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Two best friends, helping each other everywhere, always hugging and always happy no matter the situation. Yeah!! You’re talking about (Watson and Kiko). They have been challenged by life several  times but overcame everything and stayed together. 


Watson started his social media journey in 2015 and one year later his owner adopted Kiko, who quickly became his best friend. The two dogs are now inseparable during their adventures, which their owner documents on their Instagram and YouTube pages. They go almost everywhere in America, their two most favourite activities are reaching to a place with a great view for photographing and hugging each other everywhere that it’s possible. These two things are vividly illustrated by their posts on Instagram, which are made with astounding quality cameras and edited smoothly. So as for now has over 1M followers, which makes them very attractive to companies wanting to promote their products or services. For example recently they have been promoting dog food by “Get Joy Food” and “Purina Prime Treats” etc. 


Few years ago Kiko suddenly was diagnosed with cancer, so called “osteosarcoma”. But, despite that notorious sickness, his owners have continued to keep their heads up and be happy as not to give off a bad vibe to Kiko, they believed that Kiko will heal. Unfortunately, at the beginning stages of cancer, a problem with his front right leg and his owners made a very hard decision to amputate the leg. It’s important to mention the situation of Watson at that time. So he is a very supportive pal, no matter the situation he is always there for his friend. Hence, when Kiko underwent amputation and received ongoing medications Watson was always near him, always hugging and supporting him. You would validate that Watson is a perfect example of a best friend. 


Fortunately, just recently we got news that Kiko has been cured and is now cancer free. He showed everyone that if you don’t lose hope and fight for life vigorously, you’ll always win. Now their family has returned to their normal life, they again travel a lot and make unforgettable memories.

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