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Unbox Therapy: where products get naked. He shares a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet “from the newest smartphones to surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed” – as stated on his website. It’s all there. Because essentially that was the now successful and popular digital star and vlogger.

Hilsenteger studied digital arts, video editing and photography at the Toronto School of Art. From a young age, Lewis had a passion for all sorts of gadgets and innovative products. The YouTube tech reviewer owned an Apple repair store next to Ryerson University back then. He always had a passion for tech and specifically enjoyed watching unboxing videos. So he started making video tutorials to help out his customers.

Lewis Hilsenteger is a Canada-based ordinary guy, who simply wanted to share fascinating gadgets and new technologies with people all around the world. He launched his YouTube channel back in 2011. And the guy did it. He is the host of the channel while Jack McCann is the videographer. At first he was known as simply ‘Jack’ and was not seen in any of the videos. There was constant speculation from the fans on who Jack could be and Lewis said that they would reveal Jack’s identity once the channel hits 10M subscribers. They upload several videos per week. Fast forward – and they did. In 2018, Unbox Therapy uploaded a video called “Jack” where the subscribers finally got to see the well-known videographer. His identity was revealed and apparently he’s not only a good friend of Lewis but also the most trusted one.

The founder of Unbox Therapy Youtube channel has a huge following and an impressive couple billion views. For example his “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” video gained an estimated number of 70 million views in only a year. This video sparked debate and people for real started to wonder whether it is possible to bend iPhone 6 Plus or not. The video shows attempting to bend the iPhone using only his bare hands. The video was watched tens of millions of times in just the matter of a couple of days. The video is actually recognized and credited for starting Apple’s “Bendgate” controversy.

The host of Unbox Therapy has another YouTube channel called More Top 5. He uses the platform to share various top 5 lists with his subscribers. One of the top tech YouTubers has another channel called Lew Later. It is a more podcast-format channel where Lewis and different guests discuss the internet culture, tech news and the future overall.

His Instagram feed is very sleek and aesthetically pleasing. He shares various announcements, short information about the new products and things in this manner. His website and YouTube channel pretty much include the same content because the website is basically an organized version of the YouTube videos on his channel. His communication style is very accessible and his content is always engaging and informative. Follow Lewis Hilsenteger to keep up with the coolest things going on in the tech world.

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