Mango Score: How to Measure Influence

Every influencer marketer has run into confusion when it comes to collaborating with an influencer. Let alone when paying money for a sponsored post. 

You start thinking which influencer is better… Who should you pay? How much? Who is it worth to collaborate with? Who is the best out of the options I have? Does the number of followers say it all? Is an influencer with 1M followers better than one with 400K followers? 

Believe me, I know the pain. Everyone struggles with this. 

That’s why we developed the Mango Score to make selecting the best influencers easy!

How is the Influencer score calculated?

The Mango Score is a metric to help you assess influencers. In other words, Mango Score helps to measure influence. It can be from 1 to 100 and takes into account a weighted average of several criteria:

Number of Followers

The number of followers might not be the most important criteria. But you still can’t neglect it.

Do you need a micro-influencer or a celebrity? 

The number of followers plays a huge role when talking about the size of an influencer. This criteria measures the number of followers that influencer has.

Engagement Rate

An influencer might have a huge audience, but relatively low engagement. Some influencers even buy followers! 

You don’t need an influencer with a low engagement rate… 

That’s why we include the Engagement Rate criteria, where we divide the average number of likes and comments, by the number of followers.

Engagement rate is a very important metric. It indicates how good influencers’ audiences interact and engage with the content they share.

Take a look at our Top Moms list. Although, Maci (@macideshanebookout)
has more followers than Tori (@toriroloff), the latter has a higher Mango Score.

That’s because Tori has a higher engagement rate (9%) compares with Maci (1%)

top mom influencers

Comments/Likes Ratio

While the engagement rate is a pretty good metric, it still doesn’t show the whole picture. Some influencers receive thousands of likes, but nobody comments.

And we all know that highly engaged audiences comment, rather than just like. It takes effort, it speaks of the bond between audience and influencer. And it means the followers spent time reading that post.

That’s why we also use the ratio of comments to likes as a deciding criteria.

We’re also working on adding in some more metrics that may not have a huge impact on the Mango Score. But they will make our influencer score even more accurate and advanced.

What do you take into account when considering an influencer for your brand? Leave a comment below.

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