Yanet Garcia

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Being a meteorologist and working at a public tv and never even thinking about becoming famous overnight. This is Yanet Garcia’s story of becoming the sexiest weather girl. 


Yanet got famous as the sexiest weather girl due to her healthy lifestyle and body form. But this did not change anything in her personally. She is still herself, working hard every day and giving her best to continue having good results. Of course, there have been some changes. The number of her followers has generously grown, and now she has an opportunity to inspire millions of people to work hard every day and obtain their goals.


Garcia now has nearly 14 million followers on her Instagram account, where she basically rules a lifestyle blog. She sometimes posts about her TV projects where she tells about the weather with some bonus information in the description. Mostly there are inspirational posts about never giving up. So if you need mental support, her page is a good option for you.


In her YouTube channel, where she has 120 thousand followers, she mainly covers meteorology, meaning she posts clips from her TV projects.


Yanet joined Televisa Monterrey News as their TV meteorologist, and after 11 months of work there, she became famous when one of her videos on YouTube went viral. Many international assets started calling her “the sexiest weather girl” after on. 


Yanet perfects her body every day, and as she feels, she mostly listens to English pop while doing it. Her favourite exercise is squats, as it trains the favourite part of her body. 


Fun fact: Her fav parts of her body are her smile and buttocks.


As a role model for many women, Yanet has a very healthy dietary plan. She considers drinking plenty of water the golden rule of a healthy diet.


Her best beauty secret is coming from the inside; it is in feeling good about yourself. It is reflected from the outside; Motivating yourselves, try getting better every day, living a healthy lifestyle and not forgetting to rest.  


But above all, Yanet has her own inspiration. The Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, despite his physical disabilities never gave up. Up until now, she inspires people like Yanet into doing great things and working hard to become the best versions of themselves. 


Yanets most outstanding achievement so far is being happy. She feels satisfied in many aspects of her life. She even feels that she obtained all her goals and dreams. Now she has a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, with her family and friends close to her. 


Now she is dating Dr Mike Varshavski, better known as Dr Mike, a specialist in family medicine, a famous personality in the US and various parts of the world. He is 31 years old, and sometimes he is presented as the sexiest doctor in the world.


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