A petite skinny and young boy becoming a famous and influential fitness model with an 8-pack. Hard to believe, isn’t it? 

Well, you better believe, as this is who Ulisses exactly is! 


Ulisses Jr is a fitness icon. He defied what many believed was impossible when he became one of the most famous bodybuilders globally and still manages to maintain an impeccable physique today with his new program, The Ulisses System.


Ulisses Jr. has won numerous prestigious bodybuilding competitions. He now gives back to the community by becoming a coach for aspiring athletes who want to learn his secrets on building muscle while staying lean at all times.


Though Ulisses had a great workout discipline, not everything was perfect in his routine. This has caused him a problem packing a muscle and hitting a plateau. 


He never viewed giving up as an option, so he started researching the problem very intensively. He realized that nutrition is the problem. Thus he had to improve his biochemical cycle. This way, Ulisses found a solution in better nutrition and supplements. 


This was one of the milestones where he did not stop and continued nurturing his career path. Ulisses Jr. has always been a fan of mixing up his workouts to shock and surprise his muscles – this forces them to constantly grow without adapting as they get used to certain routines.


Ulisses Jr has learned to focus on one muscle group at a time instead of working multiple groups. He believes doing so allows other parts of his body enough rest, which prevents overworking muscles and ensures he never reaches the point where the pain is all that’s left in your life.


Ulisses has always been a big fan of Golden Age Bodybuilders. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of his biggest inspirations. 


His goal is to stay as aesthetic as possible whilst developing his body. This doesn’t mean he wants to be as big as possible, but the opposite. His goal is to stay proportionally natural. 

Ulisses Jr is married to Sharah Ulisses, and they have four children. His wife is two years older than him.

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