Andrew Evans



Andrew Ellis Evans is an author, travel writer, and TV host.

Evans was born in Texas and raised in Ohio. 


Andrew’s early years were spent exploring the world and he has never looked back. He began his international travels at 16 when he moved to France on a Rotary Youth Exchange program, then later went into missionary work in Ukraine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Andrew is a man of many hidden talents. He holds degrees from BYU and Oxford University.

Evans was raised a Mormon, but he had struggles with expressing his gay identity at Brigham Young University. In an article for Outsports, Evans discussed the compulsory year of conversion therapy and “traumatic moments” BYU made him undergo in the late 90s as a student after being caught kissing another man by a roommate. 


Evans began his journey in the United States, where he joined National Geographic Traveler on an assignment for their real-time digital story-telling. He traveled overland from Washington DC to Tierra del Fuego by bus and finally made it down south to Antarctica after taking a boat ride across the open ocean. Andrew has completed some 50 assignments for National Geographic, reporting live from all seven continents and over one hundred countries. Whether following the trail of an 18th-century sea captain to remote Polynesia, walking overland from Syria to Saudi Arabia, or taking public transportation all the way to Antarctica-Andrew travels with the heart of an explorer seeking out all that is weird, wonderful, and beautiful.


Andrew Evans is the ultimate travel guru, with books about Ukraine and Iceland to his name. His epic memoir “THE BLACK PENGUIN” was named one of “Summer’s Best Travel Books” by The New York Times Book Review! You can find Andrew Evans’ works on all major independent stores as well as Amazon- where they’re sure not going unnoticed either thanks in part to their bestseller status across multiple genres. Evans has also contributed to over a dozen titles, including “100 Great Cities of the World”, “Four Seasons of Travel”, and “Journeys Home”.


It must be noted that Evan Evans has been honored by many organizations, including The Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), National Travel Journalism Association (NATJA) with two Folio Awards. He also holds five Lowell Thomas Awards from SATWA as well as being named “Media Mover & Shaker” in the non-profit Reach the World presented to him their Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence In Exploration And Storytelling.


Evans is married to Brian. They live in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains near the Washington DC metro area.


He also has an interesting channel on YouTube where most of the videos are from many years ago, and the videos are very short since they only deal with encounters with the locals. Most of the video titles are very short and get to the point, and there are no episode numbers which is uncommon for a vlog channel.


Andrew Evans loves TV as a medium for showcasing people, places, and ideas around the world. He is the host for the National Geographic Channel’s recent series “World’s Smartest Cities”, which aired in 250 million households across 63 countries. Andrew has also appeared on The Travel Channel, The Early Show(CBS), Today Show(NBC), Fox News, and the French-Canadian channels TFO

Andrew Evans has his own website where everybody can find interesting facts about Evans. The name of the website is andrew We can find him also on Instagram. On this platform, he has 60,5K followers. He has 10,7K subscribers on YouTube,32,4K followers on Twitter.

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