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Fitness guru and entrepreneur, Whitney Simmons has been a huge inspiration in our opinion for the fitness-loving community. Not only does she empower women with her videos on Instagram but also creates an environment of positivity by creating content that includes how-to’s as well! We love following this awesome woman who runs what some may call “the #igerwomen channel” because there are always new ways that you can work out at home or virtually anywhere while having fun–no matter what level your workout goals might be


If you’re looking for tips from someone who knows about health & wellness go check out @whitneysimmons


Whitney Simmons is a fitness model and vlogger from California. She’s well known because of her Youtube channel where she uploads workout videos for women that help them get in shape, or maintain their current health levels with tips on dieting right.


Whitney Simmons is known for her active and joyful personality.  As a teenager, she was also involved in gymnastics. She wanted to become a cheerleader so badly but didn’t make the squad at first. It took 11 long years of trying before being selected into Utah State University’s team where she proudly served as one of their members!


After Whitney Simmons was dropped the next year, she stressed out for so long and even stopped eating properly. Being motivated by others kept her going; with hard work and determination as well being persistent enough when it comes time needs be–Whitney eventually decided returning back into gym life would allow them normal again just like before.


Whitney Simmons is undoubtedly a social media sensation and fitness freak. She has different accounts on different platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Whitney Simmons has over 2M subscribers on her Youtube channel where she posts workout videos and teaches others how to build their dream physique.


Whitney loves taking care of her two dogs; the first one being Navy who she adopted from an animal shelter while also getting Indigo as a part-time pet when they were still living at home with their parents before moving out into this huge house together! There are plenty of photos available showing you just how much mindful effort went behind making sure these pups feel comfortable during all those photoshoots.


Whitney Simmons builds a strong, balanced body by working out for the whole thing instead of focusing on just one area

This is what she does. Whitney thinks it’s more effective and interesting this way because there are so many different muscles that get worked each time you workout which keeps things exciting!


Whitney Simmons’ Youtube channel was created on May 15, 2015. She had no idea that her videos would be so popular and she’s grateful for all the support from followers who love following someone with such pure content! 


Whitney has built up a huge following of 2M on her Youtube channel by posting videos about fashion, fitness, and travel. Her most popular video is “Grow And Define Your BOOTY AND LEGS | FULL Workout” which currently has more than 3 million views!


On Instagram, she has gathered around 3.2M followers. As of late, multiple fashion and sports brands have chosen to collaborate with Whitney as a social media promoter for their products. These partnerships include Gymshark- one of her most notable contributions is being an influencer in the fitness industry; Alani Nu -a brand that produces women’s clothing, and many others.


When it comes to love, Whitney knows what she wants. She’s been engaged to her boyfriend for years now and they share photos of each other on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat!


Whitney Simmons has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of now, and she’s earned it from fitness coaching, modeling for commercials, or brand advertisements on her YouTube channel which boasts close to two hundred thousand followers already!

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