: Editor-in-chief

Brands they’ve worked with: Vogue

Facts about Emmanuelle Alt:

Alt was born on 18 May 1967.

Emmanuelle completed her studies at the Institut de l’Assomption in Paris.

Personal Life:

Emmanuelle Alt is the editor-in-chief of French Vogue, one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. Furthermore, she is known for her unique sense of style, which combines classic and contemporary looks. Alt began her career as a model, but she quickly moved into the world of fashion journalism. 

In 2006, she became the editor-in-chief of French Vogue, and she has been credited with modernizing the magazine. Under her leadership, French Vogue has become known for its edgy aesthetic and its willingness to take risks. In addition to her work at French Vogue, Alt is also a successful fashion designer. 

Earnings: Alt’s estimated net worth is $13 million.


Léna Situations

Niche: YouTuber, Vloger, Influencer

Brands they’ve worked with: Dior, Forbes

Facts about Lena Situations:

The real name of Lena SItuations is Lena Mahfouf.

She was born on November 19, 1997.

Personal Life:

Léna is 24-years-old and is one of the most famous Paris bloggers. The Parisian blogger who started her blog, “situations,” just over a year ago. She is documenting her everyday life in the city of light. Since then, she has amassed a devoted following of readers who eagerly await her witty posts about everything from fashion to food to culture. 

In addition to her blog, Léna also has a successful YouTube channel where she shares videos about all things Parisian, from haute couture to crêpes Suzette. With her unique voice and fresh perspective, Léna is quickly becoming one of the most popular bloggers in the city.

Earnings: Even though Lena Situations is widely popular, her net worth is not yet available to the public.


Lena Simonne

Niche: Model

Brands they’ve worked with: Victoria’s Secret

Facts about Lena Simonne:

Lena Simonne celebrates her birthday on September 9 every year.

Lena was born and brought up in France.

Personal Life:

Lena has posed for a number of high-end brands and been on the covers of various publications. Earlier, Lena wanted to be a veterinarian, but she changed her mind and went to high school to study photography instead.

She graduated in 2016 at the age of 19 and relocated to Montpelier to continue her photography studies, which she left after a few months. Coming to her private life, Lena is in a relationship with Romeo Elvis, a Belgian rapper. Lena and Romeo met in Belgium while she was enrolled in a one-year visual arts program.

Earnings: Even though Lena Simonne has appeared on the covers of high-profile magazines, her net worth is not yet available.


Paris is a city full of fashion and culture. If you want to incorporate their chic style, you can take inspiration from these Paris bloggers. Moreover, if you are intrigued about their lifestyle, there are a lot many Paris influencers who can provide you with exposure.

Be sure to read some of our favorites for local tips and advice. If we missed any of your favorite Paris bloggers, be sure to let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading. Au revoir!