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What moms love is famous and known for being the name of quite a known Instagram account, which is led by a mom blogger. The founder of this account is Aly B.. Aly is a Mom of four, she has two girls and two boys. Her blog helps numerous people and young moms because they have a huge opportunity to find motherhood tips and useful content on overcoming many of the different challenges.

Talking about more personal information about the founder of whatmomslove, Aly, we can tell that she grew up in Paris and Toronto mostly. She got her BA in Economics from Tufts University, though her career followed a different path. The Mom influencer got into advertising and worked with very well-known brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Volkswagen. Aly is married and it is known that she met her husband as a teenager during Spring Break – they settled in Boston and had their beautiful kids. It was being pregnant with her first child and going through the stress of is-this-the-best-product and or-wait-no-maybe-this-one-is that made her really anxious wishing that there would be a platform that would make Moms life easier. Having not experienced that level of comfort and support herself, she wanted to be the one to create it for other Moms around the world in an attempt to make their already stressful life simpler. That’s how her career as a Mom blogger began and the whatmomslove account was born.

The blog of Aly, whatmomslove, is aiming to become the go-to place for modern mothers on all kinds of Mom stuff you can get your hands on. Whatmomslove has a presence painly on two social media platforms which happen to be Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram ,as of March 2022, Aly’s account has more than 364 thousand followers. On this platform whatmomslove is sharing the daily life of a mom who has four children. Aly tries to share her experience with young moms and people who have a wish to learn from her. On her blog people can find daily tips, life hacks, many recipes, and many other interesting things. As for Facebook, Aly’s account is also called whatmomslove and the content that she shares is the same as on her Instagram account. Currently, the Facebook community of Aly exceeds 6 thousand.

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