Media kit case study

Media Kit – Streamlining Brand Collaboration


Meet Sarah Anderson, a lifestyle influencer with an impressive following of 50K. She wanted to monetize her content and expand her influence but found it challenging to keep up with updating her media kit, approaching brands, and navigating negotiations. In her quest for an efficient solution, she discovered ViralMango’s Media Kit.

The Process:

Sarah's media kit

Sarah connected her social profiles to ViralMango’s Media Kit, providing brands with real-time updates on her follower count, engagement rates, and other crucial metrics. This feature ensured that Sarah’s media kit was always up to date and accurate.

To simplify communication with brands, she used ViralMango’s ready-made templates for outreach emails, follow-ups, and rate sharing. These templates were highly effective in conveying the value of her content and improving her pitch to potential clients.

Additionally, ViralMango’s extensive brand directory became an invaluable resource. This feature helped her identify and engage directly with brands that matched her content style and resonated with her audience, resulting in more fruitful collaborations.

The Outcome:

After just one month of using ViralMango’s Media Kit, Sarah witnessed a significant increase in brand deal opportunities. The use of pre-made templates enabled her to reach out to 300% more brands compared to her previous efforts.

Her updated media kit impressed brands, leading to a remarkable 35% response rate, a substantial improvement over her previous rate of 10%. The transparent rate-sharing system facilitated smoother negotiations, resulting in deals that appropriately valued her work and boosted her overall brand partnership income by 75%.

The brands she connected with through ViralMango’s platform were a perfect fit for her audience, resulting in a 15% increase in engagement on her branded content posts.


Sarah’s experience with ViralMango’s Media Kit showcases the platform’s efficiency in automating and enhancing the brand collaboration process. This tool empowers creators to focus on content creation while securing profitable brand partnerships.

Currently, Sarah continues to reap the benefits of using Media Kit, receiving numerous brand deals in her inbox daily, all while creating engaging content for her ever-growing audience.

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