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Sometimes the best stories are those in which both humans and animals share their lives. With every passing day, new technologies help us live better lives by improving our health care options for both humans and animals. One smile-inducing story now made it onto the big stage – that of the Chihuahua TurboRoo. This little guy is an attention-grabbing baller!


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The tiny Chihuahua was born without fully developed front paws and therefore could not walk, but thanks to the innovative company “3dyn,” we can now see our favorite pup getting around! She had figured out how to walk with just two working paws before-but now she can also run! The TurboRoo puppy can now live up to her name with the help of 3D printing. 

It’s amazing what technology is capable of these days- in fact, you might say that these two words go hand in paw when it comes down to how fast new inventions like walking aids come together for pets who need them most. 


Nowadays, the small dog is making it big!


When TurboRoo was just a few weeks old, she found herself in an abandoned cage. She had been handed over to the shelter when Ashley Looper came across the little Chihuahua one day while out looking for her next pet! The little ball of fur with big eyes instantly captured Ashleys’ attention. She wanted nothing more than for this little pup’s life circumstances to get better, so Ashley Looper took on that responsibility with open arms- but still needed help finding a walking aid suitable enough for this pup.

Despite being flooded with donations from animal lovers, TurboRoo was always too small for any walking aid model. Mark Deadrick, the president of 3Dyn from San Diego, found a way to solve their dilemma. They created an innovative bracket that perfectly fitted on two skateboard wheels. Deadrick himself didn’t know the dog’s measurements either, so he used photos from the Internet to estimate it and then sent it off for 3D printing. That is why this vehicle still has some room for improvement, but Deadrick’s first attempts are any indication of how well these work. He then sent the dog wheelchair to Ashley Looper and her Chihuahua baby, TurboRoo. It was a miracle of miracles! The first attempts to run it were already working well, and we’re taking bets on how this technology can help more pets in the future.


The heartwarming story of TurboRoo made headlines, and nowadays, he’s inspiring thousands of people on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to take a stand against pet health issues. The Chihuahua is one animal that has been able to show those with similar problems that they are not alone in their struggle for well-being!  He inspires many to learn more about similar issues in their own lives and even became an internet celebrity because of it!


Since then, Ashley has also adopted and welcomed other pets into her home. One of them is RubyRoo, who also has only two legs. The proud pet mom has also taken in a kitten with an unfortunate birth defect. All of them have been friends since then, bonding over their shared experiences.


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