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Luke Martin is one of the most prolific and well-known cryptocurrency influencers and the host of the Coinist Podcast host who uses his platform to give listeners direct access to the thoughts of leading funds, analysts, exchanges as well other data analyses. He also publishes daily videos covering investment themes in order for viewers can learn more about this ever-changing industry from those involved with it firsthand every day.


Luke is originally from Fishers, Indiana and attended the University of Indiana where he was a member of Sigma Nu. He graduated in 2016 with Bachelor’s degree in Finance!


Luke began his career in the finance industry by interning with Westminster Wealth Management and Cooke Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. In July 2016, Luke joined Forex Capital Markets as their Trading Services Manager where he works to bring in new clients through the door by making sure that they have access not only to high-quality foreign exchange services but also knowledgeable experts ready on hand when it comes time make those important decisions about moving forward.


In August 2017, Luke founded Sapien Financial to provide financial advice and analysis. He also serves as an investor in the company with his community at Venture Coinist- a group where 30k people are active subscribers who pay $20 per month for premium membership benefits.


Luke also provides investment strategies that can help you diversify safely without losing any money if something goes wrong with individual coins (i.e., Bitcoin). Who knows what the future holds but at least now we’ve got more options than ever before thanks largely due.


How was the initial interest in the crypto sphere developed? Luke was planning to continue school in finance but need money. That’s when he and his friends starting mining since they didn’t want to buy ETH at the current price. The real learning started when he decided to build his own rig.

For a new crypto investor, Luke recommends starting with the basics. He says to identify long-term trends in order not to mix things up too much and create more of a mess than what you want as well as slowly learning about different time periods such as moving averages or volumes on charts which help track price changes over short/long terms by adding them for added insight when looking at charts.


It’s clear that when it comes to investing, Luke has eyes in the back of his head. Not only does this man have insight like no other and an incredible ability for predicting trends but also he knows how crucial perspective-taking can be too!


Crypto aside, Luke plays hockey and practices BJJ. He’s also trying to see as many countries as he can with his travels!


As of 2021, Luke Martin is possibly single and has not been previously engaged. Maybe you could be the one?


On that note, he’s one of the wealthiest YouTube stars. Luke Martin’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million dollars according to Forbes and Business Insider!

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