Thuy Le

Followers: 1.9M
Comments/Likes: 0.57
Engagement: 1.40
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The beauty industry is booming, and social media has been taking notice. Influencers are some of the most talked-about people on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. From makeup tutorials to fashion shoots, these stars have built up a loyal following that craves their posts with enthusiasm! But don’t think it’s easy being an influencer in this space; because they’re crafting content across multiple channels for hours upon end to keep their followers engaged. A quick search will show you how many content creators with a large following are active on social media. It’s hard to stand out in the vast pool of influencers on the internet. But with a bit of creativity, it can be done!


In today’s media landscape, everyone from your uncle who posts about his breakfast and what he does for work all day long to big celebrities are vying for people’s attention online. That’s why developing an engaging voice that stands out among this crowd has never been more important.


 And then there’s making sure you stay true to yourself while also staying relevant within the ever-changing world of trends – all without getting burnt out too quickly or overworking oneself in pursuit of fame at any cost. 


Thuy Le is a British social media star and beauty creator who has managed to work around all those challenges associated with being an influencer and maintaining her honesty in the process. In doing so, she’s created an audience of loyal followers who connect with her content time after time, making Thuy one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram with over 1.8 million followers. 


Thuy Le started her career by working part-time at MAC. Alongside that, she was also freelancing as a makeup artist. That was the time when Thuy began to build up an audience on Instagram and YouTube – even though she didn’t have any specific goal in mind for what would come of it all! Nowadays, with over three hundred thousand followers across both social media sites combined, this has become Thuy’s full-time job not so much because of just how popular her videos are but mainly due to their high-quality content: featuring everything from tutorials for beginners through more advanced techniques like contouring or highlighting your facial features using various products available today.


The successful beauty influencer has had some of her works published in Wonderland, Volt, and Hunger Magazine. She’s even collaborated with celebrities such as Kehlani.



Thuy Le prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible. This method of self-preservation has allowed Thuy more time and energy to focus on her career instead of wasting it on controversies and rumors. That makes the influencer a role model for anyone looking forward to establishing themselves online with their true identity intact. Not much is public about Thuy’s personal life, but it is known that her boyfriend is Quang Pham, with whom she has been together for many years. The two are not married, but he has appeared on many videos on her YouTube channel. 

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